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                                               New Words & Old 

              In the autumn of the lightnings, in the mighty-voic`ed throng 
              In the twilight were the offerings, with both chants and   full-throat song: 
                    These the People, born to silence 
                    These the Seekers, born to sight 
                    These the Wanderers, born to roaming 
                    These frail Humans, born to night... 
              In the winter's swirling blizzard, in the quaking of great   trees In the
            night-black child of charring, in the wavering,   fitful breeze: 
                    These the Wicca, seeking knowledge 
                    These the Shamen, knowing care 
                    These the Students, always reading 
                    These the Hopeful, who despair... 
              In the spring-tide's joyous growing, in the flower and the leaf   In the summer's
            dearth and plenty, saving up to stoke Belief: 
                    Hear the Mother, gentle-voicings 
                    Hear the Father, rumbled whisper 
                    Hear the Children, gay and laughing 
                    Hear the Many -- sing your vesper... 
              Now the Bard and Druid gather 
              Now the Priestess calls afar 
              Now the Time to Watch and Listen 
              Now the Time to practice more! 
                                          Kihe Blackeagle 


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