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                            ALOHA, Serge King -- a full moon blessing 
              The only Temple of Peace worth building 
              Is in your heart, Serge 
              Is in the human heart 
              In your students hearts 
              Peace can not be won with money, Serge 
              Peace can not be bought 
              Nor can peace be sold 
              But peace must be earned 
              In loving, selfless service to us all 
              Giving, regiving 
              Just for the Joy of It 
              THAT is Aloha 
              Aloha is never prosperity, Serge 
              Bought with the money 
              Tinkling in your pocket 
              Aloha is free 
              Giving, regiving in poverty 
              Sings an ancient song 
              Full of Joy, Bliss and Love 
              The true coin of Peace 
              A so is giving, regiving in wealth 
              A thing of beauty 
              Filled with ancient glory 
              With blessings and thanks, I give you this gift 
              May it touch your heart 
              And open your heart 
              May it touch all hearts 
              ALOHA, Serge King! 
                 Date:  01-22-89  05:33 
                 Hugh Read 


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