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     The Manifestation of Kali in Universe as an Astrophysical Anomaly
     By Persona Navitae 353.
                     There is no light, nor any motion.
                     There is no mass, nor any sound.
                     Still, in the lampless heart of the ocean,
                     Fasten me down and hold me drowned
                     Within thy womb, within thy thought,
                     Where there is naught-where there is naught!
                        From "Kali", by Aleister Crowley
        In the beginning was the KAOS water, the pure creative force
     of undivided being. Crowley called this "Nuit", which seems to be
     the combination of the sky goddess "Nut" with the chaos God "Nu",
     or "Nun". This was the potential for manifestation before the
     dream of Siva, before the suffering of Sophia that coalesced into
     the mist of dark reality. This primal force exits in a perpetual
     state of non-being, always edging toward being. A binary movement
     sets up from this tension of pre-creation, from a state of
     collapsed oneness, to a state of open potential. This is the
     struggle between Siva; the force of perfect order, and Sakti; the
     force of pure chaos. In Siva is the need to collapse to stable
     systems, the continual drive for one-ness that uni-fests as the
     point monad of Kether on the Tree of Life. In Sakti is the need
     for continual creation, the pure fertile need to populate
     Universe with the divine sparks of mani-fested intelligence. From
     these two forces arises the numinous Androgyne. This force exists
     at the beginning of physical creation, from its parthenogenic
     fullness it emanates across the Pleroma of the void, and down the
     Tree to Malkuth.
        This mythos is at the core of the unconscious and of many
     creation theories. From the bliss of Androgyny comes the
     suffering of Maya, illusion. This is the illusion of multi-
     verse. Sophia, the divine mother of the Gnostics, was conceived
     of as Androgynous but she broke away from her partner and
     conceived the physical universe as a polarized order. The result
     was the creation of ignorance, the demiurge Yahweh. 
        From the primal Nuit is created Babylon, and from her is Isis, 
     but what of Nepthys? She is hidden; present but unseen. Felt but
     rarely named. In Indian theosophy divine Sakti exists as the
     primal energy behind the static monad, Siva. She is  Nuit in
     Thelema, and her creation on the mundane level is Kali. In many
     systems they are considered one, which is rightly so. The job of
     Kali is to devour the ignorance of static non-creation and re-
     create Universe with new potential for mani-festation. Left to
     its own, Siva would freeze up Universe in a cage of entropy. This
     is known to physicists as the "Heat death of Universe". Heat is
     not a substance, not an energy. It is a process, "The
     transference of energy by virtue of a difference in temperature".
     When all forms of energy, Sakti/Kali, have been equilibrated
     then no more growth is possible. Any divine sparks left in such a
     state would no longer develope, all life would stop. 


        The Heat Death is only one scenario. It would seem possible
     that Universe could go on perpetually if there were some way to
     re-create it. All matter/energy would have to be sucked back in
     and thrust out in another "Big bang". This "devouring" is well
     known to devotees of Kali. In early myths she is known to devour
     the demons who would upset the balance of space-time. Kali is the
     Goddess of time, Kala. In time all things die and are re-born. In
     time all ignorance is replaced by divine Gnosis, if we accomplish
     nothing else in life we cannot help but learn. Experience is the
     great teacher. At the end of time there is no manifested
     existence, just the Satchidananda of bliss-being-consciousness.
     Kali offers the bliss of Gnosis with one hand which holds the
     Sangrail, freedom from fear with another raised, with a third she
     holds the sword that destroys Universe, and with a forth she
     holds a head to remind us that all situations will change, death
     is the constant force of new life. She is naked because she has
     no veils of illusion, and to remind us that the secret of
     re-creation is in sexual bliss. She is black because she is
     beyond human comprehension, this also ties in with the freudian
     devouring mother, who is in the realm of shadow, we all will be
     swallowed by Kali in the little death and the greater ones. She
     dances on the corpse of Siva, who has over extended himself in
     the attempt for divine Order. However, her dance has aroused him
     even in death and she stands over his erect penis to accept the
     seed of new creation.
        In the early 1930's Edwin Hubble concluded that Universe is
     expanding, and even in the 1920's evidence existed of such
     expansion. It has been postulated that if there is not enough
     mass in Universe then it will eventually suffer the heat death of
     Siva. If there is enough however, then it is possible that the
     expansion will slow down due to the drag of continual gravitational
     forces that all matter possesses, and eventually return to a
     single point where the explosive forces of the dynamic interplay
     of matter/energy will cause a new expansion. 
        One method to determine if Universe has enough matter to halt
     the expansion is to add up all the luminous matter. Matter exits
     in particular, stable energy states. If extra energy is added to
     a system, then the matter present would tend to jump to a higher
     energy state. Every element has very particular states it prefers
     and will not reside in any others. This is the rule of the Siva-
     Order force in Universe. All chaotic energy states will either
     jump to a higher state, and stay there as long as the extra
     energy does, or it will ignore the extra force.  When there isn't
     enough energy to maintain the element in this state, it drops to
     a specific lower state and sheds the excess energy. When this
     happens we see it as a burst of light which will be specific to
     each particular element. By examining the luminous evidence,
     astrophysicists can determine how much matter is shedding light.
     According to older theories all matter radiates light, and this
     could be used to determine how much matter was in Universe.
     Through these studies, it was found that there is only about 2%
     of the necessary amount for re- creation.  


        In 1933, Fritz Zwicky discovered that galaxies were moving
     much faster than they should according to the accepted theories.
     Speculating from the amount of matter found through the
     luminosity present, he found that galaxies should be breaking up.
     The obvious conclusion is that there is more matter present than
     can be seen. This substance became known as Dark Matter. Since
     then numerous experiments have been devised to test this theory.
     Vera Rubin showed that galaxies rotate as fast at the outer rim,
     or faster, as they do in the inner. If they are less dense at the
     outer edges, as the luminosity indicates, then they should move
     slower. Jeremiah Ostriker and James Peebles showed that without
     extra matter, galaxies would develope gravitational anomalies
     that would cause them to collapse into other forms than the
     spiral we usually see. It seems likely that there is Dark Matter
     in Universe, and estimates now indicate that it could make up as
     much as 95% of all physical creation.
        What is this Dark Matter? Nobody knows, but there are many
     theories. Sub-atomic particles, so small they don't radiate
     visible energy, Neutrinos, Magnetic Monopoles (one sided
     magnets), and Gravitinos (bundles of gravity, in the same sense
     that Photons are bundles of light) are prime candidates. So far
     neither Magnetic Monopoles, nor Gravitinos have been found. 
        Arcane knowledge provides some answers assuming we ask the
     questions. If Isis is "Infinite Stars, Infinite Space", then
     what is Nepthys? Being the opposite side of Isis we have to
     assume she plays a part in Universe. And, if Kali's re-creation
     of Universe is possible, then can we see it in the process? The
     answer to both of these lies in the Dark Matter. In "Mumbo Jumbo"
     Ishmael Reed referred to "Dark Isis". I found this very
     intriguing at the time, and later found the connection in Isis's
     dark twin, Nepthys. She is dark (like Kali) because she is
     hidden, manifested but unseen. In his book, Reed speculated that
     she became dominant when Isis was shedding lunar blood (sacred to
     Kali), this is when the unfertile seeds are being discarded. For
     the aspirant this is a time of great power, and danger. Nepthys
     is the goddess of the night magicks, the red magick of Vamamarg
     sometimes referred to as the "left hand path". Hers is the force of
     re-creation which is so vital to the growth of the aspirant. IAO,
     Isis-creator, Apophis (Set, husband of Nepthys)-destroyer, and
     Osiris-re-creator. In Tantra, Kali is all three. She gives birth
     to Universe, devours it when all life has expended its energy,
     and re-creates it from the seeds of the old Universe. 
        It's uncertain whether there is enough Dark Matter to cause
     the collapse of Universe, but clearly if there is a chance, it is
     in this manifestation of the Dark Goddess. Her body is the body
     of matter that lies "between" known spaces and stars, her power
     is felt in the pull of matter itself, "Love is the law, love
     under will" is the axion of gravity where all particles seek to
     unite with all others. Her books are written in the night sky,
     her rites are the rites of ancient humans awed by the power of
     the Great Sleep, and equally awed by it's power of re-creation.
     If Kali/Nepthys manifests at the end of time, it will be as the
     mouths of numerous black holes, each larger one devouring the
     smaller, uniting in one undifferentiated monad of space-time,
     not only matter sucked in but the net of creation on which it
     resides as well. In the Dark Matter is the new creation.       


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