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                            The WICCAN INFORMATION NETWORK

     What is WIN?

          The  Wiccan Information Network is  a project of  the Wiccans Invoking
     Tolerance, Compassion, and Harmony Society (W.I.T.C.H.).  The WITCH Society
     is  a registered society  in the province  of British Columbia.   The WITCH
     Society  works to support the  right of Pagans  (including Goddess Worship-
     pers) and Witches  to practice  their faith as  they see  fit, as it  falls
     within the Craft, civil, and  criminal law and does not infringe in any way
     on the rights of others.  WITCH  is working toward the return of the Wiccan
     and  Pagan religions as respected  faiths in society  through education via
     the media and by public discussion.
          The Wiccan Information Network is a  non denominational Wiccan project
     sponsored by  the WITCH  Society.   The WIN project  is coordinated  by the
     police  liaison committee of WITCH.   The WIN  coordinators are responsible
     for coordinating the efforts of those involved in the project.  WIN is made
     up of Wiccans from all over North America and includes many Wiccans who are
     law enforcement officers.

     What are the objectives of WIN?

          The objectives of the Wiccan Information Network are:

               1. To monitor anti-Wiccan activities, groups and individuals;

               2. To research occult related crime;

               3. To distribute this intelligence to those in the Wiccan 
     community that are affected by it; and

               4.To liaise with  law enforcement  agencies in  order to  provide
     them with accurate information on Pagan religions and occult 
     related crime.  

     How does WIN work?

          The  WIN  coordinators have  assigned  area  coordinators to  specific
     regions in the US  and Canada.  WIN members forward  any anti Wiccan infor-
     mation that  they come  across  to their  area coordinators.   These  coor-
     dinators investigate this information and forward it to:

               1) Pagan groups in their areas affected by this information;

               2) Area coordinators of other areas affected; and

               3) The WIN coordinators.

          The WIN coordinators analyze and collate all intelligence received and
     assign  area coordinators to  follow-up tasks if necessary.   The WIN coor-
     dinators send out a monthly intelligence summary to WIN members.


     What else does WIN do?

          The Wiccan Information Network also:

               1) Publishes information booklets and manuals for law enforcement

               2) Publishes resource directories  for those seeking  information
     or speakers on Pagan beliefs or occult related crime;

               3) Arranges public speaking engagements in order to brief members
               of the Pagan community on the subjects studied by WIN.

     Do I have to join WIN to participate?

          No.  You don't need  to join WIN to help us.  All that  you need to do
     is  send us any information,  newspaper clippings, articles,  etc. that you
     feel we should be aware of.   We'll make sure this information gets to  the
     right people.

     Who receives the monthly WIN intelligence summary?

          Only  WITCH  Society  members,  WIN project  members,  selected  Pagan
     newsletters and Pagan organizations affiliated with WIN receive the monthly
     intelligence summary.  You cannot subscribe to it, for security reasons.
     If you'd like to become a member  of WITCH the current dues are $25 (Canad-
     ian) per annum, which  includes notice of meetings by mail and subscription
     to the  WITCH Society  newsletter.   A copy of  the WITCH  constitution and
     bylaws is available upon request  if you send a stamped and  self addressed

     How can I become involved in WIN?

          You don't have to belong to WITCH to be a part of WIN, although  it is
     preferred.  If  you are  interested in becoming  a part of  WIN you  should
     contact the WIN coordinator  with a r.sum.  of your previous experience  in
     anti defamation work for  the Wiccan community.  Organizations  or newslet-
     ters interested in obtaining WIN intelligence summaries  should contact the
     WIN coordinator in writing  and send information on their  constitution and
     editorial policies.
          Donations to  assist us  in  our work  are greatly  appreciated.   All
     donations should be forwarded to the WITCH Society and all checks should be
     made payable to the WITCH Society.

     Wiccan Information Network,             W.I.T.C.H. Society,
     Box 2422, Main Post Office,             c/0 2708 Belmont Ave.,
     Vancouver, BC, V6B 3W7                  Victoria, BC, V8R 4A8


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