What Astral Programmers Do in Their Sleep

Many books on out-of-body experiences, especially those of occult origin, say that we subconsciously leave our bodies and do "astral work" during sleep. The trouble is, they usually don't say what astral work is, except maybe helping people with their "final transition," Death.

My first OBE, with the split-consciousness, showed me that parts of the psyche can be very active during sleep. But I never considered myself an astral social worker by night. That is, until the morning of Tuesday, September 1, 1981, when I had my 46th OBE.

Sometime after midnight, I unexpectedly woke up out of my body. When I awoke, I was standing next to my bed, in the middle of my bedroom. I was a bit surprised, but before I could gather my wits about me, I was "put under" by my subconscious. It felt as if I were knocked out by a professional anesthesiologist.

A while later, I woke up out of my body a second time. Again, I was standing in the middle of my bedroom. This experience was also cut short when I was "put under" by my subconscious.

It seemed an hour or so passed. Then, just like my first OBE, I slowly started to become more conscious and I was aware of having multiple consciousness. My awareness increased until I was fully conscious, but this time my conscious self was an observer. I was allowed to watch with astral vision, but I wasn't in control. Another part of me was running the show, doing some very serious work, and knew all the tools of the trade. What I saw was astounding.

I was gliding slowly up from below, until I saw what looked like a human brain. I could sense the body it belonged to. Somehow, I knew it was my own body. The brain looked like about one hundred small spheres of light, grouped in the shape of a human brain. Each sphere had a different brightness. I noticed that four particular spheres were shining brighter than the rest, and I knew they had been cut off from the other spheres. Using my mind tools, I worked for about 10 minutes adjusting neural pathways, "rewiring," and manipulating energy. Then I recharged the four spheres with energy. Next, I programmed the brain so that it would use different neurological connections and make automatic adjustments! I was a psychic healer in my sleep!

Satisfied with my work, I left. I approached a second brain and followed the same process. I rewired, transferred energy, then programmed the brain to aid in the healing process. After I was finished with the second brain, I worked on a third and then a fourth.

The fifth brain was a much more difficult case. As I approached the brain, I could tell that it belonged to a forty- year-old woman with dark hair. Like the others, she had some physical problem and I sensed many damaged parts of her body.

I went through the same sort of procedure. I looked at the brain and saw many messed up spheres. I sensed that she had stopped using certain parts of her brain until she had lost the use of these spheres. I pulled myself very close to those spheres as if I were looking through a magnifying glass, and began to work. I worked for about an hour on her, "rewiring" and opening pathways. I transferred a lot of energy to her. My energy spread throughout her body, healing as much damage as possible. Then I spent a long time programming her brain to heal her body. As I left, her body and brain were both busy with the healing process.

As I approached a sixth brain, the observing part of my psyche began to gain more control. As this happened, I was poured like a liquid into my body. As I came to, I was in complete awe. I looked at my clock and saw it was 2:00am. I went over the experience several times in my mind so I would not forget. Then I drifted off toward sleep.

At once, I saw another brain. Then my subconscious realized that "I" was consciously tagging along again. It quickly went back to my body and I woke up again. I dozed off again and this time I was out cold. My subconscious didn't take me along this time. The next memory I have is of dreaming sometime later in the night.

This OBE taught me many things. It taught me that sleep is not "idle" or "wasted" time. It taught me the importance of helping people, and the importance of work. It was a humbling experience; It gave me a great reverence toward my higher self.

Some portion of our psyche leaves our bodies whether we like it or not, and devotes a great deal of time and energy to astral work. Perhaps sleep is necessary to our survival and sanity because we need this subconscious astral activity. It's up to us to choose whether to be conscious and learn from the experience, or to remain unaware.


Moving the Pinpoint of Consciousness

I've used this exercise to escape my body a few times. It can also induce other weird but harmless effects.

Close your eyes and spend a few minutes relaxing as completely as you can and clearing your mind of all worries and idle thoughts. Then spend a few minutes trying to decide where your consciousness is seated. Is your consciousness in the center of your head, or perhaps somewhere between the eyes? Wherever it is, visualize a tiny pinpoint of light at that point. You don't have to be exact about the location.

If you're not comfortable with where you have visualized the pinpoint of light, move it until you are comfortable with it. Spend a few minutes visualizing that pinpoint of light as clearly as you can. Try to shrink your awareness until you are only aware of your head. Then shrink your awareness even further, so that you can't feel anything except that pinpoint of light.

Next, visualize the point of light slowly moving down toward the base of the brain, where the cerebellum is. Move it about four inches down, then slowly move it back to its original position.

Repeat this visualization several times. This visualization can induce the vibrations and get you out of your body.

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