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                                  ANOTHER ONE FOR JIM MORRISON 
             Where did he go, that vision-mad soul? 
             What did he see on his quest? 
             Who did he meet at the end of his night? 
             Why did he fail the test? 
             The shaman is old, a new must be found, 
             Take the young ones to a height. 
             Those who would be a shaman must jump. 
             The one who survives will be right. 
             He jumped--the serpent-strength filled his soul. 
             He jumped--the new lizard king. 
             He jumped--to the Lady he feared would be there. 
             He jumped--but rose not to take wing. 
             And I would now follow that worthy's descent, 
             I would dare Medicine's dive. 
             For I love the path he blazed for us all, 
             But I, unlike him, shall survive. 
             I jump--the snakes I feared buoy my soul. 
             I jump--my spirit now sings. 
             I jump--to the Lady I know will be there. 
             I jump--can it be I've grown wings? 
                --Copyright (c) 1988 by Sourdough Jackson 
            The Lizard King-"I am the Lizard King; I can do 


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