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                                         HORN SONG  
              Great stag's horns are sprouting out of my head! 
              Now I sing great songs! 
              Thundering voices roar 
              Ancient melodies 
              That now are caught in my magickal horns 
              To power my soul 
              And to heal my body 
              And enrich my mind! 
              Listen as I soar!  Listen as I sing! 
              My words are power 
              To heal bodies, minds, soul 
              And to conquer death! 
                 Date:  01-29-89  14:07 
                 From:  Hugh Read  
                 Origin: FIRE OPAL - A Gem of an OPUS  [Minneapolis, MN  
                 (612) 822-4812] (Opus 1:282/8) 


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