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                                     The Thorn Ritual 

               The Runic Sub-Committee of the Orgone Committee has been
          working on many facets of the Runic Magical System in the past
          four years. The following ritual is the result of many months
          of discussion and work. May it serve you well.
                      One's Runic Wand (or fingers if one is not available)
                      A place in which to cast the circle...
                      Meditation on the aspects of the Thorn (Thuriaz) Rune
               Sit quietly in the space in which the cirle is to be cast.
               Meditate on the various aspects of the Thorn rune (consult
          various sources such as Thorrson's Futhark, F. Asswyn's Tree
          Yggdrasil, and N. Pennick's Runic Astrology). Concentrate on the
          passive and active protective aspects of the force embodied int 
          the Thorn Rune.
               Stand Facing North.
               Assume the Isa stance, hands at side and feet together.
               Visualize yourself as an antennae for the forces of the
          Multiverse. Feel the forces flowing through you from above and
          below. Let the energy flow through your body from the floor and
          the sky passing your solar plexus and energizing it.
               When you feel that the energy is flowing smoothly through
          your body visualize the space around you as deep blue. The deep
          blue of the late night sky. Shimmering with energy. Scintillating
          as you look in to it.
               Inhale evenly and deeply from you diaphram (letting your stomach
          expand and contract with your breath. Do not allow your upper body
          to be moved by the intake of breath. Let the sides of your mid section
          and the back of your midsection expand and contract with your breath.
          Breath fully and calmly. Let the breath energize your cells. Feel 
          the energy adding to the energy raised with the Isa meditation.
               Trace the Hammer of Thor with your dominant hand using the
          wand or your fingers...
               As you trace the Thorn, say (vibrate) the word Thorn (or 
          Thuriaz if you are using the Norse name). Visualize the energy
          flowing from you solar plexus, through your hand/wand, tracing
          the rune.
              Turn to the East and repeat the invocation. Then to the South
          then to the West. Then Above you, then below you.
               Turn to the North (if not already standing in that direction)
          and say: 
                  Thorn in the North, Hallow and hold this Holy Stead.
               Do this for the other five Thorns you have invoked.
               Having invoked the six points of the circle, we will be invoking


          a thorny circle of briar in four parts. Each "string" will be      
          invoked as long as you can say the word Thorn. When your breath runs
          out then one shoud inhale and begin another string, until you have 
          scribed four interlacing, intricate strings of ethric briar. You will
          be tracing these strings so as to create a ball similar to yarn. As
          you are tracing the strings of briar, visualize the briar as being
          covered with sharp, pointy, nasty looking thorns. Invest these 
          thorns with the power to keep out unwanted influences.
              O.K. now. Stand facing North. Inhale and as you exhale vibrate
          the word "Thorn" make the vibration of the name last as long as you
          have breath. As you are saing the word trace briar in a circle around
          you. Visualize the stream of briar comming out of the end of your
          wand/finger. Trace the briar in any way you want. I am fond of
          dancing in spirals, spinning in cirlces, moving my hand in the
          way an artist would with a pencil if they were in a globe of
          canvas... When your breath runs out from the first "Thorn", inhale
          and invoke that name again..."TTTTTTHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRNNN
          NNNNNNNNNNNNNNN", drawing a string of briar around the inner surface
          of a globe, forming a globe of briar with your actions. Remember
          to see what is already there and fill in the spaces you have yet
          to get to. When you are out of breath again, inhale, and begin
          the third string of Briar...Don't forget to get the space over your
          head and below your feet. Make wide sweeping motions, small scribbly
          motions. Let your enjoyment of movement arouse more energy, feel the
          energy flowing through you, through your hand, and coming out in the
          stream of briar. When you are out of breath inhale, and invoke the
          Thorn one last time. Make sure to get all of those places that
          have not been covered. Don't worry about small spaces, just make
          sure that there are no large gaps in the ball of briar you have
          just make. Fix the holes with this last invocation.
               As you finish this last invocation of Thorn, stand facing North.
          It is not uncommon to feel both exhiliarated and exhausted by this
          process.  Stand,  with feet  apart and  hands  spread over  your head.
          Breath deeply. Visualize the glowing ball of briar...see it, its green
          tendrils intertwining, feel the vibrance of its life force, a force
          that you have given to it. Breath deeply, calming yourself...

              While standing with your feet apart, arms upraised in a "Y"
          inhale, and as you exhale feel your energy flowing through the
          orb of briar, and see, as you energize the orb, the thorns grow. See
          the thorns, browinsh and reddish, getting larger and closing up 
          the small spaces that existed between the strings of briar. Feel 
          the spaces being blocked off. See the blue of the space around you,
          see the orb of thorny briars...Keep the thorns growing until you
          feel that the orb is complete and capable of keeping out any unwanted
          influences. Infuse the orb of briar with the ability to repel unwanted
          energies and permit those energies desired.
               Stand in a comfortable position. We are near the end of the
          ritual. The invocation of the God/desses. 
               Stand in the Isa position. Say IIIIIISsssssssss.
               Stand in the As (Anuz) position. Say Odhinn.
               Stand in the Beorch position. Say Urdh.
               Stand in the Ing position. Say Freyr.
               Stand in the Foeh position. Say Freya.
               Stand in the Thorn position. Say Thorr.
               Stand in the Isa position. Breath deeply. Thank the God/desses


          silently. Feel the Orb of Thorns surrounding you.   Begin your
 in your circle.
               Certain parts of the ritual were taken from Thorrson's Hammer
          Rite. But the ritual is mostly original. The God/dess names at the
          end can be altered at your behest but try to keep Odhinn First,
          Freya in the middle, and Thorr last. I will be posting meditations
          for the Runic God/desses to help with the last part of this ritual.

               May your path be filled with Wisdom and Wonder,
               Blessings of the Aesir and Vanir,
                                    The Runic Sub-Committee
                                     The Orgone Committee


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