A Helping Hand

My third travel strategy, walking, was as unsuccessful as the first two strategies. The silver cord and other things kept me from my destinations, and I was very disappointed. Never-the-less, I wasn't ready to give up.

Then, during one of my longest OBEs, I got brave and tried another strategy. I reasoned that the residents of the OBE-world should be more-adept at traveling than I was. And since I wasn't having much success at traveling by myself, I decided to ask someone for help.

Until that time, I was content to explore on my own. I was afraid to contact "spirits" because I wasn't too sure of their power and what they could do to me when I was "out."

07/25/82 Sun - OBE #80

...I was completely out of my body....I opened my eyes. I seemed to be stuck to my physical body. I tried to use my arms to turn myself around and get away from the body. And although I felt I was turning, my eyes told me I wasn't moving at all. I looked carefully and I was still in the same position. It was like being dizzy--I seemed to sense motion (spinning) but I wasn't going anywhere. I thought about this for a little while. I thought for a minute about what I should do to get away from my body. Then I blacked out.

I came to in my physical body, totally conscious, but in a very good condition for projection. I decided to try again. I used the same swaying method to get out of my body again. I tried to push my midsection up and down until I felt a slight tingling of the vibrations, then I tried physically to do the same thing. I gathered momentum by swaying, and I was pulled by it out of my body.

I separated from my body, only to discover I was stuck to my body again. I thought about it some more. I figured that the only way I could move was to close my eyes and trust my feelings instead of my eyes.

I closed my eyes but immediately thought, "No! If I close my eyes I might fall asleep!" If I have been reading for an hour, and I close my eyes, I will usually fall asleep. I can tell how likely this is to happen to me. So although I had started to move, I decided to open my eyes, and I saw that I was again in the same place.

I thought of another way: if I could change my vision to purely astral vision I should be okay, I thought. So I lifted my arms out in front of me, and I tried to see clairvoyantly....I looked at my arms, not astrally, but clairvoyantly, as if trying to see a spirit from the physical world. My arms were transparent when I looked at them that way. They looked like transparent, dark black filmy shadows. I studied them for a while, then blacked out.

This time I woke up separate from my body, but inside it. I was surprised at that, and was very happy to still be out of the body. I seemed to be freer now than before. I walked over to the north wall of my bedroom after sitting up, without even noticing the physical things in my way--my stereo cabinet, and my computer terminal and cabinet. I planned to go outside through the wall and then fly to LD's house.

I bent forward and stuck my head through the wall. I was looking outside. It was lightly raining, but it was hardly noticeable. Every previous attempt at walking through that wall had not worked, so I tried something different--keeping my head outside, I jumped up in the air, and did a somersault through the wall, and landed outside on my feet. I was free!

I walked to the back yard. I was preparing to fly, but I wanted a clear flying path. The ash tree was once again in my way. I walked near it, and then I jumped up and flew to one of its limbs. I was perched on an ash tree limb. I saw the apple tree next door, and some other trees. I thought, "How stupid of me to try to go through the tree. There are just more trees. I could have just walked to our alley and taken off there." But now I was up in a tree! I looked down. It was a long fall. I was afraid of jumping from that height! I considered the possibility of flying to the apple tree. I was just about to try it, but then I blacked out once more.

I was unconscious for a little while--maybe 15 to 30 seconds. Then I woke up again. I was still out of my body! This one was not unlike the first two. I was curious about that clairvoyant vision again. I held up my arms again, and I studied them carefully with clairvoyant vision. I was able to alter my vision. I could change my vision so that I could totally see my astral hands as solid, not transparent, but I had to focus on them intently [to see them this way]. I experimented with that clairvoyant sight for a while, then I lost consciousness again.

I was unconscious again for a short time, and I woke up once more out of my body! I was free again, and I rejoiced! I went over to the north wall again. I bent over and did another somersault to get outside. I got a brilliant idea then: "I'll call for help from guides!"

No sooner had I done this when I felt the presence of a very advanced, great being. I couldn't see him, but I felt he had a very large aura. I figured that I couldn't see him because his vibrations were much higher than mine.

He called mentally and two of his spirit-friends came. These two friends, I felt, were less developed [than the master whose presence I felt]. They were servants of that powerful being. They weren't bound to him, but they always did what he asked, because serving him was their way to advance themselves spiritually. He told his friends exactly what to do. I didn't hear them exactly, but I could tell he instructed them to accompany me to LD's house.

The two friends were normal-looking spirits that were my own size. And I could see them all right. They were very friendly to me, and we became friends right away. These two spirits were average-looking men. One had brown hair, and the other had slightly lighter colored sandy brown hair. They were happy, and they were good friends. The "master" spirit left. Unfortunately I blacked out.

When I woke up again, I was still out-of-body. The three of us were walking East on Larpendeur Avenue, toward Snelling Avenue. The two friends were talking. I tried to memorize pieces of evidence that I could look for later, to prove the experience was "real," but I forgot them all....

After we walked for a little while, I suddenly felt a pain. I felt sick to my stomach and weak. I had to an urge to go back to my body. I didn't want to fight the feeling. I knew I had to get back to that body. I stopped them, and I said I was sorry, but I had to get back to my body. They were very understanding about the whole thing. One said, "Sure thing. Take it easy, okay?" So we exchanged our goodbyes.

I faced east and closed my eyes. There was no lapse of consciousness; I saw complete blackness for a little while. I woke up out of my body again! I got up and thought, "How strange! Why did we bother walking--why didn't we just fly [to LD's]? This time I should fly there. Walking is way too slow." I stood up, and this time I blacked out. I was unconscious for a while.

Then I started dreaming. I dreamed I was having an OBE, but it was very obviously a dream, and not a real OBE.


Imaginary Music

This exercise comes from a friend, JH. He used this exercise to leave his body:

First, get comfortable and relax as much as possible. Then choose a song you know very well. As vividly as you can, pretend the song is playing. Try to focus your complete attention on the music you are listening to in your imagination. Practice this until it seems as if the music is really playing. Again, try for as much realism as possible.

JH says when you can imagine the music clearly, the music can easily turn into the vibrations, and you can easily escape your body.

Some people are better at using their imaginations with sound rather than pictures. Try both and see which works best for you.

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