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                                               HYMN TO ARTEMIS 


                                    FRATER U.'.D.'.

                                Artemis, my sibyl sibling
                                huntress of the earthy skies,
                                wayfaress in silver rippling -
                                in your hands my power lies ...

                              lies my dream and all my making
                                muted might in liquid pose,
                                lies my giving and my taking,
                                caressing friends and smiting foes

                                in your light and metal sheen,
                                waxing, waning, touched, unseen,
                                ever-moving curv.d bow
                                ever-whirring arrow's flow
                                to the core of mine own heart
                                hitting mark, a gentle dart

                                strikes my body, strikes my soul,
                                fondles part and fondles whole
                                towards my ever-pulsing spell:
                                give me heaven, give me hell
                                take from me what makes me sink
                                with your sleight of hand and wink -

                                Goddess of the nightly sweep,
                                through the starlit mires seep,
                                never solemn, yet possessed,
                                by your mastery expressed,

                                all your vision's harvest keeps ...
                                all your vision's harvest keeps ...

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