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             Goddess is beautiful dressed in white 
             The tiny white crystals that fall through the night 
             They fall so gentle, don't make a sound 
             As they drift to Earth and lay on the ground 
             Looking up, snow melts on my face 
             as I leave behind the hectic pace 
             I'm in another world, one of love 
             communing with the Goddess above 
             Drawing the power from all around me 
             one with Her, I truely wish to be 
             This is the quest for which I strive 
             It is my reason for being alive 
             Standing alone, staring at the sky 
             I feel a tear coming to my eye 
             The feeling of peace is awesome you see 
             I feel the Goddess surrounding me 
                   (C) 1989 - Steve Earl 
            Excelsior AIBBS - Monroe CT 203-268-1222 (1:141/222) 

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