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                                  CHURCH OF ALL WORLDS 
                                       BOX 1542 
                                     Ukiah, CA  95482 
              Duplicate Membership Application (as presented in GREEN EGG Oimlec
          1989) Distributed Electronically to  the Pagan Community by  the Pagan
          Information Network in the general interest of all. 
              In dedication tothe celebration of life in itsmany forms, I hereby
          declare my  commitment to a way  of life that is  ethical, benevolent,
          humanistic,  life-affirming,  ecstatic  and   ecologically  sane.    I
          subscribe  to   means  and  methods  that  are  creative  rather  than
          destructive, tolerant rather  than authoritarian,  gentle rather  than
          violent,  inclusive  rather  than  exclusive.    I  pledge  myself  to
          harmonious  eco-psychic awareness  with  the total  biosphere of  holy
          Mother Earth. 
          Like a redwood  tree, I would have  my roots deep in the  Earth and my
          branches reaching for the stars. 
          I acknowledge  my personal  responsibility for  myself,  to my  fellow
          humans,  and  to the  whole  of  Nature; and  I  recognize  this total
          responsibility,  in each of us, as  the source of our infinite freedom
          to become who we are and do what we will.  I dedicate myself to my own
          inner  growth and  development that  I may  be  of greater  service to
          myself  and  the  world around  me.    For these  reasons  I recognize
          Divinity both  within and without,  and I say  to myself and  others :
          I wish  to unite with  others upon a  spiritual path that  encompasses
          both the  Heaven's and  the Earth,  and all  the  worlds between,  and
          hereby make  application to join the  membership of the Church  of All
          Worlds, in order that we may  learn together and teach each other ways
          to bring about these ends. 
          I  understand that this association  does not require  the severing of
          any other religious ties. 
          D   a   t   e   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _
          I enclose $_______ as a contribution to  help carry on the work of the
          (Annual membership dues are  $25 for individuals, $20 each  for family
          members  at one  address.) (The Church  of All  Worlds is  a state and
          federally tax-exempt 501(c)(3) religious organization.   All donations
          are tax-deductible.) 
          Reviewed        and       approved        by______________________this

                         Last amended June 11, 1989  --  Page NEXTRECORD 


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