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                          The Hermetic Summoning of The Elements  
                                        By: Marios

          OK, here  it is. This  was originally developed  by an old  friend and
          working partner of mine.
          (Cirlce  area should be completely  dark. All people  should be inside
          the circle.  A central altar is used with five candles on it: a source
          candle of gray or pearlescent white or emerald green; a form candle of
          black; a force candle  of white; a fire quarter  candle of red; and  a
          lighting taper.)

          (The HP and HPS should face each other over the central altar)
          HP: First  there was nothing,  and the  Womb of the  Void begat  Light
          (light Source candle)

          HPS:  And that Light  gave form  to the  Void, the  form that  we call
          darkness,  and that was the first Goddess. (Light Form candle) 

          HP: And  the darkness gave to  the light potency, power,  and that was
          the first god. (light force candle).

          Both:  From  the union  of these  came Fire,  least tangible  and most
          active of all the elements. (light fire candle, hand to  3rd person in
          the south. they then circumambulate a full 360 degrees and place  fire
          candle in the south, picking up air candle there.)

          HPS: Fire calmed and made more tangible became air. (light Air candle,
          circumambulate 270 degrees to the east.)

          HP: Air flowing with solid form, became water. (light water candle (in
          east) (circumambulate 180 degrees to the west)

          HPS: And still,  solid water, is earth.  (3rd person goes directly  to
          the north side of the altar)

          All: Thus does all come from the Void, and  so shall all return to the
          Void when creation's day is done.

          (HP faces east, then  south, then zenith. while facing  shouts "Fiat".
          at the same times, HPS faces west, north and nadir and shouts "Fiat". 
          HPS raises both  hands from nadir  to the centre  above the altar,  HP
          lowers arms from zenith to the centre above the altar)

          Both: Fiat, voluntas mea. (hands should be touching in the centre.


               1.  The third person who carries the quarter candles  acts as the
          channel for the energy of the HP and HPS during their invocation. S/he
          should visualize constructing a ribbon  roadway that has landing stops
          at each elemental area.
               2.   The "Fiat"s  at the  end should  include a  visualization of
          either  an invoking pentagram, or a door opening, or something similar
          (I have modified the  invoking pentagrams to follow the  descent lines
          -- e.g. invoking air would be from fire point to air point).

                The effort of  building the road and  the landings is form  with
          minimal force.   It is the "Fiat"s at the end which generate the force
          flows to balance the system.

                The road itself can be useful for visiting the various elemental
          kingdoms,  but you  might find  them different  from what  you expect.
          Following the road from nadir up to and beyond zenith  in an ascending
          arc is quite good for either deep meditation or projection work.
             Anyhow, 'nuff stuff for now. I hope you find this useful.
          Bright Blessings M.


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