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                                 SPRING EQUINOX 1990 

     Circle cast by the HP
     Old God:       HP
     Young God:     Priest
     Earth:        Priest
     Air:               Priest
     Fire:          Priestess
     Water:             Priestess
     Everyone else may choose to take the role of an animal of their choice. 
     Young God is blindfolded and bound (three cords), and stands in the middle
     of the circle. Everyone else holds hands, and circles around deosil

     Io Pan! Io Pan! Io Pan Pan Pan! 

     until HPS changes the chant to the Ekos; finish arms up.

     HPS and Priestess make an archway, which everyone else passes through,
     moving as their chosen animal, chanting, "chop, chop, chop, chop etc."
     Every so often, HPS and Priestess drop their arms around one person, and
     whenever they "capture" one of the four elements, they hold them and the
     chanting stops. A riddle is then asked by each of the elements:

     Air: What is whispered on the wind?
     Fire: What is the kiss of fire?
     Water: What is the secret of the serpent?
     Earth: What lies at the centre of the labyrinth?

     If Young God answers satisfactorily, a cord is removed. The blindfold is
     removed last. When the blindfold has at last been removed, HP will step
     forward to present the wand to arm the Young God. 

     HP says:

     "You are now come to your manhood, and must be armed. Will you accept the
     wand, this symbol of your power?"

     Young God: "I will"

     HP: "Then you must take it from me!"

     And so saying, runs away. Young God catches him, and they fight for the
     wand. Young God wins, and holds the wand aloft in triumph.

     Young God and HPS then perform cakes and wine.


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