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          Yule Carols courtesy of Green Egg (Yule '92 issue)

          Ye Children All of Mother Earth
          (It came upon a midnight clear...)

          Ye children all of Mother Earth
          join hands and circle around
          To celebrate the Solstice night
          When our lost Lord is found.
             Rejoice, the year has begun again
             The Sun blesses skies up above
             So share the season together now
             In everlasting Love!


          Snow lies deep upon the Earth
          Still our voices warmly sing
          Heralding the glorious birth
          Of the Child, the Winter King
             Glo -- ria!
             In excelsis Deo!
             Glo -- ria!
             In excelsis Dea!

          Our triumphant voices claim
          Joy and hope and love renewed
          And our Lady's glad refrain
          Answer Winter's solitude
             Glo -- ria!(etc.)

          In Her arms a holy Child
          Promises a glowing Light
          Through the winter wind so wild
          He proclaims the growing Light.
             Glo -- ria! (etc..)

          Now the turning of the year
          Of the greater Turning sings
          Passing age of cold and fear
          Soon our golden summer brings.
             Glo -- ria! (etc..)


          Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful!

          Oh, come all ye faithful
          Gather round the Yule Fire
          Oh, come ye, oh, come ye,
          To call the Sun!
              Fires within us
              Call the Fire above us
              O, come, let us invoke Him!
              O, come, let us invoke Him!
              O, come, let us invoke Him!
              Our Lord, the Sun!

          Yea, Lord, we greet Thee!
          Born again at Yuletide!
          Yule fires and candle flames
          Are lighted for You!
               Come to thy children
               Calling for thy blessing!
               O, come let us invoke Him (x3)
               Our Lord, the Sun!

          Silent Night

          Silent night, Solstice Night
          All is calm, all is bright
          Nature slumbers in forest and glen
          Till in Springtime She wakens again
          Sleeping spirits grow strong!
          Sleeping spirits grow strong!

          Silent night, Solstice night
          Silver moon shining bright
          Snowfall blankets the slumbering Earth
          Yule fireswelcome the Sun's rebirth
          Hark, the Light is reborn!
          Hark, the Light is reborn!

          Silent night, Solstice night
          Quiet rest till the Light
          Turning ever the rolling Wheel
          Brings the Winter to comfort and heal
          Rest your spirit in peace!
          Rest your spirit in peace!


          Glory to the New Born King

          Brothers, sisters, come to sing
          Glory to the new-born King!
          Gardens peaceful, forests wild
          Celebrate the Winter Child!
              Now the time of glowing starts!
              Joyful hands and joyful hearts!
              Cheer the Yule log as it burns!
              For once again the Sun returns!
              Brothers, sisters, come and sing!
              Glory to the new-born King!

          Brothers, sisters, singing come
          Glory to the newborn Sun
          Through the wind and dark of night
          Celebrate the coming light.
              Suns glad rays through fear's cold burns
              Life through death the Wheel now turns
              Gather round the Yule log and tree
              Celebrate Life's mystery
              Brothers, sisters, singing come
              Glory to the new-born Sun.


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