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                                       Weaving Webs 
                                      by David Rankine

          The Mantra Web is a very simple and effective technique for using
          sonics in a group. Choose a mantra with a number of syllables
          corresponding to the numbers of operators, eg. IAO for 3 people. The
          operators should link hands, left palm up and right palm down, and
          slowly start to circle clockwise, each vibrating their syllable. As
          this is done the operators should each project a thread of light
          from their Solar Plexus (Manipura chakra) to a central focal point.
          The color(s) of the threads of light should be determined before
          the operation according to its purpose and the current beliefs of
          the operators. As the speed and resonance of the mantra is built up
          over a period of time, so the web is empowered, until a climax is
          reached and the web energy directed by a pre-specified operator to
          its purpose. This is just a sketchy outline of the technique, which
          obviously can be used for much more than this. Some of the more
          common uses for this technique include healing (with the individual
          in the center at the focus, crystals would also boost the energy
          levels); sexual magick (with operator(s) in the center and, if
          possible, the climax timed accordingly); empowering sigils, and so

          If the operators vibrate their syllable alternately instead of
          together, the mantra will spin around the circle and have a
          positively disorienting effect on the operators.
          It is important that the operators visualize their thread of light
          continuously, and not just when vibrating their mantra syllable. I
          particularly recommend this technique for outdoor use, especially at
          suitably aspected power sites. However, if you are using a stone
          circle or any other site of magick, please do think about what
          aspects the site has, and preferably visit beforehand to achieve
          some rapport with the site.

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