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                         COMPUSERVE ON-LINE FULL MOON RITUAL
                                      MAY 1993

          *********** New Age+ Forum  04-May-93 20:17

           HP      | MBS, will you call the Guardians of the South?
           Many Blue Sparks: Spirits of Fire who live in the summer sun...
                   | and winter fires, Guardians of the south....
                   | that warm this our home... we ask you to
                   | watch this circle and join our celebration.
           HP      | So mote it be!
           Otterkin| So mote it be!
           HP      | Guardians of the watchtowers of the West...
                   | Setting Sun, Home of Bear, Waters of the Abyss...
                   | I do Summon you Here to this Rite...
                   | Serpent power, flowing power, I call to you...
                   | Come, attend this our Circle as we gather to do...
                   | the Lady's Will!
                   | So mote it be!
           Otterkin| So mote it be!
           HP      | I pick up the old hollowed rock that lays
                   | upon the altar...
                   | in it was water collected from sacred streams.
                   | Holding the Water to the West, I offer it up...
                   | Creature of Water, be thou purified and cleansed to do
                   | the Lady's Will.
                   | Picking up Salt I offer it to the North for Blessings.
                   | Creature of Earth, be thou purified and cleansed to do
                   | the Lady's Will.
                   | Mixing the Salt and water together, I stride the      
             | circle in a clockwise manner,
                   | splashing salted water around the Circle.
                   | By the Creatures of Water and Earth do I cleanse
                   | and purify this Circle!
                   | and I place the salted water back on the altar.
                   | Picking up the incense, I offer it to the East
                   | Spirit of East and Air, be thou purified and cleansed
                   | to do the Lady's Will!
           Babs    | Persephone from the East receives your offering.      
             | Xaipe!!!
               HP  | Then, holding the Censor to the South...
                   | Spirit of Fire, be thou purified and cleansed to do
                   | the Lady's Will!
                   | And I add the incense to the fire, 
                   | and walk the circle...
                   | wafting the sweet smoke.  Creatures of Air and Fire...
                   | Cleanse and purify this Circle 
                   | that we might Do the Lady's Will!
                   | And I place the censor back on the altar.
                   | So mote it be!
           Otterkin| So mote it be!
           HP      | Then, I take up the Staff...
           HP      | In my Hands is the Staff of the Gods
                   | Fire flowing from it's Tip.
                   | From North to East to South


                   | I Cast the Circle round the Earth
                   | returning to the North.
                   | At Circle's Center,
                   | I plant the Rod Deep in the Earth.
                   | Like a Pillar, the Staff reaches up from the
                   | Center of the Circle.
                   | Turning, I bow to my Lady.
           Otterkin| We are in the Space between the worlds,
                   | In a place that is not a place,
                   | In a time that is not a time,
                   | In a space that is not a Space.
                   | Welcome, and Blessed Be!
           HP      | Blessed Be!
           HP      | Oh Lady, on this most Sacred Night,
                   | As your Face waxes Full and Bright,
                   | I bid thee grant my Heart's Delight.
                   | Oh Mother, Lover, Crone as One,
                   | Gracious Goddess, Queen of All,
                   | I call to you to Come,
                   | Join us here as we sound the Bell,
                   | Your Ritual has begun.
                   | Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna
                   | Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna
                   | Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna
           Selene  | Horned One, Lover, Sun and Son,
                   | Leaper in the Corn
                   | Join me in my Moonlit Rite,
                   | Weave with this Spell tonight!
                   | God of Wood and God of Field,
                   | Dancing by my Light,
                   | Come you now, an' as you Will,
                   | Share with Us Delight!
                   | God of Forest, God of Life
                   | Come I call you here tonight.
                   | Lover dead by Winter's hand,
                   | Join with Me to Bless the Land!
                   | send 6 Yours!
           Pan     | Tonight is the Night of the Full Moon,
                   | and tomorrow is Beltaine by the Old reckoning.
                   | The time of Beltaine (Lady's Day) is the time
                   | of celebrating the coming fertility of the Earth
                   | In days past there were many ways to celebrate.
                   | A bonfire was lit, and people would dance around
                   | and leap over it for luck in the coming year
                   | usualy with a specific endeavor in mind such
                   | as finding one's true love, fertility in marriage,
                   | or safety in traveling.  Cattle were driven
                   | through it's ashes to ensure good milk yield.
                   | It was also a time when the High Priest and
                   | High Priestess would share in the Great Rite, Blessing
                   | the fields and flocks with the Power raised to ensure
                   | fertility and bounty.  Couples drifted from the Circle
                   | to make love in the fields to add to and share in
                   | the Blessings.
                   | This year we are doubly blessed.  We have a Full


                   | Moon coinciding with Beltaine, so it will be
                   | extra strong for "fertilizing" the coming
                   | year and our work here tonight.
           Selene  | Speaking of work, my beloved Lord,
                   | I am eager to begin.
                   | Tonight we raise the Cone of Power in a
                   | different way, so please gather round.
                   | Upon the altar there are ribbons,
                   | Colors of all kinds,
                   | White for gifts of the Spirit
                   | Pink for love or romance,
                   | Green for healing power,
                   | Blue for for truth and wisdom,
                   | Red the Blessings of the Fertile Field,
                   | Gold for wealth,
                   | Silver for security...
                   | Choose the ribbon right for you,
                   | the colors all run true.
                   | All the colors in between,
                   | shades and hues of each are seen.
                   | Tonight's a night of Magic True
                   | And magic follows Form.
                   | In your Hand, catch one end and
                   | the let other reach for
                   | the Staff of the Gods.
                   | The Magic draws the Ribbons, and
                   | They fasten themselves upon the Staff.
                   | And brightly flutter there,
                   | Dancing in Her Light,
                   | Wrapped around the God's Pole,
           Pan     | Hear the sound of drumbeat slow,
           Selene  | Straight and Hard in the Night.
           Pan     | The Heartbeat of the Land.
           Selene  | nd
           Pan     | Hear the sound of drumbeat slow,
           Selene  | [B
           Pan     | The Heartbeat of the Land.
                   | Dance around the Maypole fair,
                   | Weave your ribbons bright and tight,
                   | Wrap the Staff of God.
                   | Wrap your ribbons bright and tight,
                   | Weave your Heart's delight.
                   | Drumbeat sounds louder still,
                   | as faster it becomes,
                   | Joyous cries from throats do leap,
                   | Hearken to the Sound.
                   | Faster still the beat does sound,
                   | The Circle spins around and round,
                   | Wrap the God's Pole with your Dreams,
           Babs    |  ) ) ) ) ) ) O ( ( ( ( ( (
           Pan     | That Fertile be your Life.
                   | Wrap the Pole up nice and tight,
                   | Sealing your desire.
                   | Wrap the pole up nice and tight,
                   | The Ribbons now are short.


                   | Bind them when you reach the Base
                   | And listen for His Call!
                   | (hear the sound of far off hunting horns)
           Selene  | (Lighting fire)
                   | Tonight we charge by Fire Bright.
                   | and Jump the Beltaine Fire.
                   | Fire Spirit, Fire Spirit, Dancing in the Night,
                   | Fire Spirit, Fire Spirit, Come and join our Rite!
           Pan     | Come My Lady, and Jump the Fire with me!
                   | (joining hands we jump the fire)
                   | (let all who wish, visualize the fire
                   | and jump along with us.
           Selene  | Are you going to ask them to share their
                   | wishes?
           Pan     | Will you share your wishes with us here tonight?
           Selene  | Silver and pink ribbons for me...
           H.P.    | I wish for Contentment in the coming year!
                   | (jumping the fire)
           Selene  | The child that I would like to adopt should be born in
                   | the coming year!
           Griffin | A wish to see the Community of the Old Religions      
             | banding together as never before,
                   | putting aside differences in Perfect
                   | Love and Perfect Trust (Jumping the fire...)
           Many Blue Sparks: A green ribbon for me...
           Pan     | Blessed Be!
           Many Blue Sparks: healing of mind and body to become the highest
                   | I can...  jumping the fire.
           Pan     | So mote it be!
           Babs    | Goddess & God bring me blue - letting go 
                   | & red - passion. (Jump)
           Selene  | Blessed BE!
           Selene  | Blessed Be!
           Pan     | Then we continue...
           Pan     | Lay your hands upon my Staff, feel the power within,
                   | Take of It I will to you, Life and Heart and Soul,
                   | Take the Power within yourself,
                   | Centered and Empowered,
                   | Plant it deep within your Heart, feel Desire filled.
                   | Deeper works the Magic still,
                   | The Greatest Rite is nigh,
                   | Open now the Circle cast,
                   | and slip you out by ones and twos,
                   | into the woods, both Fair and dark,
                   | and feel Me all about.
                   | The Oldest Magic fills the Air,
                   | Desire fills the loins,
                   | Lovemaking, the Ancient Magick
                   | brings life to Heart's desire,
                   | And fertilizes the Earth.
                   | (visualize you and a loved one 
                   | going out into the woods)
                   | Blessed are the hearth and Field,
                   | upon your love does lay.
                   | Make your loving long and deep,


                   | share your loving sweet.
                   | Come back to Circle when you are done,
                   | This Night's the Night of Love,
                   | Come back to Circle when you are done,
                   | While our Mother is Above.
                   | Milady, will you help me erect the Oldest Altar?
           Selene  | Willingly and with Love, My Lord.
           Pan     | (in the center of the circle a mist does rise)
                   | And I carry you within,
                   | hidden from eyes of the World...
                   | and only the sounds of Lovemaking fill the air.
                   | Around the Circle, the Coveners each make their way
                   | to the fields, with their loved ones and make love,
                   | each in their own way, to share the joy of Love, Lust
                   | and the regeneration of Life itself.
                   | Drink the Wine that is the fruit of my loins...
                   | And eat the bread that is the grain of my body...
                   | That I will live in you and you will live in me.
           Selene  | Now this Rite is drawn to close,
                   | The Fire is dying down,
                   | The pole is wrapped for the coming Year,
                   | And Magic fills your life.
                   | Thank you Horned One, young and Strong,
                   | For being here tonight,
                   | Thank you horned One, Dark and Fierce,
                   | For Dancing in Her Light.
           HP      | Goddess Fair and Goddess Bright,
                   | Within you lies the Seed,
                   | Goddess Fair and Goddess Bright,
                   | We thank you for your Rite.
           H.P.    | Moving to the West....
                   | Keepers of the Watchtowers of the West, I thank you
                   | for attending this our Lady's Rite,
                   | and as you depart to your Watery realm, I ask
                   | that there always be Peace,
                   | peace between you and the Children of the Lady!
                   | So mote it be!
           Otterkin| So mote it b!
           H.P.    | Now South please.
                   | MBS, please thank the south for us?
           Many Blue Sparks: Keepers of the Tower of the East, thank you
                   | for attending our Lady's rite
                   | and as you return to Spheres of Fire, I ask that
                   | you bring us Light,
                   | Light for the Children of the Lady!
           Otterkin| So mote it be!
           H.P.    | So mote it be!
                   | Babs, Wilt thou thank the Guardian of the East?
           Babs    | Hail wise Persephone. Thank you for your gracious
                   | attendance. Bless our dreams. Xaipe!!!
           H.P.    | Blessed Be!
           Otterkin| Blessed Be!
           Griffin | Guardians of the Watchtowers of the North,
                   | Lords of the Earth,
                   | we thank you for your presence. Stay if you will,


                   | part if you must...
                   | and if depart you will,
                   | then we bid you Hail and Farewell...
                   | So mote it be!
           Otterkin| So mote it be!
           H.P.    | So mote it be!
           HP      | With my athame I walk to the north,
                   | the point is at the ground, I walk the
                   | Circle round and round, from North to West
                   | to South then East, the Circle sinks into the
                   | ground.  I turn to face my Lady Fair, across
                   | the sacred Ground.
                   | The Circle is Open, but never broken.
                   | Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet again!
           Shadow Hawk: Blessed be all!
           Otterkin| Blessed be!
           ID      | Blessed be!!
           Many Blue Sparks: Blessed be!
           Griffin | Blessed Be!


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