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                                      Dedication Ritual 
             Lammas, 1992                                                     Khaled Quicksilver
            OPENING:  Put up circle as per usual, up to but not including DDTM.  Principal
            witness is Priest or Priestess, whichever is opposite gender to the Candidate.

            Candidate (with sponsors, stands facing Priest/ess:
                 "I, (full given name), have decided to dedicate myself to the keeping of the
            Gods, and I wish to so swear, with this Circle of the Craft of the Wise as witness."

            Priest/ess (to sponsors):
                 "Is (candidates full name) a proper person, of good report and standing in both
            communities, sacred and profane, who resoects our ways and wishes to learn the path
            of Wisom from the Lord and Lady?"

                 "I have found her/him to be so."

            Priest/ess (to Candidate):
                 "What is the Rede?"

                 "An it harm none, do what ye will."

                 "Truly an Ethical core.  And art willing to make oath to the Gods?"

                 "I am."

                 "Art willing to ever keep secret what is unfolded before you, even though it
            should cost thee thy life?"

                 "I am."

                 "Art willing to swear so before the Gods, and before these here assembled?

                 "I am."

            Priest/ess (to Sponsor):
                 "Has s/he the password to enter into the worlds where such a compact must needs
            be made?

                 "S/he has it not.  I give it for him/her, so she may enter into compact."


                                    Dedication (continued)
                 "By what Right or Privelege do you ask admittance into our Rites and into the
            company of the Gods?"

                 "By the right of two passwords. Perfect Love and Perfect Trust!"

            Priest/ess (to dedicant):
                 "The door has been opened for you.  But you must make the step alone.  By what
            right do you enter?"

                 "By those very passwords. Perfect Love and Perfect Trust."

                 "I give thee a third. (Kisses Candidate)

            DDTM is then performed.

                 "You may now proceed with your wish."

                 Gives dedication oath.  (this should be written by the candidate with the help
            of the sponsor(s), so that all the elements required are included, but should not
            follow a "canned" script.)

            Priest/ess (to those assembled):
                 "We have heard (Canddates name)'s intentions.  Have you any questions or do you
            wish any clarification?"

                 Each covenor does so, if they want a clarification.  This continues until all
            are satisfied as to the meaning of the candidate's oath and are satisfied that the
            candidate has promised to live up the the Rede, to the best of his/her ability while
            a student and to keep the Secrets, whether they stay in or not. (NOTE:  Promising
            more than is outlined is grossly unfair -- The candidate MUST fully cognizant of
            what has been promised!)

                 "We have heard your Oath and your meaning.  Remember that you Oath binds you,
            for it has been made in the presence of the Gods and witnessed by the Craft of the

            Priest/ess then introduces the new dedicant to each member of the group, then to the
            Quarters, and finally to the Gods:

                 "Lord and Lady, here is your Child, (name) who has sworn his/her devotion to
            you.  Treat him/her gently and with justice, for s/he is young in the ways of the
            Wise.  Teach us to do the same."

            Cakes and Wine, with the new Dedicant fiven the first drink in honour of his/her new
            status.  Dismiss the Circle.


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