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                                                  THE RIVER 
              In the midst of death and violence 
              A light kindling in my heart 
              Is beginning to warm my soul 
              With new life. 
              I look back at the white water boiling behind me 
              With a shuddering anger at the treacherous, roiling white   light. 
              I look ahead at the broad, black expanse 
              Smooth, yet turbulent and rich with wonderful power. 
              Deep moments of peace are the essence of what is coming 
              Deep pools of bliss are the essence of what is coming 
              Troubles are the food that nourishes a peaceful life 
              Troubles gently feed bliss with subtle flavours of delight 
              I bow to all the Deities who are bringing me wealth unmeasured 
              And I thank the Lord, and I thank the Lady, and I thank my   Self. 
                                        Hugh Read , 02-15-89  12:17 
                              The Terraboard, Minneapolis, MN (Opus 1:282/341) 


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