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          Full Moon Ritual  Sept 10, 1992
          HP -Ted

          (1-6,HPS) [ HPS take besom (broom) and circles the area clockwise
          (1-6,HPS) sweeping and saying]
          (1-6,HPS) Sweep Ye Circle
          (1-6,HPS) Sweep it well
          (1-6,HPS) Sweep out evil
          (1-6,HPS) Sweep out ill
          (1-6,HPS) Sweep out ye Lady's beautiful Earth
          (1-6,HPS) And fill this site with Joy and Mirth!

          (1-6,HPS) [HPS rings a pleasant bell three times]
          (1-6,HPS) Ring!
          (1-6,HPS) Ring!
          (1-6,HPS) Ring!
          (1-6,HP) I will now light the Lords candle on the Alter...
          (1-6,HP) My lord, be with us in strength and love to see this circle
          (1-6,HP) As the light shines through, Our love is with you!
          (1-6,HPS) I will now light the Lady's candle on the altar...
          (1-6,HPS) May the Lady's light guide us.  So mote it be!

          (1-6,HPS) My lord, will you please summon the Elementals?

          (1-6,HP) By your wish, my love!
          (1-6,HP) [I move to the East with Athame in hand and draw a Large
          (1-6,HP) pentagram in the air]
          (1-6,HP) Powers of the East, entities of air, I call and summon thee
          here and
          (1-6,HP) now. With the Love of the Lady and the Strength of the Lord I
          (1-6,HP) Thee; Be present at our circle; Protect those within; Guide
          us in...
          (1-6,HP) our rites.
          (1-6,HP) Oh, great element of air, as thou flows within us all, I ask
          (1-6,HP) of thee to join all here together with thine invisible bonds
          (1-6,HP) thought and knowledge.  So Mote it Be!

          (1-6,HP) [I move to the South, again drawing an invoking pentagram in
          (1-6,HP) the air]
          (1-6,HP) Powers of the South, entities of fire, I call and summon thee
          (1-6,HP) and now. With love of the Lady and Strength of the Lord I
          (1-6,HP) thee;  Be present at our circle; Protect those within; and
          Guide us
          (1-6,HP) in our rites.  Oh great elements of fire, warm our hearts and
          (1-6,HP) so that all within our circle tonight can WILL that perfect


          (1-6,HP) away and thus receive all that which returns thrice fold.
          (1-6,HP) So mote it be!
          (1-6,HPS) So Mote It Be!

          (1-6,HP) [I move to the West.  I draw a large invoking pentagram in
          the air]
          (1-6,HP) Powers of the West, entities of water, I call and summon thee
          (1-6,HP) the love of the Lady and strength of the Lord.  I invoke
          Thee; Be
          (1-6,HP) present at our circle; Protect those within; and guide us in
          (1-6,HP) rites.
          (1-6,HP) Oh great element of water, help us dare to flow as easily as
          (1-6,HP) within and without our physical selves so that all within our
          (1-6,HP) may join on the astral.  Moisten our lips so our kiss be
          soft; Flow...
          (1-6,HP) fromfrom our eyes as tears of joy; Unite us in the realms of
          (1-6,HP) Gods.  So mote it be!
          (1-6,HPS) So Mote It Be!

          (1-6,HP) [Circling to the north I draw another large invoking Pen-
          (1-6,HP) Lady of the North, Mother Earth, sweet beauty and gift of the
          (1-6,HP) join us here in our circle of love. With the Lord and the
          (1-6,HP) within us all, we send for thee with Perfect Love and Perfect
          (1-6,HP) so that thou may be healed, renewed, and loved. Powers of the
          (1-6,HP) entities of the Earth, be present at our circle; Protect
          (1-6,HP) within; and Guide us in our rites.  With the love of the Lady
          (1-6,HP) the strength of the Lord, I call thee here now!
          (1-6,HP) So mote it be!
          (1-6,HPS) So Mote It Be!

          (1-6,HP) [Back to the East again, Athame raised high]
          (1-6,HP) So Mote It Be!  The elements are here!
          (1-6,HP) [speaking now to the HPS]
          (1-6,HP) My Lady, the elements are present as per your wish.  With
          love and...
          (1-6,HP) trust they have been summoned as all here now have been.
          (1-6,HPS) So Mote It Be!

          (1-6,HPS) [HPS goes to the alter and draws a pentagram in a bowl of
          (1-6,HPS) I bless thee salt, element of Earth, in the names of the
          Lady &...
          (1-6,HPS) Lord.  [HPS now draws a pentagram in a bowl of water]


          (1-6,HPS) I bless thee, element of water, in the names of the Lord and

          (1-6,HPS) [HPS Places three Athame-fulls <g> of salt in the water]
          (1-6,HPS) I ask that the combining of these elements purify our
          circle, and...
          (1-6,HPS) those who shall enter this sacred place of worship for the
          Lady and...
          (1-6,HPS) Lord.

          (1-6,HP) [HP draws a pentagram in a small dish of incense]
          (1-6,HP) Incense of Oil.  Incense of Herb. I bless and consecrate thee
          to be...
          (1-6,HP) pure and good. With this blessing I do charge thee to keep
          from this...
          (1-6,HP) circle all ill and bring forth the security of Perfect Love
          (1-6,HP) Perfect Trust to all within our magical bounds.
          (1-6,HP) So Mote It Be!

          (1-6,HP) [Now I draw a pentagram in over the fire (a small charcoal)]
          (1-6,HP) Creature of fire, I consecrate and bless thee so that thou
          (1-6,HP) purest in form, love, and trust.  Powers within, grow and
          (1-6,HP) so that thou may protect and aid all within our circle,
          uniting us...
          (1-6,HP) within, even over vast distances.  I charge thee to hinder us
          (1-6,HP) protect us from that which we do not desire, and warm our
          (1-6,HP) with thoughts of Love and Trust.
          (1-6,HP) So Mote It Be!

          (1-6,HP) [I now place a bit of incense on the coal]
          (1-6,HP) Incense burn in the fires light and the elements shall unite. 
          (1-6,HP) the sweetness upon the air aid our united thoughts and bring
          (1-6,HP) all which is good and pure.  For that which is not good and
          (1-6,HP) shall find the sweetness sour and repugnant.  Incense and
          fire now...
          (1-6,HP) seal our way on the path of the Lady and Lord!
          (1-6,HP) So Mote It Be!

          (1-6,HP) [HP will take censor in hand and the HPS will take the salted
          (1-6,HP) we then sprinkle and cense the circle border as well as
          (1-6,HP) within...  ]
          (1-6,HP) <Spinkle>
          (1-6,HP) <Sprinkle>


          (1-6,HPS) [I will now conjure the circle, please visualize a bright
          (1-6,HPS) perimeter]
          (1-6,HPS) I conjure thee oh circle of love and light. May our perfect
          love and...
          (1-6,HPS) trust shine bright.  With this light of blue,
          (1-6,HPS) We ask that no harm come through.
          (1-6,HPS) Circle in, Circle out,
          (1-6,HPS) Only the pure of heart may come about.
          (1-6,HP & HPS) So Mote It Be!
          (1-6,HP) [With a big ole kiss I bring all the Ladies out there into
          (1-6,HP) circle]

          (1-6,HPS) [With a kiss I bring all the Lords into our circle]
          (1-6,HPS) <Kiss Kiss>

          (1-6,HP) Well, we're all in circle and have a ritual for the moon to
          (1-6,HP) Anyone have any input they would like some group thought on? 
          (1-6,HP) have a bit of collective thought to do later, also.
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) I would like to thank the Lady for the fact...
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) that so little life was lost due to Hurricane
          (1-6,Ted & Nanette) Blessed Be!
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) Greg, Lars, Count, anything to add?
          (1-9,Lars) I would like to say thank you for a beautiful experience..
          (1-4,Greg) I would like to ask if we coulld raise dome energy to
          (1-6,Ted & Nanette) OK, shall we go into our ritual?  Also, what is
          the transmission...
          (1-4,Greg) send to my mother in the hospital
          (1-6,Ted & Nanette) delay?  should I wait longer for responses?
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) Yes wait about a minute longer
          (1-4,Greg) I can't type fast
          (1-6,HP) Why is your mom in the hospital?
          (1-4,Greg) Cancer
          (1-6,HP) Let's do a bit of healing with our collective thoughts, when
          (1-6,HP) magic time is ready.  Is that OK?  Where is she?
          (1-4,Greg) Dobbs Ferry, New York... that sounds fine
          (1-6,HP) Any one else, or shall the ritual begin?

          (1-6,HP) Whom might have a whit candle available, and whom is visual-
          (1-6,HP) tonight?
          (1-9,Lars) I'm just 20 minutes north of where the worst of Andrew
          hit--Please .... a though
          (1-4,Greg) I have a white candle
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) I have a Zen Candle

          (1-6,HPS) Figures!
          (1-6,HP) OK let us do what we came here to do!
          (1-6,HP) Tonight is the full moon.  We are at our peak in magic, love,


          (1-6,HP) fulfillment in all matters.  Tonight we celebrate the climax
          of our...
          (1-6,HP) Lady's cycle.  Tonight we are all one!
          (1-6,HPS) The culmination of our work, our love, and the Lord, rest in
          (1-6,HPS) Lady tonight.
          (1-6,HP) Would anyone else like to comment on what the full moon is to
          (1-9,Lars) High Tide for me...!
          (1-6,HP) So be it.
          (1-6,HPS) The Godess is Alive and Magic is afoot!
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) The Full moon is the face of my Lover.
          (1-6,HP) Blessed be! The Goddess is Alive and Magic is afoot!

          (1-6,HP) [HP now take white candle in hand, (mouth actually, hands are
          (1-6,HP) May this candle be as the moon, as the Goddess.  Shining
          bright with...
          (1-6,HP) the warmth of love.
          (1-6,HP) [I hand the candle to the HPS]
          (1-6,HPS) [HPS carves a pentagram in the candle and says]
          (1-6,HPS) With love and trust I charge this candle to burn bright and
          long. It...
          (1-6,HPS) is to represent the Lady, the moon, and of course the Lord.
          In peace...
          (1-6,HPS) and harmony this candle is love.
          (1-6,HP) Blessed Be!
          (1-6,HPS) Blessed Be!
          (1-6,HPS) So Mote It Be!

          (1-6,HPS) [HPS now lights the candle and places it on the altar,
          (1-6,HPS) Now, with all of us across the distances, if you have a
          (1-6,HPS) please do as I did.  We shall wait...
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) blessed be
          (1-6,HP) Shall we continue?
          (1-3,Count Cagliostro) yes
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) aye
          (1-9,Lars) yes
          (1-4,Greg) Blessed Be!
          (1-6,HPS) So be it!  Those that have candles please follow along;
          (1-6,HPS) without should visualize one and procede along also.  The
          (1-6,HPS) world NEVER INHIBITS the realm we are in now.
          (1-6,HPS) I want everyone to look into the flame of your candle.  Our
          (1-6,HPS) desk is serving as an altar tonight, to make it a bit less
          (1-6,HPS) <g>.  Anyhow, look into the flame and see the moon.  So
          bright and...
          (1-6,HPS) full, this is the moon in your heart.
          (1-6,HP) Now look again into the flame of your candle, and see your-
          self in...


          (1-6,HP) that flame.  See your life energy as it really is.  The moon
          is your...
          (1-6,HP) heart, the flame, and you life energy.  It is one!
          (1-6,HPS) Let us pause for a moment and let yourself be one with the
          (1-6,HPS) the moon, and the Goddess.  Feel the warmth.  Feel the love.
          (1-6,HPS) Know the Goddess.
          (1-6,HPS) As the candle burns, remember not what was said, but remem-
          ber what
          (1-6,HPS) was done and felt.  You and the Goddess are one.
          (1-6,HP) For those with candles, let them burn till gone.  For those
          (1-6,HP) let them burn in your mind till dawn.  For to snuff a flame
          (1-6,HP) it's time really pisses-off the fire faeries!
          (1-6,HP) Blessed Be!
          (1-6,HPS) So Mote It Be!

          (1-6,HP) [Speaking to the HPS]
          (1-6,HP) My Lady.  My Love. Does thou wish at this time to become one
          (1-6,HP) the Goddess?
          (1-6,HPS) Yes, I do.
          (1-6,HP) So Be It!
          (1-6,HP) [I raise my athame and point it towards the HPS while saying]
          (1-6,HP) My Lady, Tis I, once again, calling upon thee with the
          request for...
          (1-6,HP) thou to join us now in this, thy high priestess.  Lady of
          (1-6,HP) names, Isis, Diana, Astarte, Aradia, Be with us!  Lady of
          many ages,
          (1-6,HP) maiden, mother, crone, Be with us!  With perfect love and
          (1-6,HP) trust I call upon thee, oh most beautiful mother of us all. 
          (1-6,HP) with us now!  Our hearts are open to thee.  Our circle is
          open to...
          (1-6,HP) thee.  Our trust resides in thee.  JOIN US NOW!

          (1-6,HP) [Now for the online tricky part, I'll invoke the HPS and then
          (1-6,HP) her response, maybe it'll work <g>]
          (1-6,HPS) [Breathing deepens]
          (1-6,HPS) She weeps...  for the destruction and the pain, for she
          knows it is...
          (1-6,HPS) great.  <sigh> But all  is how it should be.  Know that from
          (1-6,HPS) comes rebirth...  And although much time is passing, we will
          (1-6,HPS) whole again.  A large green ball...  Greg...  See a large
          green ball...
          (1-4,Greg) OK
          (1-6,HPS) in front of you...  <shaking head> Greener, brighter... 


          (1-6,HPS) Put your love inside and through me it shall go to your
          (1-6,HPS) Your energies will double...
          (1-6,HPS) <Deep breath>
          (1-6,HPS) Good color greg...
          (1-6,HPS) <Long deep breathing>
          (1-6,HPS) It is done. It has been sent.
          (1-6,HPS) <We're back!  Pardon us for a second while we do a good
          (1-6,HPS) hug>

          (1-6,HP) Well, ...  Wow.
          (1-6,HP) Let's do a quick cakes and wine (or Ale), OK?
          (1-4,Greg) Sounds wonderful
          (1-9,Lars) ook...
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) sounds good to me!
          (1-4,Greg) I have doughnuts and Ale
          (1-6,HPS & HP) Just got ours too!  Let's do it!
          (1-6,HPS & HP) [HP and HPS face each other (OK Nan, get on the desk)]
          (1-6,HPS & HP) [HPS hold the chalace, and HP pours the (oops) already
          poured ale...
          (1-6,HPS & HP) into the chalace, and says]
          (1-6,HP) Let me fill your cup, as you my lady have filled my heart.
          (1-9,Lars) I want to thank you for this experience...A toast!
          (1-6,HPS) Like the cup and the wine, we are one wet seperate.
          (1-6,HPS) [HPS picks up the athame, dips it in the chalace]
          (1-6,HPS) Blessed be my lord!
          (1-6,HPS) [HPS sprinkles the cakes with the Ale from her Athame and
          (1-6,HPS) Blessings be upon these grains of life, sacred to the
          (1-6,HPS) [She offers a piece to me (HP), and now I give her one.]
          (1-6,HPS) [HP now quaffs a bit of ale and passes it to the HPS]
          (1-6,HPS) Shadow Hawk, have some and pass it on!
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) (raising chalace)
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) (drinking a sip, with eyes raised to the moon
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) passing it on)
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) Jehana, will you chare the Chalice of Life with me?
          (1-7,Jehana Silverwing) Yes, I shall, shadow Hawk. <takes chalice>
          (1-7,Jehana Silverwing) <drinks a sip; libates a portion>
          (1-6,HP) Now that the celebration is almost through,
          (1-7,Jehana Silverwing) passes to Greg.
          (1-6,HP) And I would like to request of you,
          (1-4,Greg) <taking chalice>
          (1-4,Greg) Brightest Blessings to all of us and eryone who was unable
          to join us tonight.
          (1-6,HP) Oops...   Sorry to butt in on the party, Pass that chalace,
          we are...
          (1-6,HP) still in celebration mode, yes?
          (1-4,Greg) <taking sip, and passing to Lars>
          (1-9,Lars) Thankful for the love shared here (dizzy)...!

          (1-6,HP) Pass that on to granny O.
          (1-9,Lars) Big Gulp!!!
          (1-3,Annina) Greetings all, sorry I'm late.


          (1-9,Lars) <passing chalice to Annina>
          (1-3,Annina) <taking a sip>
          (1-3,Annina) <smiles all around>
          (1-6,HP) Blessed be Annina!
          (1-3,Annina) Blessed be to all!
          (1-6,HP) OK, can we continue, still a bit to do before we close...
          (1-4,Greg) Has everyone had cakes and wine?
          (1-7,Jehana Silverwing) yes.
          (1-3,Annina) <taking a bite of cake> Yes, thanks. :-)
          (1-6,Ted & Nanette) yes.
          (1-4,Greg) Lets continue

          (1-6,HP) Now the celebration is almost through,
          (1-6,HP) And I would like to request of you,
          (1-6,HP) Work with me to make the sky blue.
          (1-6,HPS) The earth is our mother
          (1-6,HPS) From the start she has been there for us
          (1-6,HPS) And at the end she will remain
          (1-6,HP) As we care for each other in this physical world
          (1-6,HP) So must we care for our mother earth
          (1-6,HP) For now is a time with smoky air
          (1-6,HP)     now is a time with oceans of oil
          (1-6,HP)     now is a time with soil of garbage
          (1-6,HPS) Magic is in me.  Magic is in you.
          (1-6,HPS) Let us spend just a minute and think
          (1-6,HPS) For collective thoughts is the magic for all
          (1-6,HPS) Think and create.  For in our power lies enough to change
          (1-6,HPS) that which others deem a lost cause.
          (1-6,HPS) Think now, one and all, about the beautiful mother.  Healthy
          (1-6,HPS) happy and free from the diseases we have previously given
          (1-6,HPS) Let's make the magic happen.  See the mountains in the
          crystal clear...
          (1-6,HPS) sky.  See the clean oceans sparkling blue.  See her beauty
          under the...
          (1-6,HPS) full moon light.  Think...
          (1-6,HP) So Mote It Be!

          (1-6,HP) Greg, it was a bit unusual to see magic for you mom appearing
          in the...
          (1-6,HP) drawing down.  I've been under the belief that once magic is
          done is...
          (1-6,HP) should be left alone.  For any doubt will destroy the res-
          (1-6,HP) Should we work more magic for her now, or should we call it
          (1-6,HP) It's your call.
          (1-4,Greg) What we've worked felt pretty powerful...
          (1-4,Greg) I think it will do, my mother doesn't exactly know I asked
          for this.
          (1-6,HP) Well then, Thought of her will remain clear in all of us. 
          (1-6,HP) of her happy and healthy.  It is done.
          (1-4,Greg) Blessed Be!


          (1-6,HP) Does anyone want any other collective magic to be done, now
          is the...
          (1-6,HP) time.
          (1-3,Annina) I'd like you all to remember my husband's and my busin-
          ess. We are starting
          (1-3,Annina) it this week on a virtual shoestring as our venture
          capital deal fell through.
          (1-3,Annina) Your thoughts and meditations in your rituals would be
          very much appreciated.
          (1-6,HP) What is the business and where?  What are your goals?  I
          (1-6,HP) long ago not to ask for vague things, they sneak up and bite
          you in...
          (1-6,HP) the butt.  That's an experience Loki taught me.
          (1-3,Annina) The business is a point of sales computer systems com-
          pany. We're in
          (1-3,Annina) Pensacola, Florida (on the Gulf Coast near Mobile, Ala.)
          (1-3,Annina) Our goals are to make 8 sales per month for the first 90
          (1-6,HP) Not too bad.
          (1-3,Annina) That will give us the capital to get things underway with
          an office and
          (1-3,Annina) a demo system.
          (1-6,HP) Everyone here please visualize Annina's company selling 30
          sales by...
          (1-3,Annina) We're running it out of our home at the moment. It's
          scary, but we KNOW
          (1-3,Annina) the business is there and we've done our homework and
          made the connections.
          (1-6,HP) the end of 90 days.  Envision happiness and of course wealth
          (1-6,HP) Annina and her husband.  From this thought in your heart turn
          it to...
          (1-6,HP) a color and send it to her now.
          (1-6,HP) Well Annina, I hope I didn't zap you.  In my vision I saw you
          (1-6,HP) busy after 60 days that you needed to hire help to handle all
          (1-3,Annina) WOW!! Green and pink and purple! Mostly green though. :-)
          (1-6,HP) work.  You will be successful.  As long as you remember that
          (1-6,HP) you want.
          (1-6,HPS) Great!
          (1-3,Annina) I definitely felt your strength!! Many thanks to all!
          (1-6,HP) Can we close or does anyone have naything else to add?
          (1-4,Greg) Best of blessings to you, Aninna, and your Husband
          (1-3,Annina) Thank you, Greg, and brightest blessings to you and your
          (1-4,Greg) Many thanx!
          (1-6,HP) So be it!  Let us close this circle!
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) Blessed Be!
          (1-4,Greg) BB to ALL!!!
          (1-3,Annina) Blessed Be!
          (1-9,Lars) Blessed Be!!


          (1-6,HPS) [I will close this online circle, Starting in the East and
          (1-6,HPS) counter-clockwise with athame pointed to the circle border,
          I say]
          (1-6,HPS) Circle in, Circle out,
          (1-6,HPS) Bless all those who came about.
          (1-6,HPS) As our blue light becomes a dim hue,
          (1-6,HPS) We have been protected, no harm due.
          (1-6,HPS) I release thee oh circel of love and light,
          (1-6,HPS) May perfect love and trust always shine bright.
          (1-6,HPS) [I end in the east from whence I started]
          (1-6,HPS) So Mote It Be!
          (1-6,HP) So Mote It Be!
          (1-6,HP) [Now, I must dismiss the elements]

          (1-6,HP) [I move to the East, and draw a banishing pentagram high in
          (1-6,HP) air]
          (1-6,HP) Powers of air, thank you for attending our rites.  As the sun
          (1-6,HP) know that we are but one.  Good night my friends!
          (1-6,HP) So mote it be!
          (1-6,HP) [Moving to the north, I draw another banishing Pentagram]
          (1-4,Greg) God and Goddess Bless!
          (1-6,HP) Powers of the Earth, thank you for attending our rites.  As
          the cool...
          (1-6,HP) wind blows, the silence of truth will fill our minds.  Good
          night my...
          (1-6,HP) friends!  So mote it be!
          (1-6,HP) [And to the West, another banishing pentagram]
          (1-4,Greg) God and Goddess Bless!
          (1-6,HP) Powers of water, thank you for attending our rites.  As we
          dare to...
          (1-6,HP) be ourselves, we must learn to let it flow from within. 
          (1-6,HP) my friends!  So mote it be!
          (1-4,Greg) God and Goddess Bless!
          (1-6,HP) [To the South, banishing pentagram again]
          (1-6,HP) Powers of fire, thank you for attending our rites.  As we
          will is as...
          (1-6,HP) we are.  Good night my friends! So mote it be!
          (1-4,Greg) God and Goddess Bless!
          (1-6,HP) [Back to the East, Athame held high]
          (1-6,HP) And so we have come full circle.  One final farewell.  Powers
          of the...
          (1-6,HP) East, the North, the West, and the South, I thank thee for
          (1-6,HP) with us as one.  AAnd one we always shall be.
          (1-6,HPS) So Mote It Be!
          (1-5,Shadow Hawk) So mote it be!
          (1-4,Greg) So Mote It Be!
          (1-6,HP) So mote it be!
          (1-6,Ted & Nanette) So mote it be!
          (1-9,Lars) So mote it be!
          (1-3,Annina) So mote it be!


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