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             This seems like a fairly good time of year to be talking
     about divination.  What is it, why do we do it, and what's in it
     for us?  Lots of people think it's a way of avoiding
     responsibility - if the future is preordained, we might as well
     go back to bed.

             Of course, that's not it at all.  Divination is the use of
     any one of several methods to obtain information which is not
     directly accessible to the conscious mind of the person asking
     the question.  Whether you use cards, crystals, a pendulum, ink,
     lead, dice, the flight of birds or anything else, what you are
     really doing is opening your end of a channel to higher wisdom. 
     I consider the "actual" source of that wisdom irrelevant and
     immaterial; it could be one's own subconscious, the collective
     unconscious, the Gods' will, telepathic insight, or a big
     computer buried in the Balkans.  It's still additional
     information which is not as tainted by ego and intellect's
     limitations as most.

             So what do we do with it?  The same things we do with any
     other information; add it to what we already know and develop a
     synthesis that can help us do our decision-making.  The easiest
     way to analyze the process is with a concrete (well, maybe jello)

             A young man has been between relationships for some time. 
     He wants very much to link up with the great love of his life,
     but is not aware of anyone on the horizon.  He is putting himself
     in a position to meet new people, presenting himself as
     attractively as he can, and generally taking care of business,
     but no results.  He has to decide whether to take a work-related
     course at night or not.  It will take a lot of time and there are
     not likely to be any women attending.  His progressed horoscope
     is neutral.  He gets his cards read.  They say:
     1.Nothing at all about love, but a lot about skilled craftsman-
     ship and satisfaction through work.  He decides to relax and wait
     for a better time, takes the course, and is rewarded with a
     modest promotion which enhances his satisfaction with his job.

     2.A lot about increasing social activities, leading to the start
     of a new romance, leading to great happiness and satisfaction
     after some difficulties are resolved.  He does not take the
     course, and meets a really nice interesting lady at a party given
     by a friend (which he couldn't have attended had he taken the


     3.That he is overlooking sources of emotional gratification in
     his current situation.  Given the information, he starts looking
     around and discovers that one of his quieter friends is a really
     thoughtful and insightful person who helps him learn to know
     himself better, and that a young cousin needs a mentor and this
     relationship gives him a lot of pleasure and fulfillment.  He
     begins to feel much more ready for a good relationship, and much
     less impatient to have one start.

             These examples illustrate the point made above; divination
     provides you with choices, and you take the consequences, no
     matter what the oracles say.  Treat them with respect, not
     adoration or blind compliance, and may they always show you the

     Blessed Be,
     The Spinster Aunt  ...from RMPJ 12/86


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