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           This is the story of Rabbit.

          A long time ago- No one knows how long ago it was-- rabbit was a brave
          and  fearless warrior. Rabbit was  befriended by Eye  Walker, a witch.
          The witch and Rabbit spent much time together sharing and talking. 

                        One day EyeWalker and rabbitwere walking alongand thesat
          down on  the trail  to rest.  Rabbit  said "I'm  thirsty." Eye  Walker
          picked up a leaf and blew on it... it turned into a gourd  of water...
          he  handed it to  Rabbit. Rabbit drank  the water and  didn't say any-
          thing. Than he said "I am hungry"

                        Eyewalker pickedup astone andblew onit... itturned intoa
          turnip.  She  gave the turnip to Rappit...  He tasted it and  than ate
          the turnip with relish... but didn't say anything.

                        Thetwo continued along thetrail, which ledinto the moun-
          tains. Near the top, rabbit tripped  and fell and rolled almost to the
          bottom. Rabbit was in very  sad condition when Eye Walker got  to him.
          She  used a magick salve on Rabbit to heal his great pain and mend his
          broken bones. Rabbit didn't say anything.

                        Several days laterEye Walkerwent searchingfor herfriend.
          She searched high and love but Rabbit was nowhere to be found.

                        Finally Eye Walkergave up.She met Rabbitquite byaccident
          one day.   "Rabbit,  why are  you hiding and  avoiding me?"  the witch

                        "becauseI amafriad ofyou. I amafraid ofmagick," Answered
          Rabbit, cowering in fear. "Leave me alone!" 

                        "I see." SaidEye Walker. "I haveused my magical powerson
          your behalf and now you turn on me and refuse my friendship."

                        "I wantnothing more to dowith you oryour powers," Rabbit
          countered.  He did not even see  the tears his words were bringing  to
          Eye Walkers  eye's. "I hope  we never  meet and that  I never  see you
          again." Rabbit continued. 

                        "Rabbit" Eye walker said. "We oncewere great friends and
          companions, but  no more. It  is within my  power to destroy  you, but
          because of the past and  the medicines we have shared together  I will
          not do this. But from this day on I lay a curse on you and your tribe.
          From now on, you will call fears  and your fears will come to you.  Be
          on your way, for the sweet medicines that bound us together as friends
          are now broken."


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