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                                       LOVE IS THE LAW 
                   Do what thou wilt is the Whole of the Law 
                   The time of The Will 
                   Bursts forth Now, in the Spring 
                   Implacable bud! 
                   Let your Love burst forth and blossom freely 
                   Thunder of roses 
                   Unfettered by harsh will 
                   Love willed to be Free 
                   To soar with on Her Wings into New Heavens 
                   Over pure New Earths 
                   Love is Will purified 
                   Love is Her own Law! 
                   Sun is born again in primitive Light 
                   With Arian Force 
                   In the Spring House of Mars 
                   New Life Exploding 
                   From cold Winter's Icy dark Womb 
                   Gives force to our Wills 
                   Time of re-SOL-ution 
                   We are born again 
                   Juices of Spring wash us from Winter Womb 
                   As Spring buds push out 
                   We drop from Her belly 
                   Like damp, new born colts 
                   This is the time to re-SOL-ve our new lives 
                   With Nature's Forces 
                   Supporting and healing 
                   As Old Winter dies 


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