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                                  WHAT ARE RUNES

         In  the  most mundane  sense, runes  are an  alphabet  much as  our own
     alphabet and others such  as the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets.   Each  rune
     represents a sound and was/is used to write words with.
       But that is in the most MUNDANE of senses.
       Runes were used long before the concept of writing was around.  Each rune
     is an archetype of a force.  People had concepts for such  things as Fire,
     Honour, Birth, and each of these concepts were  given names to make
     them easier for us to comprehend.  In this way,  runes are very similar to
     the Hebrew alphabet.  Each  'letter' not  only has a sound and  a name, but
     is a complete word with all  associated concepts.
        This similarity with Hebrew extends even farther.  Each hebrew word  is
     made of several Hebrew letters, therefore each Hebrew word is made  of
     several Hebrew words.  The initial letters of several words in a  sentence,
     or of the first letters of each sentence or paragraph may  be gathered to
     form a new  word that  is used to  help explain  and  expand  upon what  is
     already written.  The same can be done with  runes.
        Runes lend themselves readily to numerology.  The Runic alphabet is 
     properly shown as three rows  of eight letters.  Therefore each letter  can
     be identified by row:column number.  Additionally, each rune has  it's
     sequential number  identified by it's placement in the alphabet.  Much like
     us numbering A as 1, B as 2, ... , and Z as 26.
        Each rune can be placed in position on a tree pattern much like the 
     traditional Qabbalah.  They may represent the different worlds or  paths of
     the tree and can be expanded and expounded upon as much as  the Qabbalah
     itself is.  In fact, Runic Qabbalah is quite intriguing  and does contain a
     life of study (as do all other facets of  Runework).
        Runes can be used for fortunetelling.  They can be drawn and placed  and
     read  much  like  tarot  cards.    The  can  be  cast  or  strewn  and  the
     relationship  of groupings, distance and  angles and patterns  formed  will
     tell the caster what he wishes to know.  
        Runes are also entities in and of themselves.  Much like the  angels,
     princes,  demons,  sylphs,  undines  and  watchtowers  of the    ceremonial
     magician.  Each rune can be invoked  or evoked and the  power harnessed  to
     work ones will to enlighten the intellect.  They are a fantastic meditation
     tool and will always increase ones  knowledge.
        Much as the primal elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit,  each
     rune also has it's part in the manifestation of all things  manifested. 
     Chaos, grass, people, sunlight, honour, dragons, hopes,  and sex are all
     replete with runes are could not ever exist without  the runic force that
     creates, shapes, releases, destroys and changes  them.
        I have equated runes to many other branches of esoteric, occult, 
     phsycological and intellectual pursuits.  This is in the hopes that  if you
     are already familiar or interested in one of these, you will  realize that
     runes  are already familiar to  you or that you  are  already interested in
     them and don't yet realize it.
        May you approach the Well of Wyrd and may your sip there only  increase
     your thirst.
                                         Lokrien @ The Sacred Grove
                                                   (206) 634-1980 (WA)

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