Space is Not the Final Frontier!

I believe we all chose to be born in this physical world for a reason. Each of us came here to accomplish certain lessons or missions, and we created our physical bodies to help us accomplish those missions. Bodies are wonderful tools. Like a television set, they can be quite entertaining and we can learn a great deal by using them. But just like a television, it's good to spend some time away from it, just to give ourselves proper perspective of the "outside" world.

We are kept inside our body only because of psychological barriers: Our beliefs, expectations, desires, defense mechanisms and so forth. And with practice we can remove these psychological barriers. We don't need to spend all our time in the body. We can roam around "outside" occasionally, for fun and adventure. All we have to lose is limitation, dogma and fear. What we have to gain is a new frontier of consciousness.

Out-of-body experiences brought a depth and spirituality to my life that I might never have known. Every day I learn and grow. My consciousness is constantly expanding. Unlike most people, I no longer fear death.

I've heard it said that you can't fully appreciate something until it's gone. Perhaps out-of-body experiences can help us to appreciate the value of life.

The universe is ever-expanding, not only physically, but also in consciousness and depth of being. I invite you all to reach into the depths of being and touch the infinite!


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