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            Is that you that I hear? 
            Your footsteps on the ground above my head. 
            Your hands apon the headstone that bears my name. 
            You are a dweller in the night!  Beware I bite! 
            On cloak as black as sin, I float, I fly. 
            In hunger burning bright, seaking prey. 
            Life is flowing deep within. 
            I send it bubbling fourth. 
            and then I drink it in again. 
            Another night, never day. 
            Away away, into the dark I flee! 
            where I might hide. 
            waiting for another night. 
            Did you hear? 
            Did you see? 
            Do you flee? 
            Or is that your hand I find near mine? 
            In the dark!  Dwellers in the night! 
            Beware we bite! 


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