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                              The Charge of the Goddess
                                (c) 1986, Kyri Comyn

               "I am the quickening of the seed in Springtime, the glory of
          ripe fields in Summer, and the peace of the quiet woods as the
          snow calms the Earth in Winter.  I am the lilt of the maidens'
          melody in the morning, the patient hand of the Mother and the
          deep river of the mysteries taught by moonlight.

               I give the creatures of the earth the gifts of song rising
          from the heart, the joy of autumn sunset, the cool touch of the
          renewing waters, and the compelling call of the drum in the
          dance.  To you I give the joy of creation and the companion of
          beauty to light your days.

               By the powers of the steadfast Earth and the wheeling stars
          I charge thee; by the darkness of death and the white light of
          birth I charge thee; and by the terrible strength of your human
          spirits, I charge thee:

               Strive always for the growth of your eternal soul,
               never intentionally diminish your strength, your
               compassion, your ties to the earth or your knowledge.

               Challenge your mind, never accept complacently that
               which has been the standard merely for the reason that
               it is the standard by which the majority judges itself.

               Thirdly, I charge thee, act always for the betterment
               of your brothers and sisters.  To strengthen them is to
               forge the true chain of humanity, and a chain is only
               as strong as its weakest link.

               You are my children, my brothers and sisters and my
          companions.  You are known in great part by the company you keep,
          and you are strong and wise and full of the powers of life.  It
          is yours to use them in my service, and I also, am known by the
          company I keep.

               Go forth in joy and the light of my love, turning to me
          without fear when the darkness threatens to overcome you, and
          turning also to me to share your triumphs and your achievements,
          and know in your heart of hearts that we are together in blood
          and spirit 'til the last star darkens in the sky and winter comes
          to the universe."


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