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            Fire on Fire
            Light and Power, 
            Warmth and Energy
            They did generate.

            Earth joined them then
            To Life She gave Birth
            And solid Foundations built.

            Along came Water
            Some Channels to carve
            Through which all Energies flow.

            Around them All
            The Air did blow
            Winds of Thought and Deed

            Power raised, Power spread
            Thus It Was
            So Mote It Be.       .....Alernon

            ........from RMPJ Oct. '86

            This article is excerpted from the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal.
            Each issue of the Rocky Mountain Pagan Journal is published by
            High Plains Arts and Sciences; P.O. Box 620604, Littleton Co., 
            80123, a Colorado Non-Profit Corporation, under a Public Domain
            Copyright, which entitles any person or group of persons to 
            reproduce, in any form whatsoever, any material contained therein
            without restriction, so long as articles are not condensed or 
            abbreviated in any fashion, and credit is given the original


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