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                                Circle casting Dragon style 
                                     Cameron Mandrake

          I just thought  I'd drop  a note on  the traditional Dragon  Tradition
          Circle casting.   The circle is cast  with the Blade, the  Cup and the
          Censor.   The  Priest starts with the Blade in the north and draws the
          boundry of  the circle.  As he does he  recites "I tread this Path for
          the Elements, that which comprises all that we see."

              The HPS takes to sprinkling the boundries with the Cup filled with
          salted  water.  She recites "I tread  this Path for Self, a reflection
          of the Divine."

              The HP then takes the censor and carries the smoketo the boundries
          of the circle in  a deosil direction.   He recites "I tread this  Path
          for Spirit, that which unites all things."

          The HP or HPS then state the charge of our Circle.  It is as follows.

          "Our Circle is  a place where hearts  and minds can meet and  share in
          the wonder and empowerment of  a living and loving Goddess.   We are a
          coven of friends, but  above all things we are  Family.  Our Love  and
          our Magick binds us together and our Circle keeps us  and nurtures us.
          We are blessed.  Blessed Be!"

          The Dragon Guardians are then invoked.  
          Mighty Dragon, Guardian of the realms of the East.  Your tongue is 
          a sharp sword, cutting with the  knowledge of the arcane.  Your spirit
          flows as graceful as a swift in flight.  Purify us with truth. 
          Blessed Be. 
          Mighty Dragon, Guardian of the realms of the South, your breath is 
          aflame with  the fires  of inspiration  and passion.   Your spirit  is
          and fervent.  Purify us with Love.  Blessed Be. 
          Mighty Dragon, Guardian of the realms of the West, your  coils are the
          cleansing  healing waves that nurture  the soul.   Your spirit lunges,
          leaps and  splashes like a  Talbot at  play.  Purify  us with  pulsing
          tides.  Blessed Be. 
          Mighty Dragon, Guardian of the realms of the North, your talons run 
          like roots into the  earth, giving you infinite strength.  Your spirit
          is substantial,  hard and pure like  a clear crystal.   Purify us with
          persistant wisdom.  Blessed Be.
          Each  of these Dragons  has a secret  name that they  are also invoked
          with.  A suggestion is that anyone using these invocations meditate to
          find an  appropriate name for each  Guardian and use it  along with or
          instead of the words "Mighty Dragon". 


          I find  that the  Circle charge sets  the mood  for the  Circle and  I
          change it  to suit the situation.   If anyone  has ideas for  a Circle
          charge, I'd like to hear them.  I have a number of Circle charges that
          I use but fresh ones always are nice.

          Blessed Be.
          Cameron Mandrake

          ... Copyright 1992 - DragonHart Coven - All Rights Reserved


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