Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

In your reality you are the most powerful. 
There is no force which can attack you. 

During every day the strong attack the weak. There is no getting around this.

If you are the weak, there is ways to become strong.

Each day you start off with a shield that is too strong to attack.

The entities that attack you actually need your permission to attack.

If you follow the following steps you can keep your shield throughout the whole day.

The first one is the most important of all.

1. Do not talk about your personals things. Even when asked, reveal no information about yourself. Use general ways to describe a average life.
2. Keep your eyes high in the eye, not on the ground.
3. Be aware of others. Look around every so often. You will find it heightens your awareness and makes others aware that you are aware.
4. Keep your life clean. Your desk, where you live, and your car. This helps keep you focused and gives the bad people less to work with.
5. Try not to watch TV. It dulls the senses. TV will control how you think, act and live. It is Voluntary brain washing.
6. Try to give up any addictions. Not all at once either. Once you follow the other steps addictions will go away.
7. Try to meditate at lease one time a day.

The people that attack usually follow these same rules as it gives them more control. They will follow the first one without thought.
Do not give up your power. Every day you follow these rules you become more powerful. Your strength will return.

An important part of our practice is that we exercise restraint. If we don't have any restraint, we don't have any control over where our lives are going. 



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