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                                Dealing with psychic attack 
                                      Zhahai Stewart

     What to do if you think you are being attacked. 
      1 - Question if it is really either imagination, or coming from within
     yourself.  Something may be trying to get your attention, but it may not be
     external, and by focussing on an external "enemy" you may be missing the
      2 - Check to see if you are yourself inadvertently sending something out;
     maybe someone is just reflecting some energy back!  Nothing is gained if you
     get into adversarial mode in that case.  Many people have been taught that
     reflecting is the proper response. 
      3 - Put up a grounding shield.  Ground it out, send it to the Mother who
     can recycle the energy.  Grounding is usually taught to every student. If you
     don't feel you can be a "conduit" safely, ground it by reflecting  it
     downward to the Earth; that is a big target and easy to hit.  By  grounding
     it out, you are protecting yourself, yet not being caught up in it. 
      What not to do. 
      1 - Figure out who is sending it and counter attack.  You might be wrong,
     and may be starting a feud.  You might be right, but they may not realize
     that they are "sending" so you may start a feud or cause unnecessary harm.
     Even if you are right, you are escalating a feud, of which we have too many.
     This is commonly discussed as a bad idea. 
      2 - Put up a reflective shield which will return the energy to the sender.
     This is commonly discussed as a good idea, but we disagree.  We think this is
      For one thing, it is not necessary; if you can make an accurate return
     reflection, you can certainly reflect it to Earth instead (where it can be
     recycled).  There is no reason you should not be able to ground out more
     energy than you can accurately reflect to the sender, if viewed properly. 
      For another, your accuracy in returning it may be less than perfect.  You
     might hit close but not close enough; if you can't reflect it to earth, you
     are going to have trouble reflecting it to an unknown person. 
      Sometimes this is discussed as if once you return it, the sender will just
     stop; because they will awaken to what they are doing, or because the
     returning energy will be too much to handle. The thing which is seldom
     mentioned is that if the sender (assuming there is one) was consciously
     attacking, they will likely already be prepared with their own mirrors, etc. 
     Great, if we put near perfect mirrors at each end and pump in energy, maybe
     we can get a psychic laser effect; guess who is just on the other side of the
     mirrors to catch the intensified leakthru? 


      If they weren't aware of sending, they will probably just assume they are 
     being attacked and take countermeasures.  If they follow the 3 steps above,
     fine, nothing is damaged.  But many of them will immediately think they  have
     to put up a defensive mirror, or maybe worse (see below; they may decide to
     teach you a lesson for attacking them).  Few people naturally respond to
     perceived attacks positively (especially if they are in such a bad mood
     already as to be sending without even realizing it). 
      Another serious concern is getting drawn into a unacknowledged feud by your
      own weaknesses.  It is often agreed that one should reflect back exactly
     what is received, without adding anything of one's own.  But the same people
     who advocate that may use terms implying "returning it with enthusiasm".
     There appears to be an easily tapped source of self-righteousness in most
     people feeling attacked, and it is _very hard_ not to get drawn into
     imagining, at some level, the satisfying effects of the energy going back to
     the attacker; that draws one into a "counter-attack" even without realizing
     it.  Grounding it does not. 
      Watch for yourself when people are discussing "returning to sender"; see if
     there isn't very often a hidden desire for revenge or retribution lurking
     there grasping for their "control panel" - and deflecting their normal
     attempts at staying centered by claiming to do no more than is "justified".
     Justified is not the question; self knowledge and balance are. 
      There is another thread which shows up often in discussions like these; the
     need to "teach the sender a lesson".  In some cases, I have even heard this
     justified as "protecting the community".  This way lies many... ....PRINT D did
     the goddess give you an "agent of threefold return" marshall's badge, that
     exempts you from any consequences "because you are just an agent"?  That 
     hubris is gonna teach some hard lessons, but the self appointed marshall may
     be the major recipient.  It would be a little bit healthier to just shed the 
     self-righteousness and call it an ego driven feud.  "Teaching them a lesson"
     gets filed under the pitfalls of righteousness, the ways that one's own 
     weaknesses seduce one. 
      Also consider, what if despite your initial impression, the negative energy
     is really coming from inside, from part of you?  Are you going to be better
     off "reflecting it back" (maybe with additional conscious or  unconscious
     oomph) or grounding it?  "Gee, I returned it but good, and now  they have
     stepped it up; the sender really needs a lesson!".  That may be more true
     than you know, bucko. 
      Notice that nowhere do we say that one has no "right" to put up a
     reflective shield; of course one does, and is fully justified.  Also,
     possibly, unwise. There is a distinction between what one has a "right" to do
     in "self defense", and what is wise to get drawn into.  Reflecting it is
     neither necessary, nor likely to produce positive results, but if _that
     itself_ is the lesson to  be learned, what can I say?  Each chooses their own
     path, and that is as it should be.  At least if one has considered the above,
     one should know what they are stepping into. 


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