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 The Greater Key of Solomon 
 Including A Clear And Precise Exposition Of King
 Solomon’s Secret Pro cedure,
 Its Mysteries And Magic Rites,
 Original Plates, Seals, Charms And Talismans.
 Translated From Ancient Manuscripts
 In The British Museum, Lond on.
 By S. Liddell MacGr egor Mathe rs
 Emperor Norton Books
 Cincinnati, Ohio

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 Editor’s note.
 The text of this electronic edition oThf e Greater Key of Solomo wnas ta ken from
the American edition o19f 16 published by L.W. deL aurence. It substantially duplicates
that edition with the following exceptions:
• Several long, irrelevant interjections by deLaurence have been removed, as have 
 his self-promoting frontispiece and splash pages.
• The footnotes have been eliminated as contributing nothing of significance to the 
 meaning of the text. They consisted largely of pompous “admonishments” by 
 deLaurence, ad vertisements for his products, and opaque source notes.
• Where possible, illustrations have been moved close to the place where they are 
 referenced in the text. 
• The formatting has been changed to conform to modern conventions. 
 The scanned illustrations have been optimized for printing at 300 dpi; with some
combinat ions of c omputer mon itor and d river softwa re, t he onscreen i mages may
appear blocky or crude. 
 For the best reading e xperience, I recommend pr inting this document o n no n-
glossy paper tinted a light ecru or tan color.
 Benjamin Rowe 
 March 23, 1999 

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 Book One 
 Preface To Book One. 
The Key Of Solomo, san ve for a curtailed and incomplete copy published in France in 
the seventeenth centur y, has never yet been printed, but has for centuries remained in 
ma nuscrip t f orm i na ccessible to al l bu t the few fo rtun a te s cho la rs to wh om th e 
inmost recesses of the great libraries were open. 
 The fountain-head and storehouse of Q abalist iMcalagic, and the or igin of much 
of the Ceremonial Mag ic of Mediaeval times, tKehe y ha s been ever valued by Occult 
wr iters as a work of the highest authority ; and notably in our own day Eliphaz Levi 
has taken it for the model on which his celebr atDogmed e et Rituel de la Haute Magie
was based. It must be e vident to the initiated reader of Levi, tThehat K ey Of Solomon 
was his text book of st udy, an d at the e nd of t his volum e, I g ive a fr ag ment of a n 
ancient Hebrew Manuscript ofTh e Key of Solom,o ntranslated and pu blished in the 
Ph il osophie O ccu, aslte well as an Invoc ation call ed tQahe balis tic al I nvocat ion o f 
Solomon, which bears close analogy to one in the First Book, being constructed in the 
same manner on the scheme of the Sephiroth. 
 The histor y of the Hebrew origina l ofTh e Key of Solomo isn given in the Introduc- 
ti ons, bu t t her e i s ev er y reason to sup p os e t hat this h as been en t irely l ost , an d
Christian, the pupil of Levi, says as much in Hishist oire de la 
 I see no reason to do ubt the tradition w hich assigns the authorship oKef they to 
King Solomon , for among others Josephus, the Jewish historian, especially mentions 
the ma gical works attributed to that monarch; this is confirmed by many Eastern tra- 
ditions, and his magical skill is frequently mentioned by the Old Adepts. 
 There are, however, two works on Black M agic,Gr thie morium Verum, and the 
Clavicola di Salomone rido, whlta ich have been attributed to Solomon, and which have 
bee n in some cases especially mixed up with the present work; but which have noth- 
ing r eally t o d o therewi t h; they ar e ful l of evi l m ag ic, an d I can not ca ution t he 
practical student too strongly against them. 
 There is also another work callLedeg eme ton, or the Lesser Key of Solomon the King, 
which is f ull of s eals o f v ario us S pirit s, a nd is no t th e sa me a s th e present b ook ,
though extremely valua ble in its own department. 
 In editing this volume, I have om itted one or two experiments partaking largely 
of Black Magic, an d wh ich h ad ev idently been d er ived from the t wo Goe tic works 
mentio ne d a bove; I must fur ther c aut ion th e pra ct ic al work er against the u se o f 
blood; the prayer, the Pentacle, and the perfumes, or Temple Incense, rightly used, are 
sufficient as the former verges dangerously on the evil path. Let him who, in spite of 
the warnings of this volume, deter mines to wor k evil, be assured that evil w ill recoil 
on himself and that he will be struck by the reflex current. 
 This work is edited from several a ncient MSS . in th e Br itish Museum which all 
differ from each other in various points, some giving what is omitted by the others, 
but al l unfor tun ately agreeing in one thing, which is the ex ecrabl e mangling of the 
Hebrew words through the ignorance of the transcribers. But it is in the Pentacles that 
the Hebrew is worse, the letters being so v ilely scribbled as to be actually undecipher- 
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 The Key of Solomon 
able in s ome ins tances, and it has been part of my work for severa l years to correct 
and reinstate the proper Hebrew and Magical characters in the Pentacles. The student 
may the refore s afely rely o n their being now as ne arly correct in the ir present repro-
duction as it is possible for them to be. I have therefore, wherever I could, corrected 
the Hebrew of the Ma gical Names in the Conjurations and Pentacles and in th e few 
instances where it was n ot possible to do so, I have put them in the most usual form; 
carefully collating throughout one MS. with another. The Chapters are a little differ - 
ently class ed in t he v arious M SS., in some ins tances th e ma tter cont ained in th em 
being transposed, &c. I have added notes wherever necessary. 
 The MSS. from which this work is edited are: Add. M10SS,.8 62; Sloane MSS. 1307 
and 3091; Harleian MSS.39 81; King’s MSS28. 8; and Lansdowne M SS.120 2 and 1203;
seven codices in all. 
 Of all these 10,862 Add. MSS. is the oldest, its date being about the end of the six- 
teen t h centur y ;398 1 H a rlei an i s proba bly about t he mi ddle of t he seven teen th
century; the others of rather la ter date. 
 Add. MSS . 10,862 is wr itten in contracted Latin, and is hard to read, but it con- 
tains Chapters which are omitted in the others and also an important Introduction. It 
is more concise in i ts wording. Its title is short, being simpThley Key of S olomon, 
translated from the Hebrew language into the L. Anatin exa ct copy of the signature of 
the writer of this MS. is given in the figure below. 
 3981 Harleian MSS.;28 8 King’s MS S.; an30d 91 Sloane MSS., are similar, and con-
tain the same matter and nearly the same wording; but the latter MS. has many errors 
of tr anscrip tion. They are all in French. The Conjurations and wording of these are 
much fuller than in 10,862 Add. MSS. and120 2 La nsdowne MSS. The title iTsh e Key of
SOLOMON, King of the Hebrews, transl ated from the Hebrew Language into Italian by 
Abraham Colorno, by the order of his most Serene Highness of Ma ntua; and rece ntly put 
into French. The Pentacles are much better draw n, are in colored inks, and in the case 
of 3091 Sloane MSS., gold and silver are employed. 
 1307 Sloane MSS . is in Italian; its titl e Lisa Clavicola di Salomone Redotta et epi-
logata nella nostra materna lingua del dottissimo Gio Peccatr. It isi fxull of Black Magic,
and is a jumble of The Key Of Solomo pnroper, and the two Black Magic books before 
mentioned. The Pentacles are badly drawn. It, however, gives part of the Introduction 
to 10,682 Add. MSS., an d is the only other MS. w hich does, sav e the beg inning of 
another Italian version wh ich i s boun d up wit h the former M S., and bear s the title 
 1202 Lansdowne MSS. isT he True Keys Of King Solom, bony Armadel. It is beauti- 
f ully w ritten, w ith painted initi al l etters, and the Pent acles a re caref ully dr awn in
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 Book One 
colored inks . It is mo re concise i n style, but omits several Chapte rs. At the end are 
some short extracts from thGre imorium Verum with the Seals of evil spirits, which, as 
they do not belong tToh e Key Of Solomo pnroper, I have not given. For the evident 
classification of theKe y is in two books and no more. 
 120 3 L a ns do wne M S S. isT he Veri tab le Ke ys o f So lomo t rnanslat ed fr om the 
Hebrew into the Latin l anguage by the Rabbin Agogna zar. It is in French, exquisitely 
writt en in printin g lette rs, and th e Penta cles are c arefully dra wn in c olored inks . 
Though containing similar ma tter to the others, the arra ngement is utterly different; 
being all in one book, and not even divided into chapters. 
 The antiquity of t he Planetary Sigils is shown by the fact that, among the Gnostic 
Talis mans in the Br itish Museum, there is a ring of coppe r with t he Sigils of Venus, 
which are exactly the same as those given by the Mediaeval writers on Magic. 
 Where Psalms are referred to I have in all instances given the English and not the 
Hebrew numbering of them. 
 In some places I have substituted the word AZOTH for “Alpha and Omega,” e.g ., 
on the blade of the Knife with the Black Hilt, Figur62. I e may remark that the Magical 
Sword may, in many cases, be used instead of the Knife. 
 In conclusion I will only mention, for the benefit of non-Hebr aists, that Hebrew 
is w rit ten from right to left , an d that from the con son a ntal n a ture of the Hebrew 
Alphabet, it will require fewer letters than in Engl ish to express the same word. 
 The preface is si gned by L.W. deLaurence, but bel ieved to have been written by 
[The preface is signed by L.W. deLaurence, but believed to have been written by 
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 The Key of Solomon
From Add. MSS.1 0862, “ The Key of Solomon,” transla ted into Latin from the Hebrew
 Tr ea su re up , O m y s on Robo am ! t he w isd om o f m y wor ds, s eein g t hat I
Solomon , have received it from the Lord.
 Then answered Roboam, and said: How have I deserved to follow the example of
of my fat herSol omon i n such things, who hat h be en foun d worthy to receive the
knowledge of all living things through (the teaching of) an Angel of God?
 And Solomon said: Hear, O my son, and receive my sayings, and learn the won-
ders of God. For, on a cer tain night, when I laid me dow n to sleep, I called upon that
most holy Name of God, IAH, and prayed for the Ineffable Wisdom, and when I was
beginning to close mi ne eyes, the Angel of the Lord, even Homadiel, appeared unto
me, spake many things courteously unto me, and said: ListenSol O omon ! thy prayer
before the Most Hig h is not in v ain, and since thou hast asked neither f or long l ife,
nor for much riches, nor for the souls of thine enemies, but hast asked for thyself wis-
dom to perform justice. Thus saith the Lord: According to thy word have I given unto
thee a wise and understanding heart, so that before thee was none like unto thee, nor
ever shall arise. 
 And w hen I comprehende d the speech w hich was made u nto me, I understo od
that in me was the know ledge of all creatures, both things w hich are in the heavens
and things which are beneath the heavens; and I saw that all the writings and wisdom
of this present age were vain and futile, and that no man was perfect. And I composed
a certain work wh erei n I r ehearsed the secr et of secr ets, i n which I h ave preser ved
them hidden, and I have also therein concealed all secrets whatsoever of magica l arts
of any masters; any secret o r experiments , na mely, of these sciences which is in a ny
way worth being accomplished. Also I have written them in tKehiys,” “ so that like as a
key openet h a treasure-house, so tKehisy alone may open the knowledge and under-
standing of Magical ar ts and sciences.
 Therefore, O my son! thou mayest see ever y experiment of mine or of others, and
let everything be properly prepared for them, as thou shalt see properly set dow n by
me, bot h d ay an d hour, and al l things n ecessar y; for w ithout this there will be bu t
fa lsehood and vanity in th is my work; w herein are hidden all secrets and mysteries
which can be performed; and that which is (set down) concerning a single divination
or a s ingle experiment, that sa me I think concerning all things which are in the Uni-
verse, and which have been, and w hich shall be in future time.
 Ther efor e, O m y son Roboam, I co mman d thee b y t he b les sing wh ic h t hou
ex pectest from thy father, that thou sh all make an Ivor y Casket , a nd therein plac e,
keep, and hide this myKe “y”; and when I shall have passed away unto my fathers, I
entreat thee to place the same in my Sepulchre beside me, lest at another time it might
fall into the hands of the wicked. AndSo aslo mon commanded, so was it done.
 And when, therefore (men) had waited for a long time, there came u nto the Sep-
ulchre certain Ba bylonian Philosophers and when t hey ha d a ssembled th ey at once
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 Book One 
took counsel together that a certain number of men should renew the Sepulchre i n his 
(Sol omon’s) h onour; an d wh en the S ep ulchre w as d ug out an d repaired the Ivor y 
Casket was discovered, and therein was the Key of S ecrets, which they took with joyful 
min d. An d w hen t hey h ad op ened i t n one am on g t hem coul d un d erstand i t i n 
account of the obscur ity of the words and their Occult arrangement, and the hidden 
char act er of t he se n se an d kn owledge, for t hey w ere n ot wo r thy t o poss ess t his 
 Then, therefore, arose one among them, more worthy (than the others), both in 
the sight of the gods, and by reason of his age, who was caIohé Glledr evis, and said 
unto the others: Unless we shall come and ask the interpretation from the Lord, with 
tears and entreaties, we shall never arrive at the knowledge of it. 
 Therefore, when each of them had retired to his bedIohé , i ndeed falling upon his 
face on the earth, began to weep, and striking his breast, said: 
 What have I deserved (above others), seeing tha t so many men can neither under- 
stand nor interpret this knowledge, even though there were no secret thing in nature 
which the Lord hath hidden from me! Wherefore are these words so obscure? Where- 
fore am I so i gnorant? 
 And then on his bended knees, stretching his hands to Heaven, he said: 
 O God, the Creator of all, Thou Who knowest all things, who gavest so great Wis- 
dom unto Solomon The Son Of David The King ; grant unto me, I beseech Thee, O 
Holy Omnipotent and Ineffable Father, to receive the virtue of that wisdom, so that I 
may b ecome wort hy by Thine aid to attain unto the unde rstanding o f this Key Of 
Secret s. 
 And immediately there appeared unto me, the Angel the Lord, saying: 
 Do thou remember i f the secrets oSof lomon appear hidden and obscure unto 
thee, that the Lord hath wished it, so that such wisdom may not fall into the hands of 
wicked men; wheref ore do, th ou promise unto me, that thou ar t not willing tha t so 
great wisdom should ev er come to any living creature, and that wh ich thou revealest 
unto any let them know that they must keep it unto themselves, otherwise the secrets 
are profaned and no effect can follow? 
 And Iohé an swered: I promise unto thee that to none will I reveal (them) , save to 
the honour of the Lord, and with much d iscipline, unto penitent, secret , and faithful 
(persons) . 
 Then answ er ed the A ngel: Go an d read thKee “y,” a nd its wor ds w hic h wer e 
obscure throughout shall be manifest unto thee. 
 And after this the Angel ascended into Heaven in a Flame of Fire. 
 Then Iohé was g lad, and labouring with a clear mind, understood that which the 
Angel of the Lord had said, and he saw tThhate Key Of Solomo wasn changed, so that
it a ppeared q uite clear unto him plainly in all par ts . AIonhd é understood tha t this 
Work might fall into the hands of the ignorant, and he said: I conjure him into whose 
hands this secret may come, by the Power of the Creator, and His Wisdom, that in all 
th in gs h e may, desire, intend and perf orm, th at th is Treasure may come u nto no 
unworthy (per son) , nor may h e man ifest i t unto any wh o is unwise, n or unto one 
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 The Key of Solomon
who fear et h not God . Because i f he act other wise I p ray God that h e may n ever be
wo rt hy to at ta in u nto t he de sire d e ffect . And so h e de p osite d thKeey,” “ w hic h
Solomon preserved, in the Ivory Casket. But the Words of tKehe “y” are as follow s,
divided into Two Books, and shown in order.
From Lansdowne MSS.12 03, “The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon,” translated from th e
Hebrew into the La tin by the Rabbi Abognazar.
 O my Son Roboam s!eeing that of all Sciences there is none more usefu l than the
knowledge o f Celestial Movements, I h ave th ought it my duty, being at the point of
deat h, to leave thee an i nheritance mor e precious t han al l the r iches wh ich I have
enjoyed. And i n order that thou m ayest understand how I have arrived at this degree
(of wisdom), it is necessar y to tell th ee that one day, when I was meditating upon the
power of the Supreme Being, the Angel of the great God appeared before me as I was
saying, O how wonder ful are the wor k s of God! I sud den ly beh eld, at the en d of a
thickly-shaded vista of trees, a Light in the form of a blazing Star, which said unto me
with a voice of thundeSor lomon, Solomon, be not dismayed; the Lord is willing to
satisfy thy desire by giving thee knowledge of whatsoever thing is most pleasant unto
thee. I or der thee t o ask of H im w hat soever thou d esirest. Whereup on, recovering
from my surprise, I answered unto the Angel, that according to the Will of the Lord, I
only desi red the Gift of wisdom, and by the Grace of God I obtained in ad dition the
enjoyment of all the Celestial treasures and the knowledge of all natural things.
 It is by this means, my Son, that I p ossess all the virtues and riches of which thou
now seest me in the enjoyment, and in order that thou mayest be willing to be at ten-
tive to all which I am about to relate to thee, and that thou mayest retain with care all
that I am about to tell thee, I assur e thee that the Gr aces of the Great G od will be
fa miliar un to thee, a nd that the Celestial and Terrest rial Creatures will be obed ient
unto th ee, a nd a s cie nce w hic h o nly works b y th e strength a nd p ower of na tu ral
things, and by the pure Angels which govern them. Of which latter I will give thee the
names i n order, thei r exercises an d particular emp loyments t o wh ich they are des-
tined, together with the days over which the y pa rticularly preside, in order tha t thou
mayest arrive at the accomplishment of all, which thou wilt find in t his my Testament.
In al l wh ich I p romi se thee success, p rovided t hat al l thy wo rks o nly tend unto the
honour of God, w ho hath given me the p ower to rule, not only over Ter restrial but
also over Celestial things, that is to say, over the Angels, of whom I am able to dispose
according to my will, and to obtain from them very considerable services.
 Firstly. It is ne cessar y for thee to understand that God, having made all th ings, in
order that they may be submitted unto Him, hath wished to bring His wor ks to per-
fection, by making one which participates of the Di vine and of the Terrestrial, that is
to say, Man; whose body is gross and terrestrial, while his soul is spiritual and celestial,
unto whom He hath made subject the whole earth and its inhabitants, and hath given
unto Him means by which He may render the Angels familiar, as I call those Celestial
creatures who are destined: some to regulate the motion of the Stars, others to inhabit
the Elements, others to aid a nd d irect men, and others again to sing continually the
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 Book One 
 praises of the Lord. Thou mayest then, by the use of their Seals and Characters, render 
 them familiar unto thee, provided that thou abusest not this privile ge by demanding 
 from them things which are contra ry to their nature; for accursed be he who w ill take 
 the Name of God in vain, and w ho will employ for evil purposes the knowledge and 
 good wherew ith He hath enriched us. 
 I command thee, my Son, to carefully engrave in thy memory all that I say unto 
 thee, i n order that it may never leave thee. If thou dost not intend to us e for a good 
 purpose the secret s which I here teach thee, l command thee rather to cast this Testa- 
 ment into the fire, than to abuse the power thou wilt have of constraining the Spirits, 
 for I war n thee that the ben efi ci al an gels, wear ied an d fat i gued b y t hine i llici t 
 demands, would to thy sorrow execute the commands of God, as well as to that of all 
 such wh o, wi th evil i nten t , woul d a buse t hos e secr et s wh ich H e h at h gi ven and 
 revealed unto me. Think not, however, O my, Son, that it would not be permitted thee 
 to profit by the good fortune and h appiness which th e Divine Spirits can bring thee; 
 on the contrary, it gives them great pleasure to render service to Man for whom many 
 of these Spirits have great lik ing and affinity, God having destined them for the pres- 
 ervat ion and guidance of those Terrestrial things which are submitted to the power of 
 There are different kinds of Spirits, accordin g to the things over which th ey pre- 
 side, some of them govern the Empyrean Heaven, others the Primum Mobilé, others 
 the First and Second Crystalline, others the Starry Heaven; there are also Spirits of the 
 Heaven of Saturn, which I call Saturnites. There are Jovial, Martia l, S ola r, Venerean, 
 Mercurial, and Lunar Spirits; there are also (Spirits) in the Elements as well as in the 
 Heavens, there a re some i n the Fier y Region, others in the Ai r, ot hers in the Water, 
 and others upon the Earth, which can all render service to that man who learns their 
 nature, a nd knows how to attract them. 
 Furthermore, I wish to make thee understand that God hath destined to each one 
 of us a Spir it, w hich watches over u s an d takes car e of o ur preser vat ion; these are 
 called Genii, who are elementar y like us, and who are more ready to render service to 
 those whose temperament is conformed to the Element which these Genii inhabit; for 
 example, shouldest thou be of a fier y temperament, that is to say sanguine, thy genius 
laecipe se arerh, tsihs tedise. Bwould be fi er y and sub mitted to the E mpire of B aël 
 times r eser ved fo r the invocat ion of these Spirits, in the days an d h our s when they 
 have power and absolute empire. It is for this reason that thou wilt see in the follow- 
 ing tables to what Planet and to what Angel each Day a nd Hour is submitted, together 
,alir with the Col ours which belong unto them, the Metals, Herbs, Plants, Aquatic, Aë 
 and Terrestr ial Animals, and Temple Incense, which are proper to ea ch of them, as 
 also in what quar ter of the Universe t hey ask to be invoked. Neither are o mitted, the 
 Conjurations, Seals, Characters, and Divine Letters, which belong to them, by means 
 of which we receive the power to sympathize with these Spirits. 
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 The Key of Solomon 
 Table 1: Table of the Planetary Hours 
 Hours Hours 
 from from 
Sun. Mon. Tues. Wed. Sunset to Mid- Thurs. Fri. Sat.
 Sunset night to 
Merc. Jup. Ven. Sat. 8 1 Sun. Moon. Mars.
Moon. Mars. Mer. Jup. 9 2 Ven. Sat. Sun.
Sat. Sun. Moon. Mars. 10 3 Mer. Jup. Ven.
Jup. Ven. Sat. Sun 11 4 Moon. Mars. Mer.
Mars. Mer. Jup. Ven. 12 5 Sat. Sun. Moon.
Sun. Moon. Mars Mer. 1 6 Jup. Ven. Sat.
Ve n. Sat. Sun. Moon. 2 7 Mars. Mer. Jup.
Mer. Jup. Ven. Sat. 3 8 Sun. Moon. Mars.
Moon. Mars. Mer. Jup. 4 9 Ven. Sat. Sun.
Sat. Sun. Moon. Mars. 5 10 Mer. Jup. Ven.
Jup. Ven. Sat. Sun. 6 11 Moon. Mars. Mer.
Mars. Mer. Jup. Ven. 7 12 Sat. Sun. Moon.
Sun. Moon. Mars. Mer. 8 1 Jup. Ve n. Sat.
Ve n. Sat. Sun. Moon. 9 2 Mars. Mer. Jup.
Mer. Jup. Ven. Sat. 10 3 Sun. Moon. Mars.
Moon. Mars. Mer. Jup. 11 4 Ven. Sat. Sun.
Sat. Sun. Moon. Mars. 12 5 Mer. Jup. Ven.
Jup. Ven. Sat. Sun. 1 6 Moon. Mars. Mer.
Mars. Mer. Jup. Ven. 2 7 Sat. Sun. Moon.
Sun. Moon. Mars. Mer. 3 8 Jup. Ve n. Sat.
Ve n. Sat. Sun. Moon. 4 9 Mars. Mer. Jup.
Mer. Jup. Ven. Sat. 5 10 Sun. Moon. Mars.
Moon. Mars. Mer. Jup. 6 11 Ven. Sat. Sun.
Sat. Sun. Moon. Mars. 7 12 Mer. Jup. Ven.
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 Book One 
 Table 2: Table of the Magical Names of the Hours, and of the Angels who rule 
them, commencing at the first hour after Midnight of each day, and ending at the 
 ensuing midnight. 
 Hours. Sunday. Monday. Tuesda. Wednes. Thursd. Friday. Saturd.
 1. Yayn Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael
 2. Yanor Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael
 3. Nasnia Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael
 4. Salla Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabrie l Zamae l Raphael
 5. Sadedali Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael
 6. Thamur Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel
 7. Ourer Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel
 8. Thainé Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zama el
 9. Neron Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael
 10. Yayon Cassiel M ichael Gabriel Zama el R aphael Sachiel Anael
 11. Abai. Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zama el Raphael
 12. N atha- Rap hael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael
 1. Beron Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anae l Cassiel
 2. Barol Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael R aphael Sachiel
 3. Thanu Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael
 4. Athor Gabriel Zamael R aphael Sac hiel Anael Cassiel M ichael
 5. Mathon Cassiel Michae l Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael
 6. Rana Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael
 7. Netos Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel
 8. Tafrac Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassie l
 9. Sassur Anael Cassie l Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel
 10. Agla. Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael
 11. Ceä rra Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael Cassiel Michael
 12. S alam Cassiel Michael Gabriel Zamael Raphael Sachiel Anael
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 The Key of Solomon 
Table 3: Table of the Archangels, Angels, Metals, Days of the Week, and Colours 
 attributed to each Planet. 
 Archangel Tzaphquiel Tzadiqel Khamael R aphael Haniel Michael Gabriel
 Angel Cassiel Sachiel Zamael Michael Anael Raphael Gabriel
 Planet Saturn Jupiter Mars Sun Venus Mercur y Moon
 Metal Lead Tin Iron Gold Copper Mercury Silver
 Colour Black Blue Red Yellow Gree n Purple White
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 Book One 
From Lans downe MSS.12 03, “The Veritable Clavicles of Solomon,” Translated from the 
Hebrew into the La tin language by the Rabbi Abognazar. 
 Every on e knoweth in the p resen t day that fr om t ime immem oSolriaol mon 
possessed knowledge inspired by the wise teachings of an angel, to which he appeared 
s o s ubmis s iv e a nd o bedie nt, th a t in a dditio n t o th e g i f t of w is dom, w hic h h e
demanded, he obtained with profusion all the other virtues; which happened in order 
that kn ow ledge worthy o f eternal preser vation might not be b uried with hi s bo dy. 
Being, so to speak, near his end, he left to his son Roboam a Testament which should 
contain all (the Wisdom) he had possessed prior to his death. The Rabbins, who were 
careful to cultivate (the same knowledge) after hi m, calle d this TestamTheen Ct lavi- 
cle, or Key of Solom, whon ich they ca used to be en gra ved on (piece s of) the bar k of 
trees, while the Pentacles were inscribed in Hebrew letters on plates of copper, so that 
they might be carefully preserved in the Temple which that wise king had caused to be 
 This Testamen t wa s in ancient time tr anslated fr om the Hebrew i nto the L a tin 
language by Rabbi Abognazar, who transported it with him into the town of Arles in 
Provence, where by a notable piece of good fortune the ancient Hebrew Clavicle, that 
is to say, this precious translation of i t, fell i nto the hands of the Archbishop of Arles, 
after the destruction of the Jews in that cit y; who, from the Latin, translated it into the 
vulgar tongue, in the same terms which here follow, without having either changed or 
augmented the original translation from the Hebrew. 
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 The Key of Solomon
 Chapter I
 Concerning The Divine Love Which Precedes the Acquisition 
 of This Knowledge
Solomon, The Son Of David, King Of Israel , hath said that the beginn ing of o ur
Key is to fear God, to adore Him, to honour Him with con trition of heart, to invoke
Him in all matters which we wish to undertake, and to operate with very great devo-
tion, for thu s God w ill lead us in the r ight way. When, th erefore, thou shalt wish to
acquire the knowledge of Magical Arts and Sciences, it is necessary to have prepared
the order of hours an d of days, and of the position of the Moon, without the opera-
tion of which t hou can st ef fect nothing; but i f thou ob ser vest them w ith d iligence
thou mayest easily an d thoroughly arrive at the effect and end which thou desirest to
Page 12 

--------------------------------------- 15

 Book One 
 Chapter II 
 Of The Days, And Hours, And Of The Virtues Of The Planets 
When thou w ishest to make any e xperiment or oper ation, thou must first prepa re, 
beforehand, all th e requis ite s, such as candl es a nd Incens e, w hic h thou w ilt find 
descr ibed i n the fol lowing Chap ters: obser ving t he days, the h ours, an d the ot her 
effects of the Constellations which may be found in this Chapter. 
 It is, t herefore, ad vi sable to know t hat the hours of the d ay and of t he night 
toget her, ar e twen ty-four in number, and that each hour is governed b y one of the 
Seven Planets in regular order, commencing at the hig hest and descending to the low- 
est . The order of t he Pl anets i s as fol lows: ShBThAI , Shabbat hai, Sat ur n; ben eath 
Saturn is TzDQ, Tzedeq, Jupiter; beneath JupiterMA is DIM , Madim, Mars; beneath 
Mars is ShMSh , Shemesh, the Sun; beneath the SunNV is GH, Nogah, Venus; beneath 
Venus isKV KB, Kokav, Mercury; and beneath MercuryLB is NH, Levanah, the Moon, 
which is the lowest of all the Planet s. 
 It must, therefore, b e understood that the Pl anet s h ave their d ominion o ver the 
day wh ich approacheth nearest unto the name which i s given and attr ibuted unto 
them – viz., over Saturday, Saturn; Thursday, Jupiter; Tuesday, Mars; Sunday, the Sun; 
Friday, Venus; Wednesday, Mercur y: and Monday, the Moon. 
 The rule of the Planets over each hour begins from the dawn at the rising of the 
Sun on the day which take its name from such Planet, and the Planet which follows it 
in order, succeeds to the rule over the next hour. Thus (on Saturday) Saturn rules the 
first hour, Jupiter the second, Mars the third, the Sun the fourth, Venus the fifth, Mer- 
cury the s ixth, the Moon the seventh, and S aturn returns in the rule over the eighth, 
and the others in their turn, the Planets always keeping the same relative order. 
 Note tha t each experiment of magical operation should be performed under the 
Planet, and usually in the hour, which refers to the same. For example: 
 In the Days and Hours of Saturn thou c anst perform experiments to summon the 
Souls from Hades, but only of those who have died a natural death. Similarly on these 
days and hours thou canst operate to bring either good or bad fortune to buildings; to 
have familiar Spirits attend thee in sleep; to cause good or ill success to business, pos- 
sessions, goods, seeds, fruits, and similar things, in order to acquire learning; to bring 
destruction and to give death, and t o sow hatred and discord. 
 The Da ys a nd Hour s o f J upit er ar e pro per f or o bta ining h ono urs, a cquir ing 
riches; contracting friendships, preserving health; and arriving at all that thou canst 
 In the Days and Hours of Mars thou cans t make exper iments regarding war ; to 
arrive at milita ry hono ur; to a cquire courage; to overthrow e nemie s; and further to 
cause ruin, slaughter, cruelty, discord; to wound and to give death. 
 The Days and Hours of the Sun are very good for: perfecting experiments regard- 
ing temporal wealth, hope, gain, fortune, divination, the favour of princes, to dissolve 
hostile feeling, and to make friends. 
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--------------------------------------- 16

 The Key of Solomon
 The Days and Hours of Venus are good for forming friendships; for kindness and
love; for joyous and pleasant undertakings, and for travelling.
 The Days and Hours of Mercur y are g ood to oper ate fo r eloquen ce and i ntelli-
gence; promptitude in b usiness; s cience and div ination; wonde rs; appa ritions: and
answers r egarding the Future. Thou can st also o per ate un der this Planet for thefts;
writings; deceit; and merchandise. 
 The Days and Hours of the Moon are good for embassies; voyages; envoys; mes-
sages; navigation; reconciliation; love; and the acquisition of merchandise by water.
 Thou shouldst ta ke care punctu ally to observe all the instructions conta ined in
this chap ter, if thou des ires t to succeed, seeing tha t the truth o f Magical Scie nce
dependeth thereon. 
 The Hours of Sat urn, of Mars, and of the Moon are alike good for communicat-
ing a nd s peaking with Spirits; a s those of Mercury are for re cover ing thefts by the
means of Sp irits. 
 The Hours of Mars ser ve for summo ning Souls from Hades, especially of th ose
slain in battle. 
 The Hour s of t he Sun, of Jupiter, an d of Venus, ar e ad apted for prepar ing any
operat ions wh at soev er of love, o f k indness, a nd of i nvisibility, as is hereafter more
fully s hown, to which must be added other things of a similar nature which are con-
tained in our work. 
 The Hours of Saturn and Mars and also the days on which the Moon is conjunct
with them, or when she receives their opposition or quartile aspect, are exce llent for
making experiments of hatred, enmity, quarrel, and discord; and other operations of
the same kind which are given later o n in this work.
 The Hours of Mercur y are g ood for u ndertaking experiments relating to games,
raillery, jests, spor ts, and the like.
 The Hour s of the Sun, of Jupiter, an d of Venus, pa rticul arly on the days wh ich
they rule, are good for all extraordinary, uncommon, and unknown operations.
 The Hours of the Moon are p roper for making trial of experiments r elating to
recovery of stolen property, for obtaining nocturnal visions, for summoning Spirits in
sleep, and for preparing anything relating to Water.
 The Hours of Venus ar e fur ther more useful for lots, poison s, al l things of t he
nature of Venus, for preparing powders provocative of madness; and the like things.
 But in o rder to thoroughly e ffect the operations of this Ar t, thou shouldest per-
form them not only on the Hours but on the Days of the Planets as well, because then
the ex per iment w ill a lways succeed b etter, provided tho u obser vest the ru les laid
down later on, for if thou omittest one single condition thou wilt never arrive at the
accomplishment of the Art. 
 For those matters then which appertain unto the Moon, such as the Invocation of
Spirit, the Work s of Necromancy, and the recovery of stolen proper ty, it is necessary
that the Moon should be in a Terrestrial Sign, viz.: Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.
 For love, grace, and invisibilit y, the Moon should be in a Fier y Sign, viz.: Aries,
Leo, or Sagittarius. 
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--------------------------------------- 17

 Book One 
 For hat red, discord, and destruction, the Moon should be in a Watery Sign, viz.: 
Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces. 
 For exper iments of a peculiar nature, which cannot be classe d under any certain 
head, the Moon should be in an Airy Sign, viz.: Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. 
 But i f these thing s see m unto thee d ifficult to a ccom p lish, i t will su ffi ce t hee
merely to notice the Moon after her combustion, or conjunction with the Sun, espe- 
cially just when she quits his beams and appearet h visible. For then it is good to make 
all experiments for the construction and operation of any matter. That is why the time 
from the New unto the Full Moon is proper for performing any of the experiments of 
which we have spoken above. But in her de crease or wane it is g ood for War, Distur- 
bance, and D iscord. Likewise the per iod w hen sh e is a lmost d eprived o f l igh t, is 
proper for experiments of invisibility, and of Death. 
 But observe inviolably th at thou comme nce noth ing while the Moon is in c on- 
junction w ith the Sun, seeing that th is is e xtremely unfortunate, and th at thou wilt 
then be able t o effect nothing; but the Moon qui tt ing his beam s an d i ncreasing i n 
Light, thou canst perform all that thou desirest, observing nevertheless the directions 
in this Chapter. 
 Furthermor e, if thou wish est to converse w ith Spirits it should be esp ecially on 
the day of Mercury and in his hour, and let the Moon be in an Air y Sign, as well as the 
 Retire thou then unto a sec ret pla ce, where no one may be able to see thee or to 
hinder thee, before the completion of the experiment, whether thou shouldest wish to 
work by day or by night. But i f thou shouldest wish to work by night, perfect thy work 
on the succeeding night; if by day, seeing that the day beginneth with the rising of the 
Sun (per fect thy work on) the succeeding day. But the Hour of Inception is the Hour 
of Mercury. 
 Verily, since no experiments for converse with Spirits can be done without a Cir- 
cle being prepared , what soever experiments therefore thou wi shest to undertake for 
conversing with Spirits, therein thou must learn to construct a certain particular Cir- 
cle; tha t being done surround that Circle with the Circle of Art for better caution and 
 Page 15

--------------------------------------- 18

 The Key of Solomon
 Chapter III
 Concerning the Arts.
If thou w ishes t to succeed, it is necessar y to m ake the f ollowing Experiments and
Arts in the appropriate Days and Hours, with the requisite solemnities and ceremo-
nies contained and laid down in the f ollowing cha pters.
 Experiments, then, are of two kinds; the first is to make trial of wh at, as I have
said, can be easily per formed w ithout a Circle, and in th is c ase it is not necessary to
observ e anything but what th ou w ilt find in the proper Chapters . The second can in
no way be brought to perfection without the Circle; and in order to accomplish this
perfectly it is necessary to take note of all the preparations which the Master of the Art
and his Disciples must undertake before constructing the Circle.
 Before commencing operations b oth the Master and his Disciples must absta in
with great and thorough continence during the space of nine days from sensual plea-
sur es and from v ain an d fooli sh conver sation; as plainly ap pear eth in the Secon d
Book, Chapter 4. Six of the days having expired, he must recite frequently the Prayer
and Confession as will be told him; and on the Seventh Day, the Master being alone,
let him enter into a secret place, let him take off his clothes, and bathe himself from
head to foot in consecr ated and exorci se d wat er, saying devoutly and hum bly the
prayer, “O Lord Adonai,” etc., as it is written in the Second Book, Chapter 2.
 The Prayer being f inished, l et the Master quit th e water, and pu t upon his f lesh
raiment of white linen clean and unsoiled; and then let him go with his Disciples unto
a secret pla ce and comma nd them to str ip themselves naked; and they having taken
off their clothes, let him take exorcised wate r and pour it upon the ir heads so that it
flows down to thei r feet and ba thes them completely ; an d wh ile pouring this wa ter
upon them let the Master say: “Be ye regenerate, renewed, washed, and pure,” &c., as
in Book II., Chapter 3. 
 Which being done, the Disciples must clothe themselves, putting upon their flesh,
like their Master, raiment of white linen clean and unsoiled; and the three last days the
Master and his Disciples should fast, observing the solemnities and prayers marked in
Book II., Chapter 2. 
 Note that the three last days should be calm weather, without wind. and without
clouds rushing hither and thither over the face of t he sky. On the last day let the Mas-
ter g o w ith his D isc iples unto a secret founta in of ru nning water, or unto a flowing
stream, and there let each of them taking off his clothes, wash himself with due solem-
nity, as is rehearsed in Book II. And when they are clean and pure, let each put upon
him garments o f w hite l inen, pu re, and c lean, using th e pr ayers a nd c eremonie s
described in Book II. After which let the Master alone say the confession. The which
being finished, the Master in sign of penitence w ill Kiss the Disciples on the forehead,
and each of them will Kiss the other. Afterwards let the Master extend his hands over
the Disciples, and in sign of absolution, absolve and bless t hem; which being done he
Page 16 

--------------------------------------- 19

 Book One 
will distr ibute to each of his Disci ples t he Instruments necessar y for Magi cal Art , 
which he is to carry into the Circle. 
 The First Disciple will bear the Censer, the Perfumes and the Incense; the Second 
Disciple will bear the Book, Paper, Pens, Ink and any stinking or impure materials; the 
Third will carry the Knife and the Sickle of Magical Ar t, the Lantern, and the Candles; 
the Fourth, the Psalms, an d the rest of the In strumen ts; t he Fi ft h, the Cruci ble or 
Chafing-dish, and the Charcoal or Fuel; but it will be necessary for the Master himself 
to carry in his hand the Staff, and the Wand or Rod. The things necessary being thus 
dispos ed, the Master w ill go wi th h is D isciples unto the assi gned place, wh ich they 
have proposed to construct the Circle for the Magical Arts and experiments; repeating 
on the way the prayers and orations which thou wilt find in Book II. 
 When the Master shall have arrived at the place appointed, together with his Dis- 
ciples, he having lighted the flame of the fire, and having exorcised it af resh as is laid 
down in th e Second Book, shall light the Candle and pla ce it in th e Lantern, which 
one of the Disciples is to hold ever in his hand to light the Master at his work. Now the 
Master of the Art, ever y time that he shall have occasion for some particular purpose 
to speak w ith the Spirits, m ust endeavor to for m certain Circles w hich sha ll d iffer 
some what , and shall h ave som e par ticular refe rence to the particular ex periment 
under consideration. Now, in orde r to succeed in f orming such a Circle concerning 
Magical Art, for the greater assurance and eff icacy tho u shalt construct it in the f ol- 
lowing manner: 
 The Construction Of The Circle. 
 Take thou the Knife, the Sickle, or the Sword of Magical Art consecrated after the 
manne r a nd order w hich we shall deliver unto thee in the Second Book. With this 
Knife or with the Sickle of Art thou shalt describe, beyond the inner Circle which thou 
shalt have already formed, a Second Circle, encompassing the other at the distance of 
one foot therefrom and having the same centre. Within this space of a foot in breadth 
between the fi rst and the sec ond circumferentia l l ine, t hou sh alt trace towards t he 
Four Quar ters of the Ear th, the Sacred and Venerable Symbols of the holy letter Ta u. 
And between the first and the second Circle which thou shalt thyself have drawn with 
the I n str ument of M agi cal A r t, th ou sh alt m ak e four hexagon a l p entacl es, an d 
between these thou shalt write four terrible and tremendous Names of God, viz.: 
 Between the East and the South the Supreme Name IHVH, Tetragrammaton; 
 Betw een the S outh a nd the West the Es sentia l Tetra gra mmatic Na me AHI H, 
 Between the West and the North the Name of Power ALIVN, Elion; 
 And between the North and the East the Great Name ALH, Eloah; 
 Which Names are of supreme i mportance in the list of the Sep hiroth, and their 
Sovereign Equivalents. 
 Furthermore, thou shalt circumscribe about these Circles two Squares, the Angles 
of wh ich s hall be t urned towards t he F our Qua rt ers of the E a rth; an d the sp ace 
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 The Key of Solomon
between the Lines of the Ou ter an d Inner Square sh all be h alf-a-foo t. T he ex treme
Angles of the Outer Square shall be made the Centres of four Circles, the measure or
diameter of wh ich shall be one foot. All these are to be drawn with the Knife or conse-
crated Instrument of Art. And within these Four Circles thou must write these fo ur
Names of God the Most Holy One, in this order: 
 At the East, AL, El; 
 At the West, IH, Yah; 
 At the South, AGLA, Agla; 
 And at the North ADNI, Adonai. 
 Between the two Squares the Name Tetragrammaton is to be written in the same
way as is shown in the plate. (See Figur2.)e 
 While const ruct ing the Circle, the Master sh oul d recite the fol low ing Psalm s:
Psalm ii; Psalm liv; Psalm cxiii; Psalm lxvii; Psalm xlvii; Psalm lxviii.
 Or he may as well recite them before tracing the Circle.
 The which being finished, and the fumigations being performed, as is described
in the chapter on Fumigations in the Second Book, the Master should reassemble his
Disciples, encourage them, reassure them, for tif y them, an d conduct them into the
parts of the Circle of Ar t, where he must place them in the four quarters of the earth,
encourage them, and exhor t them to fear nothing, and to keep in the places assigned
to them. A lso, the Discip le wh o is placed towar ds t he Ea st shoul d h ave a p en, ink ,
paper, silk, and white cotton, all clean and suitable for the work. Furthermore, each of
the Companions should have a new Sword drawn in his hand (besides the consecrated
Magical Sword of Art), and he should keep his hand resting upon the hilt thereof, and
he should on no pretext quit the place assigned to him, nor move therefrom.
 After this the Master should quit the Circle, light the fuel in the earthen pots, and
place u pon them the Censers, in the Four Quar ters of the Earth; and he should have
in his han d the consecrated taper of wax, and he should light it and place it in a hid-
den and secret place prepared for it. Let him after this re-enter and close the Circle.
 The Master should afresh exhort his Disciples, and ex plain to them all that they
have to do and to observe; the which commands they should promise and vow to exe-
cute. Let the Master then repeat this Prayer: 
 Pr ayer.
 When we enter herein with all humility, let God the Almighty One enter into this
Circle, by the entrance of an eternal happiness, of a Divine prosperity, of a perfect joy,
of an abundant charity, and of an eternal salutation. Let all the demons fly from this
plac e, especi ally those who are opposed unto this work, and let the Angels of Peace
assist and protect this Circle, from which let discord and strife fly and depa rt. Magnify
and extend upon us, O Lord, Thy most Holy Name, and bless our conversation and
our assemb ly. Sanctify, O Lord our God, our humb le entry h erein, Thou the Blessed
and Holy One of the Eternal Ages! Amen. 
 After this, let the Master say upon his knees, as follows:
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--------------------------------------- 21

 Book One 
 Pr ayer. 
 O Lord God, All Powerful and All Merciful, Thou who desirest not the death of a 
sinner, but rather that he may turn from his wickedness and live; give and grant unto 
us t hy grace, b y blessing an d cons ecra ting this ear th an d this Circle, w hich is h ere 
marked out wi th the most powerful and holy Names of God. And thee, I conjure, O 
Earth, by the Most Holy Name o f ASHER EHIEH entering w ithin th is Circle, com- 
posed and made with mine hand. And may God, even ADONAI, bless this place with 
all the virtues of Heaven, so that no obscene or unclean spirit may have the power to 
enter into this Circle, or to annoy any p erson who is therein; though the Lo rd God 
ADONAI, Who liveth eternally unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen. 
 I beseech Thee, O Lord God, the All Powerful and the All Merciful, that Thou wilt 
deign to bless this Circle, an d all this place, an d al l those wh o are therei n, an d that 
Thou w ilt gr ant unto us, who ser ve Thee, a nd rehearse n othing but the wonders of 
 Figure 2. Circle for Operations of the Art 
 Page 19

--------------------------------------- 22

 The Key of Solomon
Thy law, a good Angel for o ur Guardia n; remove f rom us every a dverse power; pre-
serve us from evil and from trouble; g rant, O Lord, that we may rest in this place in all
safe ty, through Thee , O Lord, Who livest an d reignest unto the Ag es of the Ages.
 Let the Master now arise and place upon his head a Crown made of paper (or any
other appropriate substance), on the which there must b e written (w ith the Colours
and ot her n ecess ar y things wh ich we sh all d esc ribe h ereaf ter), thes e f our Names
AGLA, AGLAI, AGLATA, AGLATAI. The which Names are to be placed in the front,
behind, and on either side of the head. 
 Furthermore, t he Master ought to have with him in the Circle, those Pentacles or
Medals w hich are n ecess ar y to hi s purpo s e, w hich a re des crib ed he reina fter, a nd
which should be constructed according to the rules given in the Chapter on Pentacles.
They should be described on virgin paper with a pen; and ink, blood, or colours, pre-
pared according to the manner which we shall hereafter show in the Chapters on these
subjects. It will be suffi cient to take only those Pentacles which are actually required,
they should be sewed to the front of the linen robe, on the chest, with the consecrated
needle of the Ar t, and with a thread which has been woven by a young girl.
 Aft er t his, l e t t he Mast er t urn h imsel f t owar ds t he E ast ern Quar ter ( unless
directed to the contra ry, or unless he should be wishing to call Spirits which belong to
another quar ter of the Universe), and pronounce with a lou d voice the Conjuration
contained in th is C ha pter. And if the Spirits be disobedient and do not t hen make
their appearance, he must arise and take the exorcised Knife of Art wherewith he hath
constructed the Circle, and raise it towards the sky as if he wished to beat or strike the
Air, and conjure the Spirits . Let him then lay his right hand and the Knif e upon the
Penta cles or Medals, constructed of, and described upon virgin paper, which are fas-
tened to or sewn upon his breast, and let him repeat the following Conjuration upon
his knees: 
 O Lord, hear my prayer, and let my cry come unto Thee. O Lord God Almighty,
who has reig ned before th e b eginning of th e Ages, a nd Who by Thine Infinite Wis-
dom, hast created the heavens, the earth, and the sea, and all that in them is, all that is
visible, and all that is invisible by a single word; I praise Thee, I bless Thee, I a dor e
Thee, I g lorify Thee, and I pray Thee now at the present time to be merciful unto me,
a miserable sinner, for I am the work of Thine hands. Save me, and direct me by Thy
Holy Name, Thou to Whom nothing is difficult, nothing is impossible; and deliver me
from the night of mine ignorance, and enable me to go forth therefrom. Enlighten me
with a spark of Thine Infinite Wisdom. Take away from my senses the desire of covet-
ousness, a nd th e iniq uit y of mine id le w ords . Gi ve u nto me, Th y servant, a w ise
understanding, penetrating and subtle heart, to acqui re and comprehend all Sciences
and Arts; give unto me capacity to hear, and s trength o f memory to retain the m, so
that I may be able to accomplish my desires, and understand and learn all difficult and
desira ble Sciences; and also that I may be able to comprehend the hidden secrets of
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--------------------------------------- 23

 Book One 
the Holy Writings. Give me the virtue to conceive them, so that I may be able to bring 
forth and pronounce my words with patience and humility, for the instruction of oth- 
ers, as Thou hast ordered me. 
 O God, the Father, All Powerful and All Merciful, who hast created all things, who 
knowest and conceivest them universally, and to Whom nothing is hidden, nothing is 
impossible; I entreat Thy Grace for me and for Thy servants, because Thou seest and 
knowest well th at we perform not this work to tempt Thy S trength and Thy Power a s 
if i n doubt thereof, hut rather that we may know and understand the truth of all hid- 
de n th ing s. I b eseech Th ee to h ave the kindne ss t o be f avora ble u nto u s; b y Th y 
Splendour, Thy Magnif icence, and Thy Holiness, and by Thy Holy, Terrible, and Inef- 
fable Name IAH, at which the whole world doth tremble, and by the Fear with which 
all creatures obe y Thee. Gr ant, O Lord, t hat we m ay become responsive unto Thy 
Gr ace, so t hat through it we may h ave a f ull confidence in and knowledge of Thee, 
and that the Spirits may disco ver themselves here in our presen ce, an d that t hose 
which are gentle and peaceable may come unto us, so that they may be obedient unto 
Thy commands, through Thee, O Most Holy ADONAI, Whose Kingdom is an ever- 
lasting Kingdom, and whose Empire endureth unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen. 
 After having sai d al l t hese wor ds d evout ly, le t t he Ma ster arise, and place hi s 
hands upon the Pentacles, and let one of the Companions hold the Book open before 
the Master, who, raising his eyes to heaven, and turning unto the Four Quarters of the 
Universe, shall say: 
 O Lord, be T hou unto me a Tower of Strength against the appearance and assault 
of the Evil Spirits. 
 After this, turning towards the Four Quarters of the Universe, he shall say the fol- 
lowing words: 
 These be t he Symbols and the Names of the Creator, which can bring Terror and 
Fear unto you. Obey me then, by the power of these Holy Names, and by these Myste- 
rious Symbols of the Secret of Secrets. 
 The w hich being sai d and done, thou shal t se e them dr aw near and approach 
from all parts. But if they be hindered, detained, or occupied in some way, and so that 
they cannot come, or if they are un willing to come, t hen, the Suffum igat ions an d 
Censings being perfor med anew, a nd (th e Disciples) having anew, by e special order, 
touched their S words, a nd t he Master h aving en cour ag ed h is D isciples, he sh al l 
reform the Circle with the Knife of Art, and, raising the said Knife towards the Sky, he 
shall as it were strike the air therewith. After this he shall lay his hand upon the Penta- 
cles, and having bent his knees before the Most High, he shall repeat with humility the 
following Confession; the which his Disciples shall also do, and they shall recite it in a 
low and humble voice, so that they can scarcely be heard. 
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--------------------------------------- 24

 The Key of Solomon
 Chapter IV
 The Confession to be Made by the Exorcist.
O Lord of Heaven and of Earth, before Thee do I confess my sins, and lam ent them,
cast dow n and humbled in thy presence. For I have sinned before Thee by pride, ava-
r ice, an d b oun dless d esi r e of h onour s an d ri ches; by idleness, gl ut tony, g reed ,
debauchery, and drunkenness; because I have offended Thee by all kinds of sins of the
flesh, adulteries, and pollutions, which I have committed myself, and consented that
others should commit; by sacrilege, thefts, rapine, violation, and homicide; by the evil
use I have made of my possessions, by my prodiga lit y, by the sins which I have com-
mitted agai nst Hop e an d Char ity, by my e vil adv ice, flat teries, br ibes, an d the ill
distr ibut ion wh ic h I ha ve ma de of the go od s of which I hav e be en posse ssed ; by
repu lsing and ma ltr eating the po or, in the di stributio n w hich I have ma de of the
goo ds com mitted t o my char ge, by aff licting those ov er w hom I ha ve be en set in
authority, by not visiting the prisoners, by depriving the dead of buria l, by not receiv-
ing th e po or, b y neither feeding the hungry nor giving drink to the thirst y, by never
keeping the Sabbath and the other f ea sts, by not living chastely and piously on those
days, by the easy consent which I have given to those who incited me to evil deeds, by
injuring instead of aiding those who demanded help from me, by refusing to give e ar
unto the cry of the poor, by not respecting the aged, by not keeping my word, by dis-
obedience to my parents, by ingratitude towards those from w hom I have received
kindness, by indulgence in sensual pleasures, by irreverent behaviour in the Temple of
God, by unseemly gestures thereat, by entering therein without reverence, by vain and
unprofitable discourse when there, by despising the sa cred vessels of the temple, by
tur ning the holy Cere monie s into ridic ule, by to uching and eating the sacred b read
with im p ure lips and w ith pro f ane ha nd s, and b y the ne g lec t o f my pra yers a nd
 I detest also the crimes which I have committed by evil thoughts, vain and impure
meditations, false suspicions, and r ash judgments; by the ev il consent w hich I have
readily given unto the advice of the wicked, by lust of impure and sensual pleasures;
by my idle words, my lies, and my deceit; by my false vows in var ious ways; and by my
continual slander and calumny. 
 I detest also the crimes which I have committed within; the treachery and discord
which I have incited; my curiosity, greed, false sp eaking, violence, malediction, mur-
murs, blasphemies, vain words, ins ults, dissimulations; my sins against God by the
transgression of the ten commandments, by neglect of my duties and obligations, and
by want of love towards God and towards my neighbour.
 Furthermore I hate the sins which I have committed in all my senses, by sight, by
hear ing, b y taste, by sm ell, and b y touch, in e ver y way tha t huma n weak ness can
offend the Creator; by my carnal thoughts, deeds, and meditations.
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--------------------------------------- 25

 Book One 
 In which I humbly confess that I have sinned, and recognise myself as being in the 
sight of God the most criminal of all men. 
 I accuse mysel f befor e Thee, O God , and I ad ore T hee w ith all humility. O ye, 
Holy Angel s, an d ye, Ch ildren of God , i n your presen ce I p ublish my sins, so t hat 
mine Enemy may have no advantage over me, and may not be able to reproach me at 
the last day; that he may not be able to say that I have concealed my sins, and that I be 
not then accused in the presence of the Lord; but, on the contrary, that on my account 
there may be joy in Heaven, as ov er the just who have con fessed thei r si ns in t hy 
 O M ost Alm ight y and A ll Powerful F athe r, gr ant thr ough Thine unbounde d 
Merc y that I m ay both see a nd know all the S pir its wh ich I i nvoke, so that b y their 
means I may see my will and desire accomplished, by The Sovereign grandeur, and by 
Thine ineffable and E ternal Glory, Thou Who art and Who wilt be for ever the Pure 
and Ineffable Father of ALL. 
 The Confession h aving been finis hed wit h great humility, and w ith the inw ard 
feeling of the heart, the Master will recite the following prayer: 
 Pr ayer. 
 O Lord All Powerful, Eter nal God and Father of all Creat ures, shed upon me the 
Divine Influence of Thy Mercy, for I am Thy Creature. I beseech Thee to defend me 
from mine Enemies, and to confirm in me true and steadfast faith. 
 O Lord, I commit my Body and my Soul unto thee, seeing I p ut my trust in none 
beside Thee; it i s on thee alone that I rely; O Lord my God aid me; O Lord hear me in 
the day and hour wherein I shall invoke Thee. I pray Thee by Thy Mercy not to put me 
in oblivion, nor to remove me from Thee. O Lord be Thou my succor, Thou Who art 
th e Go d o f my sa lvatio n. O Lo rd ma ke me a ne w h ea rt accordin g u nto Thy loving 
Kindness. These, O L ord, are the gi fts which I await from T hee, O my God and my 
Master, Thou who livest and reignest unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen. 
 O Lord God the All Powerful One, who hast formed unto Thyself great and Inef- 
fable Wisdom, and Co-eternal with Thyself before the countless Ages; Thou Who in 
the Bir th of Time h ast created the Heaven s, and the Earth, the Sea, a nd things that 
they contain; Thou who hast vivified all things by th e Breath of Thy Mouth, I pra ise 
Thee, I bless Thee, I adore Thee, and I glor ify Thee. Be Thou propitious unto me who 
am but a miserable sinner, and despise me not; save me accornd s mu e, even me the 
work of Thine hands . I conjure a nd ent reat thee by Thy Holy Name to banish from 
my Spirit the darkness of Ignorance, and to enlighten ne with the Fire of thy Wisdom; 
take away from me al l evil desires, and let not my speech be as that of the fo olish. O 
Thou, God the Living One, whose Glory, Honour, and Kingdom shall extend unto the 
Ages of the Ages. Amen. 
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--------------------------------------- 26

 The Key of Solomon
 Chapter V.
 Prayer and Conjurations.
 Pr ayer.
O Lord God, Holy Father, Almighty and Merciful O ne, who hast created all things,
Who knowest a ll th ing s a nd ca n do a ll th ing s, from Whom nothing is hidde n, to
whom nothing is impossible; Thou who knowest that we perform not thes e ceremo-
nie s to te mpt Thy po wer, b ut th at we may penetrate into the knowledge o f hidden
things; we pray Thee by Thy Sacred Mercy to cause and to permit, that we may arrive
at this understanding of secret things, of whatever nature they may be by Thine aid, O
Most Holy ADONAI, whose Kingdom and Power shall have no end unto the Ages of
the Ages. Amen. 
 The Prayer being finished, let the Exorci st lay his hand upon the Pentacles, while
one of the Disci ples sh all h old open befor e him the B ook wherein are w ritten the
prayers and conjurations proper for conquering, subduing, and reproving the Spirits.
Then th e Master, turning towards each Qu arter of the Earth, and raising his eyes to
Heaven, shall say: 
 O Lord, be Thou unto me a strong tower of refuge, from the sight and assaults of
the Evil Spirits. 
 Afte r which le t h im tu rn again to wards the Four Quar ters o f the Ea r th, a nd
towards each let him utter the following words:
 Behold the Symbols and Na mes of the Creator, which give unto ye forever Terror
and Fear. O bey then, by the virtue of t hese Holy Names, and b y these Myster ies of
 After this he shall see the Spirits come from ever y side. But in case they are occu-
pied in som e ot her pla ce, or that they can no t come, or that they are u nwilli ng to
come: then let him commence afresh to invoke them after the following manner, and
let the Exorcis t b e assured th at even were the y bound w ith chains o f iron, and w ith
fire, they could not refrain from coming to accomplish his will.
 The Conjuration. 
 O ye Spirits, ye I conjure by the Power, Wisdom, and Virtue of the Spirit of God ,
by the uncreate Divine Knowledge, by the vast Mercy of God, by the Strength of God,
by the Greatness of God, by the Unity of God; and by the holy Name of God EHEIEH,
which i s t he root, trunk, so urce, an d origin of al l the ot her Divi ne Names , wh ence
they all draw their life and their virtue, which Adam having invoked, he acquired the
knowledge of all created things. 
 I conjure ye by the indivisible Name IOD, which marketh and expresseth the Sim-
plicity and the Unity of the Nature Divine, which Abel having invoked, he deser ved to
escape from the hands of Cain his brother. 
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--------------------------------------- 27

 Book One 
 I conjure ye by the Name TETRAGRAMMATON ELOHIM, which expresseth and 
sign ifieth the Grandeur of so lofty a Majesty, that Noah having pronoun ced it, saved 
hi mself, and prote cted him self w ith hi s who le hou sehold from the Waters of the 
 I conjure ye by the Name of God EL St rong and Wonderful, which denoteth the 
Mercy and Goodness of His Ma jesty Divine, which Abraham having invoked, he was 
found worthy to come forth from the Ur of the Chaldeans. 
 I conju re ye b y the most powerfu l Name o f EL OHIM G IB OR, whic h sho weth 
forth the Strength of G od, of a God All Powerf ul, who p unisheth the crimes of the 
wicked, Who seeketh out and chastiseth the iniquities of the fathers upon the children 
unto the third and fourth generation; which Isaac having invoked, he was found wor- 
thy to escape from the Sword of Abraham his father. 
 I con jure ye an d I ex or ci se y e by the most holy Name of EL OAH VA-DAATH, 
which Jacob i nvoked when in great trouble, and was foun d worthy to bear the Name 
of Is ra el, which signifieth Vanquisher of God; and he was delivered f rom the fur y of 
Esau his brother. 
 I conjure ye by the most potent Name of EL . ADONAI TZABAOTH, which is the 
God of Armies, ruling in the Heavens, which Joseph invoked and was found worthy to 
escape from the hands of his Brethren. 
 I conjure ye by the most po tent Name of ELOHIM TZABAOTH, which expres- 
seth pie ty, me rcy, splendo ur, and knowledge o f God, which Moses invoked, and he 
was found worthy to deliver the People Israel from Egypt, and from the servitude of 
 I conjure ye by the most potent Name of SHADDAI, which signifieth doing good 
unto all; which Moses invoked, and having struck the Sea, it divided into two parts in 
the midst, on the right hand and on the left. I conjure ye by the most holy Name of EL 
CHAI, which is that of the Living God, through the virtue of which alliance with u s, 
a nd re de mptio n for u s h ave been ma de ; which Moses invoked and a ll the wa ters 
returned to their p rior state and envelo ped th e Eg yptians, so that not one o f them 
escaped to carry the news into the Land of Mizraim. 
 La st ly, I conjur e ye a ll, y e rebel lious S p irit s, b y t he most h oly Na me o f Go d
ADONAI MALEKH, which Joshua i nvoked, and stayed the cour se of the S un in his 
presence, through the virtue of Methratton, its princi pal Image; and by the troops of 
Angels who cease not to cr y day and n ig ht, QADOSCH , SADO SCH , QADO SCH , 
AD ONAI E LOHI M TZ ABA OTH (t hat is , Ho ly, Holy, H oly, L ord Go d o f H osts , 
Heaven and Earth are full of T hy Glory); and by the Ten Angels who preside over the 
Ten Sephiroth, by whom God communicateth and extendeth His influence over lower 
 I conjure ye anew, O Spirits, by all the Names of God, and by all His marvellous 
work; by the heavens; by the ear th; by the sea; by the depth of the Abyss, and by that 
firmament which the very Spirit of God hath moved; by the sun and by the stars; by 
the wa ters and by the seas, and all which they contain; by the winds, the whirlwinds, 
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 The Key of Solomon
and the tempe sts; by the virtue of all her bs, plants, and stones; by all which is in the
heavens, upon the earth, and in all the Abysses of the Shades.
 I conjure ye anew, and I powerfully urge ye, O Demons, in whatsoever par t of the
world ye may be, so that ye shall be unable to remain in air, fire, water, earth, or in any
part of t he un iverse, or in any p leasant place wh ich may attract ye; but that ye come
pr omp tly to accom p lis h o ur d esi re, a nd all t hing s that we d em and fr om y our
 I conjure ye an ew by the two Tables of the Law, by the five books of Moses, by the
Seven Burning Lamps on the Candlestick of Gold before the face of the Throne of the
Majest y of God , an d by the Holy of Holies wh erei n the KOHEN H A-GA DU L was
alone permitted to enter, that is to say, the High-Priest.
 I conjur e ye b y H im Who hath mad e the heavens an d the ea rth, and wh o h ath
measured those heavens in the hollow of His hand, and enclosed the ear th with three
of His fingers, Who is seated up on the Kerubim and upon the Ser aphim; and by the
Kerubim, which is called the Keru b, which God constituted and pla ced to guard the
Tr ee of Li f e, armed w ith a f laming sword, af ter tha t Man ha d b een dri ven o ut o f
Para dise. 
 I conjure ye anew, Apostates from God, by Him who alone hath performed great
wonders; by the Heavenly Jerusalem; and by the Most Holy Name of God in Four Let-
ters, and by Him Who e nli ghteneth all thi ngs an d shi neth u pon all thi ngs by his
Venerable and Ineffable Name, EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH; that ye come immediately
to execute our desire, whatever it may be.
 I conjure ye, and I command ye absolutely, O Demons, in whatsoever part of t he
Univer se y e may be, by the vi rtue of all thes e Holy Names ;-- AD ONAI, JAH, HOA,
ACH, IONAH, M AL-K A, E REL , KU ZU, MATZPATZ E L SH ADDA I; and b y al l the
Holy na mes of Go d w hich h ave been w ritten with blood in th e s ign of an e ternal
 I conjure ye anew by these other names of God, Most Holy and u nknow n, by the
vir tue of wh ich Names y e tremble ev er y day;-- B ARUC, B ACU RAB ON, PATACEL,
ABELECH (or HELECH), YEZE (or SECHEZZE); that ye come quickly and without
any d ela y i nto our pr ese nce fr om ev er y q uar ter an d ev er y cl im ate of t he wo rld
wher ein ye may be, to execut e all that we sh all command ye in the Great Name of
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--------------------------------------- 29

 Book One 
 Chapter VI 
 Stronger and More Potent Conjuration. 
If they then immediately appear, it is well; if not, let the Master uncover the cons e- 
crated Pentacles which he should have made to constrain and command the Spirits , 
and which he should wear fastened round his neck, holding the Medals (or Pentacles) 
in his left hand, and the consecrated Knife in his right; and encouraging his Compan- 
ions, he shall say with a loud voice: 
 Here be the Symbols of Secret things, the standards, the ensigns and the banners, 
of Go d the C onque ror; an d t he a rms of the Al might y One, to compel the Aeria l 
Potencies. I command ye absolutely by their power and virtue that ye come near unto 
us , into our pres ence, fr om wh atsoever part o f the wor ld ye may be i n, an d that ye 
delay not to obey us in all things wherein we shall command ye by the virtue of God 
the Mighty One. Come y e promptly, and dela y n ot to ap pear, an d answer us w ith 
 If they appear at this time, show them the Pentacles, and receive them with kind- 
ness, gentleness, and courtesy; reason and speak w ith them, question them, and ask 
from them all things which thou hast proposed to demand. 
 But if, on the contrary, they do not yet make their appearance, holding the conse- 
crated Knife in the right hand, and the Pentacles being uncovered by the removal of 
their consecra ted covering, strike and beat the air with the Knife as if wishing to com- 
mence a combat, comfort and exhort thy Compa nions, a nd then in a loud and stern 
voice repeat the following Conjuration: 
 Here a gain I conjure ye and most urgently command ye; I force, constrain, and 
exhort ye to the utmost, by the most mighty and powerf ul Name of God EL , strong 
and wonderful, and by God the Just and Upright, I exorcise ye and command ye that 
ye in no way delay, but that ye come immediately and upon the instant hither before 
us , without noise, deformity, or hideousness, but with all manner of gentleness and 
 I exorcise ye anew, and powerfully conjure ye, commanding ye with strength and 
violence by Him Who spake and it was done; and by all these names: EL, SHADDAI, 
TO N, SH A DDAI, wh ich si gn ify G od t he H igh a nd Almi ghty, t he G od of I s rael, 
throug h Whom u nder ta king all o ur operat ions we shall pros per in a ll the wor ks of 
our hands, seeing that the Lord is now, always, and for ever with us, in our heart and 
in our lips; and by His Holy Names, and by the virtue of the Sovereign God, we shall 
accomplish all our work. 
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 The Key of Solomon
 Come ye at once without any hideousness or deformity before us, come ye with-
out monstrous appearance, in a gracious form or figure. Come ye, for we exorcise ye
w it h the ut most vehemen ce by the Na me of IA O an d O N, which Adam sp ak e and
heard; by the Name EL, which Noah heard, and saved himself with all his family from
the Deluge; by the Name IOD, which Noah heard, and knew God the Almighty One;
by the Name AGLA, which Jacob heard, and saw the Ladder which touched Heaven,
and the Angels who ascended and descended upon it, whence he called that place the
House of God and the Gate of Heaven; and by the Na me ELOHIM, and in the Name
ELOHIM, which Moses named, invoked, and heard in Horeb the Mount of God, and
he was found worthy to h ear Him speak from t he Burning Bush; and by the Name
AIN SOPH, which Aaron heard, and w as at o nce made eloquent, wise, and learned;
and by the Na me TZABAOTH, whic h Moses named and invoked, and all the ponds
and rivers were covered with blood throughout the land of Egypt; and by the name
IOD, which Moses named and invoked, and str iking upon the dust of the earth bot h
me n a nd be as ts we re st ru ck wit h d ise ase ; an d by t he N a me, an d i n t he N a m e
PRIMEUMATO N, which Moses named and invoked, and there fell a gr eat and severe
hail throug hout a ll the land of Eg ypt, destroying the vines, the trees, and the woods
w hich w ere in that countr y; and b y the Name IAPHAR, w hich Moses h eard a nd
invoked, and immediately a great pestilence began to appe ar th rough a ll the la nd of
Egypt, striking and slaying the asses, the oxen, and the sheep of the Egyptians, so that
they all died; and by the Name ABADDON which Moses invoked a nd sprinkle d the
dust towards heaven, and i mmediately there fell so great rain upon the me n, cattle,
and flocks, that the y all died throughout the land of Egypt; and by the Name ELION
which Moses i nvoked, an d ther e fel l so gr eat ha il as h ad n ever been seen from the
beginning of the world unto that time, so that all men, and herds, and ever ything that
was in the fields perished and died throughout all the land of Egypt. And by the Name
EDONAL, w hich Moses h aving i nvoked, ther e came so gr eat a q uantity of locu sts
which appeared in the land of Egypt, that they devoured and swallowed up all that the
hail had spared; and by the Name of PATHEON, which having invoked, there arose so
thick, so awful, and so terrib le darkn ess t hrougho ut th e land of Eg ypt, d uri ng the
space of three days and three nights, that almost all who were left alive died; and by
the Name YESOD and i n the Name YESOD, which Mose s invoked, and at midnight
all the first-born, both of men and of animals, died; and by the Name of YESHIMON,
which Moses named and invoked, and t he Red Sea divided itself and separated in two;
and by the name H ESIO N, which Moses invok ed, and all the army o f Pharaoh was
drowne d in th e w aters; and by th e N ame AN ABONA, which Moses having heard
up on M oun t Sina i, h e was foun d worthy to receive an d obt ain the ta bles of st one
written with the finger of God the Creator; and by the Name ERYGION, which Joshua
having invoked when h e fought against the Moabite s, he de feated th em and gained
the victory; and by the Name HOA, and in the Name HOA, which David invoked, and
he was delivered from the ha nd o f Goliath; a nd by the n ame YOD, w hich Solomon
having named and invoked, he was found worthy to as k for and obta in in s leep the
Ineffable Wisdom of God; and by the Name YIAI, which Solomon having named and
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--------------------------------------- 31

 Book One 
invoked, he was found worthy to have power over all the Demons, Potencies, Powers, 
and Virtues of the Air. 
 By these, t hen, a nd by al l the other Na mes of God Almighty, Holy, Living, a nd 
True, we power fully command ye, ye who by your own sin have been cast down from 
the Empyreal Heaven, and from before His Throne; by Him who hath cast ye down 
unto the most profound of the Abysses of Hell, we command Ye boldly and resolutely; 
and by that terrible Day of the Sovereign Judgment of God, on which all the dry bones 
in the ear th wi ll arise to hear and listen unto the Word o f God wi th their body, and 
will present themselves before the face of God Almighty; and by that Last Fire which 
shall consume all things; by the (Crystal) Sea which is known unto us, which is before 
the Face of God: by the indicible and ineffable virtue, force, and power of the Creator 
Himself, by His Almighty power, and by the Light and Flame which emanate from His 
Countenance, and which are before His Face; by the Angelical Powers which are in the 
Heavens, and by the most great Wisdom of Almighty God; by the Seal of David, by the 
Ring and Seal of Solomon, which was revealed unto him by the Most High and Sover- 
ei g n Creator ; an d by t he N i ne M edals or Pent acles, whi c h we ha ve am ong our 
Symbol s, w hich procee d and come from Heaven , and are amon g t he Mysteries of 
Mysteries or Secrets of Secrets, wh ich you can also behold in my hand, consec rated 
and exorcised w ith the due and requisite Ceremonies. By these, then, and b y all the 
Secrets w hich the Almighty encl oseth in the Treasu res of the S overeign and Hig hest 
Wisdom, by His Hand, and by His marvellous power; I conjure, force, and exorcise ye 
that ye come without delay to perform in our presence that which we shall command 
 I c onjur e y e anew by t hat most H oly Name wh ich t he wh ol e U niverse fea r s, 
respects, and reveres, which is written by these letters and characters, IOD, HE, VAU, 
HE; a nd by the last and terrible judgment; by the S eat of BAL DACHIA; and b y this 
Holy Name, YIAI, which Moses invoked, and there followed that great Judgment of 
God, when Dathan and Abiram were swallowed up in the centre of the ear th. Other- 
wise, if ye contravene and resist us by your disobedience unto the virtue and power of 
this Name YIAI , we curse ye even unto the Depth of the Great Abyss, into the which 
we shall cast, hurl, and bind ye, if ye show your selves rebellious against the Secret of 
Secrets, and against the Mystery of Mysteries. AMEN, AMEN. FIAT, FIAT. 
 This Conjura tion thou sha lt say and perform, turning thyself unto the East, and if 
th ey a ppear n ot, th ou shalt re pea t it unto the Spir it s, turn in g unto the South, the 
West, and the North, in succession, when thou wilt have repeated it four times. And if 
they appear not even then, thou shalt make the Sign of TAU upon the foreheads of thy 
companions, and thou shalt say: 
 Behold an ew the S ymbol an d the Na me of a Sov ereign an d Con quering G od, 
through which all the Universe fears, trembles, and shud ders, and through the mo st 
mysterious words of the Secret Mysteries and by their Virtue, Strength, and Power. 
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--------------------------------------- 32

 The Key of Solomon
 I conjure ye anew, I constrain and command ye with the utmost vehemence and
power, by that m ost potent and powerful Name of God, EL, strong and wonderful, by
Him who sp ake and it was done; an d by the Nam e IA H, whi ch Moses hear d, and
spoke wi th God ; and b y the Name AGLA, wh ich J oseph invoked, a nd was delivered
out of the hands of his brethren; and by the Name VAU, which Abraham heard, and
knew God the Al mi ghty One; and b y the Name o f Four Letters, TETRAGRAMMA-
TON, which Joshua na med a nd in voked, and he was rendered worth y and f ound
deserving to lead the Army of Israel into the Promised Land; and by the Name ANA-
B ONA, by w hich God for med Man an d the w hol e Univer se ; and by t he N ame
ARPHETON, and in the Name ARPHETON, by which the Angels who are destined to
that e nd will summon the Universe, in visible body and form, and will assemble (all
people) together by the sound o f the Trumpet a t that terrible and awful Day of Judg-
ment, wh en the me mor y of the w icked and ungodly sh all perish ; and by the Name
AD ONAI, by wh ich God will judge al l hum an fl esh, at Whose voice all men , bot h
good and evil, will rise ag ain, and all men and Angels will assemble in the air before
the Lord, Who will judge and condemn the wicked; and by the Name ONEIPHETON,
by which God will summon the dead, an d r aise them up ag ain un to life; and by the
Name E LOHIM, and i n the Name ELOHIM, by which God will d istur b a nd excite
tempests throughout all the seas, so that they will cast out the fish therefrom, and in
one day the third part of men about the sea and the rivers shall die; and by the Name
ELOHI, and in the Name ELOHI, by which God will dry up the sea and the rivers, so
that men can go o n foot through thei r channels; an d b y the Nam e ON, an d in the
Name ON, by which God shall restore and replace the sea, the rivers, the streams, and
the br ook s, i n their previous st ate; an d by the Na me M ESSIACH, a nd in the Na me
MESSIACH, by which God will make all animals combat together, so that they shall
die in a sing le day; and by the Name ARIEL, by whic h God shall destroy in a sing le
day all b uildings, so that there shall not be left o ne ston e upon another; and by the
Na me IAHT, by which God w ill cast one stone up on another, so that all people and
nations will fly from the sea-shore, and will say unto them cover us and hide us; and
by the Name EMANUEL, by which G od will perform wonders, and the w inged crea-
tures and birds of the air sha ll contend with one another; and by the Name ANAEL,
and in the Name ANAEL, by which God will cast down the mountains and fill up the
valleys, so t hat the sur face of t he ear th shall be l evel in all parts; an d b y the Name
ZED EREZA , an d i n the Name ZED EREZA , by which G od will cau se t he Sun and
Moon to be darkened. and the Stars of heaven to fall; and by the Na me SEPHERIEL,
by which God will come to Universal Judgment, like a Prince newly crowned entering
in triumph into h is ca pital city, gi rded wi th a zone of gold, an d preceded by Angels,
and at His aspect all climes and parts of the Universe shall be troubled and astonished,
and a fire shall go forth before Him, and flames and storm shall su rround Him; and
by the Name TAU, by which God brought the Deluge, and the waters prevailed above
the moun t ain s, an d fi ft een cub its abo ve t hei r summi ts; a nd b y the N a me RUA-
CHIAH, by w hich Go d h aving pu rg ed th e Ages , He w ill ma ke H is H oly sp irit to
descend upon the Univer se, and will cast ye, ye rebellious Spirits, and unclean beings,
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--------------------------------------- 33

 Book One 
into the Depths of the Lake of the Abyss, in misery, filth, and mire, and will place ye in 
impure and foul dungeons bound with eternal chains of fire. 
 By these Names then, and by all t he other Holy Names of God before Whom no 
man can stand and live, and which Names the armies of the Demons fear, tremble at, 
and shudder ; we conjure ye, we potently e xorcise a nd comma nd ye, conjuring ye in 
additio n by the terrible and tremendous PATHS of God and by His Holy habitation 
wherein He reigneth and commandeth unto the eternal Ages. Amen. 
 By the v irtue of al l these afor esai d, we comm and ye that ye remain n ot i n an y 
place wherein ye are, but to come hither promptly without delay to do that which we 
shall enjoin ye. But if ye be still contumacious, we, by the Authority of a Sovereign and 
Potent God, deprive ye of all quality, condition, degree, and place which ye now enjoy, 
and precipitate ye into and relegate ye unto the Kingdom of Fire and of Sulphur, to be 
there eterna lly tormented C ome ye then from all parts of the earth, wh eresoev er ye 
may be, and behold the Symbols and Names of that Triumphant Sovereign Whom all 
creat ures ob ey, otherwise we shall bind ye and conduc t ye in spite of yourse lves, into 
our presence bound with chains of fire, because those effects which proceed and issue 
from our Science and oper ation, are ardent with a fire which shall consume and burn 
ye eternally, for by these the whole Universe trembleth, the ear th is moved, the stones 
ther eof rush together, a ll creatures obey, and the rebellious Spirits are tormented by 
the power of the Sovereign Creator. 
 Then it i s certain that they wi ll come, even if they be b ound with chains of fire, 
unless prevented by affairs of the very greatest importance, but in this latter case they 
will send a mbassadors and messenge rs by w hom thou shalt easily and surely learn 
w hat o cc upies the Sp irits a nd w ha t the y a re a bout. But if the y app ear no t y et in 
answer to the above Conjuration, and are still disobed ient, then let the Master of the 
Art or Exor ciser arise an d exhor t hi s Com panions to b e of goo d cheer and n ot to 
despair of the ultimate success of the operation; let hi m strike the air w ith the Cons e- 
crated Knife towards the Four Quarters of the Universe; and then let him Kneel in the 
midst of the Circle, and the Companions also in their several places, and let them say 
cons ecutiv ely w ith h im in a low v oic e, t urning in th e di rec tio n o f th e E as t, th e
 I conjure and pray ye, O ye Angels of God, and ye Cele stial Spirits, to come unto 
mine aid; come and behold the Signs of Heaven, and be my witness before the Sover- 
eign Lord, of the disobedien ce of these evi l and fa llen Spirit s wh o w ere at one t ime 
your companions. 
 This being done, let the Master arise, and constrain and force them by a stronger 
conjuration, in manner following. 
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 The Key of Solomon
 Chapter VII
 An Extremely Powerful Conjuration.
Behold us again prepared to conjure ye by the Na mes a nd Symbols of G od, where-
w it h we are fortified, an d by the v irtue of t he Highest One. We comman d y e and
potently ordain ye by the most strong and powerful Names of God, Who is worthy of
all praise, admiration, honor, glory, veneration, and fear, that ye delay not longer, but
that ye appear before us without any tumult or disturbance, but, on the contrary, with
great respect and courtesy, in a beautiful and human form.
 If they then appear, let them see the Pentacles, and say:
 Obey ye, Obey ye, behold the Symbols and Names of the Creator; be ye gentle and
peaceable, and obey in all things that we shall command ye.
 They will then immediately talk with thee, as a friend speaketh unto a friend. Ask
of them all that thou desirest, with constance, firmness, and assurance, an d they will
obey thee. 
 But if they appear not yet, let not the Master on that account lose his courage, for
there is nothing in the world stronger and of greater force to overawe the Spirits than
constancy. Let him, however, re-examine and r eform the Circle, and let him take up a
little dust of the ear th, which he shall cast towards the Four Quarters of the Universe;
and h aving placed h is Knif e u pon th e g round, l et h im s ay o n h is knees , tu rning
toward s the direction of the North: 
 In the Name of ADONAI ELOHIM TZABAOTH SHADDAI, Lord God of Armies
Almighty, may we successfully perform the wor ks of our hands. and may the Lord be
present with us in our heart and in our lips.
 These words having been said kneeling upon the earth, let the Master shortly after
arise and open his arms wide as if wishing to embrace the air, and say:
 By the Holy Names of God written in this Book, and by the other Holy and Inef-
fa ble Names wh ich are wr itten i n the B ook of L ife, we c onjure ye to co me un to us
promptly a nd w ith out a ny delay, wherefore tarry not, but appear in a b ea utif ul a nd
agreeable form the figure, by these Holy Names: ADONAI, TZABAOTH, EL, ELOHI,
ELOHIM, SHADDAI and by EHEIEH, YOD HE VAU HE which is the Great Name of
God TETRAGRAMMATON written with Four Letters, ANAPHODITION, and inef-
fable; by the God of those Virtues and Potencies, Who dwelleth i n the Heavens, Who
rideth up on the Kerubim , Who m ovet h up on the Wings of the Wind, He Whose
Power is in Heaven an d in Ea rth, Who spake and it was done, Who commanded and
the whole Universe was created; and by the Holy Names and in the Holy Names, IAH,
IAH, I AH, ADONAI TZABAOTH; and by al l the Names of God, the Living, and the
True, I reiterate the Conjuration, and I conjure ye afresh ye Evil and rebellious Spirits,
abiding in the Abysses of Darkness. 
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--------------------------------------- 35

 Book One 
 I conjure, I address, and I exorcise ye, that ye may approach unto and come before 
the Throne of God, the Living and the True, and before the Tribunal of t he Judgment 
of His M a jest y, a nd b efo re the Ho ly A ngels o f G od to h ear th e sentenc e of y our 
 Come ye then by the Name and in the Na me of SHADDAI which is tha t of God 
Almighty, strong, powerful, admirable, exalted, pure, clean, glorified, vir tuous, great, 
just, t err ible, an d holy ; and b y the Na me an d i n the Nam e of EL , IAH, IA H, IA H, 
Who hath formed and created the world by the Breath of His Mouth, Who supporteth 
it by His Power, Who ruleth and governet h it by His Wisdom, and Who hath cast ye 
for your pride into the Land of Darkness and into the Shadow of Death. 
 Therefore, by the Name of the Living God, Who hath formed the heavens above, 
and hath laid the foundations of the earth beneath, we command ye that, immediately 
and without any delay, ye come unto us from all places, valleys, mountains, hills, field, 
seas, rivers, fountains, ponds, brooks, caverns, grottos, cities, towns, villages, markets, 
fa irs, habitations, baths, courtyards, gardens, vineyards, planta tions, reser voirs, cis- 
terns, an d from ev er y corner of the ter rest rial ear th wh ere ye may h appen to be i n 
your assemblies, so that ye may execute and accomplish our demands with all mild- 
ness and courtesy; by that Ineffable Name which Moses heard and invoked, which he 
received from God f rom th e midst of the Burning Bush, we conjure ye to o bey our 
commands, and to come unto us promptly with all gentleness of manner. 
 Aga in we command ye with vehemence, and we exorcise ye with constancy, that 
ye and all your comrades come unto us in an agreeable an d gracious manner like the 
breeze, to accomplish successively our various commands and desires. Come ye, then, 
by th e vi r tue of t hes e N ames b y th e wh i ch we e xor ci se y e; AN AI , ÆC HHA D, 
all which names are writte n in Heaven in the cha racters of M ala chim, t hat is to say, 
the tongue of the Angels. 
 We then, by the just judgment of God, by the Ineffable and Admirable Virtue of 
God, just, living, and true, we call ye w ith p ower, we fo rce and exorcise ye by and in 
the admirable Name which was wr itten on the Tables of St one which God gave upon 
Mount Sinai; and by and in the wonde rful Name which Aaron t he High Priest bare 
w ritten upon his breast , by wh ich also God creat ed the World, the wh ich name i s 
AXINETON; and by the Livi ng God Who is One throughout the Ages, wh ose d well- 
ing is in the Ineffable Light, Whose Name is Wisdom, and Whose Spirit is Life, before 
Whom goeth forth Fire and Flame, Who hath from that Fire formed the firmament, 
the Stars and the Sun; and Who with that Fire will burn ye all for ever, as also all who 
shall contravene the Words of His Will. 
 Come ye, then, without delay, without noise, and without rage, before us, without 
any deformity or hideousness, to execute all our will; come ye from all places wherein 
ye are, from all mountains, valleys, streams, rivers, brooks, ponds, places, baths, syna- 
gogu es; for God, strong and powerful, will chase ye and constrain ye, being glor ious 
over all things; He will compel ye, both ye and the Prince of Darkness. Come ye, come 
ye, Angels of Da rkness; come hithe r before this C ircle without fear, terror, or defor- 
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 The Key of Solomon
mit y, to execute our commands, and be y e ready both to achieve and to complete all
that we shall command ye. 
 Come ye, then, by the Crown of the Chief of your Emperors, and by the Sceptres
of your power, and of SID, the Great Demon, your Master; by the Name s and in the
Names o f the Holy Angels wh o have been cr eated to be abo ve you, l ong befo re the
constitution of the world; and by the Na mes of the two Princes of t he Universe, whose
Names are, IONIEL and SEFONIEL; by the rod of Moses, by the staff of Jacob; by the
ring and sea l of David, wherein are wr itten the Names of Sovereig n God; and by the
Names of the A ngels by wh ich SO LOMO N ha s li nked an d b ound ye; and by the
sacred bonds by which ANAEL hath environed and hath conquered the Spirit: and by
the Name of the Angel who ruleth potently over the rest, and by the praise of all crea-
tures who cry incessantly unto God, Who spake, and immediately all things, even the
Ages , were made and for med; and by the Name HA-QADOS CH BERAKHA, w hich
si g nifies the Holy an d B lessed O ne ; an d b y t he Ten Choi rs of t he Holy Angels
Sa cred name of Twelve Letters of which each letter is the Name of an Angel, and the
letters of the Name are ALEPH, BETH, BETH, NUN, VAU, RESH, VAU, CHETH, HE,
 By these Names therefore, and by all the other Holy Names, we conjure ye and we
ex or ci se ye ; by t h e A nge l Z ECH IEL; by t h e A nge l DU C HIE L; by t he A ngel
DONACHIEL; and by the Great Angel METATRON, Who is the Prince of the Angels,
and introduceth the Souls before the Face of God; and by the Angel SANGARIEL, by
whom the portals of Heaven are guarded; and by the Angel KERUB, who wa s made
the Guardian of the Terrestrial Paradise, w ith a Sword of Flame, after the expulsion of
Ada m our foref ather ; and by the Angel MICHAEL b y whom ye were h urled down
from t he Heig ht of the THRONE into the Depth of t he La ke and o f the Ab yss, t he
same Name meaning, “Who is like God upon Earth;” and by the Angel ANIEL; and by
the Angel OPHIEL; a nd by the Angel BEDALIEL; wherefore, by these and by all the
other Holy Names of the Angels, we powerfully conjure and exorcise ye, that ye come
from all parts of the world im mediately, a nd w ithout a ny de lay, to pe rform our will
and demands, obeying us quickly and courteously, and that ye come by the Name and
in the Name of ALEPH, DALETH, NUN, IOD, for we exorcise ye anew by the applica-
ti on of t hese L et ters, b y wh ose p ower bur ning fi r e i s quen ch ed , an d th e wh ol e
Universe trembleth. 
 We constrain ye yet again by the Seal of the Sun which is the Word of God; and by
the Seal of the Moon and of the Stars we bind ye; and by the other Animals and Crea-
tures w hich are in H eaven, b y whose wing s Heaven c leans eth its elf, we f orce and
attract ye imperiously to execute our will without failure. And we conjure, oblige, and
terribly exorcise ye, that ye draw near unto us without delay and without fear, as far as
is possible unto ye, here before this Circle, as supplicants gen tly and with discretion,
to accomplish o ur will in all an d through all. If ye come promptly and voluntarily, ye
shall inhale our pe rfumes, and our s uf fumig ations o f p leasant o dour, whic h w ill be
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--------------------------------------- 37

 Book One 
both agr eeabl e and delightful unto ye. F urthermore ye wi ll see the S ymbol of your 
Creator, and the Names of his Holy Angels, a nd we shall afterw ards dismiss ye, and 
send ye hence with thanks. But if, on the contrary, ye come not quic kly, and y e show 
yourselves self-opinionated, rebellious, and contumacious, we shall conjure ye again, 
and exorcise ye ceaselessly, and will repeat all the aforesaid words and Holy Names of 
God and of the Holy Angels; by the which Names we shall hara ss you, and if that be 
not sufficient we will add thereunto yet greater and more power ful ones, and we will 
thereun to again ad d other Names w hich ye have not y et heard fr om us, wh ich are 
those of an Almighty God, and which will make ye tremble and quake with fear, both 
ye and your princes; by the which Names we conjure both you and them also, and we 
shall not desist from our work until the accomplishment of our will. But if perchance 
ye yet sh all ha rden y our selves, an d sh ow your sel ves sel f-opinionated, d iso bedient, 
rebellious, ref ractor y, and cont umacious, a nd if ye yet resist our powerful conjura- 
tion s, we shal l pron ounce aga inst you this war ran t of a rrest in the Na me of God 
Almighty, and this definite sentence that ye shall fall into dangerous disease and lep- 
rosy, and th at in sign of the Div ine Veng eance ye shall all pe rish by a ter rifying and 
ho rrib le de ath, and th at a fire s hall c onsume and d evour y ou o n ever y s ide , a nd 
ut terly cr ush you; and that by the Power o f G od, a fla me shall go for th f rom H is 
Mouth which shall burn ye up and reduce ye unto nothing in Hell. Wherefore delay ye 
not to come, for we shall not cease from these powerful conjurations until ye shall be 
obliged to appear against your will. 
 Thus then, ther efore, we anew conjure and exorcise ye by and in the Holy Name 
of ON, which is interpreted and called God; by the Name and in the Name of EHEIH, 
which is the tr ue Name of God, “I am He who Is;” by and i n the Inef fable Name of 
Four Letters YOD HE VAU HE, the Knowledge and understa nding of which is hidden 
even fr om the Angel s; by t he N ame a nd in the N ame of E L , wh ich si g nif ieth a nd 
denoteth the powerful and consuming fire which issueth from His Countenance, and 
which shall be your ruin and destruction; and by the Light of the Angels which is kin- 
dled and taken ineffably from that flame of D ivine ardour. 
 By these then, and by other most Holy Names which we pronounce against you 
from the bottom of our hear ts, do we force and constrain ye, if ye be yet rebell ious 
and disobed ient. We conjure y e power fully an d st rongly exorcise y e, t hat ye come 
unto us with joy and quickness, without fraud or deceit, in truth and not in error. 
 Come ye then, come ye, behold the Signs and the Name s of your Creator, behold 
the Holy Pentacles by the virtue of which the Earth is moved, the trees thereof and the 
Abysses tremble. Come ye; come ye; Come ye. 
 These things being thus done and perfor med, ye sha ll see the Spirits come from 
all sides in great haste w ith their Princes and Superiors; the Spirits of the First Order, 
like Soldiers, armed with spears, shields, and corslets; those of the Second Order like 
Barons , Prin ces, Du k es, Ca pta ins , and G enera ls of Ar mies. For th e T hird and last 
Order their King will appear, before whom go many players on instruments of music, 
accompanied by beautiful and melodious voices which sing in chorus. 
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 The Key of Solomon
 Then the Exorcist, or Master of the Art, a t the arrival of the King, whom he shall
see crowned with a Diadem, should uncover the Holy Pentacles and Medals which he
weareth upon his breast covered with a cloth of silk or of fine tw ined linen, and show
them unto him, saying: 
 Behold the Signs and Holy Names by and before whose power every knee should
bow, of all that is in Heaven, upon Earth, or in Hell. Humble ye yourselves, therefore,
under the Mighty hand of God. 
 Then will the King bow the knee before thee, and will say, “What dost thou wish,
and wherefore hast thou caused us to come hither from the Infernal Abodes?”
 Then shall the Exorcist, or Master of Magical Art, with an assured air and a grave
and imperious voice, order and command him to be tranquil, to keep the rest of his
attendants peaceable, and to impose silence upon them.
 Let him, also, renew his fumigations, and offer large quan tities of Incense, which
he should at once place upon the fire, in order to appease the Spirits as he hath prom-
ised them . H e sh oul d then cover the Pent acl es, an d he w ill se e wonder ful t hings ,
which it is impossible to relate, touching worldly matters and all sciences.
 This being finished, let the Master uncover the Pentacles, and demand all that he
shall wish from the King of the Spirits, and i f there are one or two Spirits only, it w ill
be the same; and having obtained all his desire, he shall thus license them to depart:
 The License To Depart
 In the Name of ADONAI, the Eternal and Everlasting One, let each of you return
unto his place; be there peace between us and you, and be ye ready to come when ye
are called. 
 After this he should recite the first chapter of Genesis, “Bera shith Bara Elohim, In
the beginn ing, &c.” 
 This being done, let them all in order quit the Circle, one after the other, the Mas-
ter first. Furthe rmore let th em ba the th eir faces w ith the exorcised wa ter, as will be
he reafter told, and the n le t th em ta ke the ir o rdina r y ra iment a nd g o about the ir
 Take notice and o bserve carefully th at this l ast conjuration is of s o great impo r-
tance and efficacy, that e ven if the Spirits were bound with chai ns of iron and fi re, or
shut up in some strong place, or reta ined by a n oath, they could not even then delay
to come. But supposing that they were being conjured in some other place or pa rt of
the Universe by some other Exorcist or Master of the Art, by the same conjuration; the
Master should add to his conjuration that they should at least send him some Messen-
gers, or some individual to declare unto him where they are, how employed, and the
reason w hy they cannot come and obey him.
 But if (which is almost impossible) they be even yet self-opinionated and disobe-
dient, and unwilling t o obey ; i n this case t heir names shoul d be w ritten on virgin
paper, which he should soil and fill with mud, dust, or clay. Then he shall kindle a fire
with dr y ru e, upon which he shall put powdered asafoetida, and o ther thing s of evil
Page 36 

--------------------------------------- 39

 Book One 
odour; after w hich let him put the aforesaid na mes, w ritten on parchment or Virgin 
Parchment Paper, upon the fire, saying: 
 The Conjuration Of The Fire 
 I conjure thee, O Creature of Fire, by Him who removeth the Earth, and maketh it 
tremble, that thou burn and tor ment the se Spirits, so that they may f eel it intensely, 
and that they may be burned eternally by thee. 
 This being said, thou shalt cast the aforesaid paper into the fire, saying: 
 The Curse 
 Be ye accursed, damned, and e ternally reproved; and be ye tormented with per- 
petu al pa in, s o th at we ma y f ind no repose b y nig ht no r b y da y, no r f or a sing le 
moment o f time, if ye obey not immediately th e c ommand of Him Who maketh the 
Universe to tremble; by thes e Names, and in vi rtue of these Names, the which being 
named and invoked all creatures obey and tremble with fear and terror, these Na mes 
which can turn aside lightning and thunder; an d which w ill utterly make you to per- 
ish, destroy, and banish you. These Names then are Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth, He, 
Vau, Z ayin, Cheth, Teth, Yod, Kaph, L amed, Mem, Nun, Samekh, Ayin, Pe, Tzaddi, 
Qoph, Resh, Shin, Tau. 
 By these secret Name s, therefore, and by these signs wh ich are full of Myster ies, 
we curse ye, and in v irtue of the power of the Three Principles. Aleph, Mem, Shin, we 
deprive ye of all off ice and dignity which ye may have e njoyed up till n ow; and by 
their vir tue and power we relegate you unto a lake of sulphur and of flame, and unto 
the deepest depths of the Abyss, that ye may burn therein eternally for ever. 
 Then w ill the y assuredly come without any delay, and in great ha ste, crying: “O 
Our Lord and Prince, deliver us out of this suffering.” 
 All this ti me t hou sho uldest have near th ee r eady a n exorcise d pen, paper, and 
ink, as will be described hereinaf ter. Write their Names afresh, and kindle fresh fire, 
whereon thou sha lt put gum benjamin, olybdanum, and storax to make therewith a 
fumigation; w ith these odours thou shalt afresh, perfume the aforesaid paper with the 
Names; but thou shouldest have these names ready prepared beforehand. Then show 
th em the Holy Pentacles, and ask o f th em what thou wilt, and t hou shalt obtain i t; 
and having gained thy purpose, send away the Spirits, saying: 
 The License To Depart. 
 By the v ir tue of these Pentacl es, an d because y e have been obedient, an d have 
obeyed the comman dmen ts o f the Creat or, feel and i nhale t his gr ateful odour, and 
af terwards depart ye unto your abod es and ret reat s; be there p eace between us and 
you; be ye ever ready to come when ye shall be cited and called; and may the blessing 
of God, as fa r as ye are capable of receiving it, be upon you, provided ye be obedient 
and prompt to come unto us without solemn rites and observances on our part. 
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--------------------------------------- 40

 The Key of Solomon
 Thou shou ldest fur ther make a Book of V irgin Parchm ent Paper, and ther ei n
write the foregoing conjurations, and constrain the Demons to swear upon the same
book that they will come whenever they be called, and present themselves before thee,
whenever thou shalt w is h to consult them. Af terw ards thou canst cover this Book
with sacred Sigils on a plate of silver, and therein write or engrave the Holy Pentacles.
Thou mayest open this Book either on Sundays or on Thursdays, rather at night than
by day, and the Spirits will come. 
 Regarding the expression “nig ht ,” u nderstand th e nig ht following, and not th e
night preced ing the afor esaid days. And rem em ber that by day (the Demons ) ar e
ashamed, for they are Animals of Darkness.
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--------------------------------------- 41

 Book One 
 Chapter VIII 
 Concerning Pentacles, and the Manner of Constructing Them. 
 As we have alrea dy made mention of the Pentacles, it is necessary that thou shouldest 
 understand that the whole Science and understanding of oKeuy dr ependeth upon the 
 operation, knowledge, and use of Pentacles. 
 He then who shall wish to perform any operation by the means of the Medals, or 
 Pentacles, an d therein to render himself expert, must observe what hath been herein 
 before ordained. Let him then, O my Son Roboam, know and understand that in the 
 af oresai d Pentacles he shall find t hose I neffable an d Most Holy Names wh ich were 
 written by the fi nger of God in the Ta blets of Moses an d whiSolc h I, omon , have 
 received through the Minis try of an Angel by Divine Revelation. Th ese then h ave I 
 collected together, arranged, consecrated, and kept, for the benefit of the human race, 
 and the preservation of Body and of Soul. 
 The Pentacles should then be made in the days and hours of Mercury, when the 
ual eqn idse, aneacrni re hnbe iso aldoule shsh; gn sialirsterre tor aliMoon is in an aër 
 number of days with the Sun. 
 It i s n ecessar y to ha ve a Ch am ber or Cab inet sp eci ally set ap ar t an d n ewl y 
 cleaned, wherein th ou ca nst remain without interruption, the which h aving entered 
 with thy Companio ns, thou sha lt inc ense and perf ume it with th e o dours a nd p er- 
 fum es of t he A rt . T he sk y should be clear an d ser ene. It is n e cessar y t hat th ou 
 shouldest have one or more pieces of virgin paper prepared and arranged ready, as we 
 shall tell you more fully later on, in its place. 
 Thou shalt commence th e w riting or construction o f the Pentacles in th e hour 
 aforesaid. Among other things, thou shalt chiefly use these colours: Gold, Cinnabar or 
 Vermilion Red, and c elestial or bril liant Azu re Blue. Furthermore, thou shalt ma ke 
 these Medals or Pentacles with exorcised pen and colours, as we shall hereafter show 
 thee. Whensoever thou cons tru ctest them, if thou canst complete the m in th e hour 
 wherein thou dids t begin them, it is better. However, if it be absolutely ne cessary to 
 interrupt t he w ork, tho u should est a wait th e prop er day a nd ho ur b efore r e-com- 
 mencing it. 
 The Pentacles being finished a nd completed, take a cloth of v ery fine silk, a s we 
 shall hereafter ordain t hee, in th e w hich thou shalt wrap the Pent acles . After which 
 thou shalt take a large Vessel of Earth filled with Charcoal, upon the which there must 
 be put frankincense, mastic, and aloes, all having been previously conjured and exor- 
 cised as shal l h ereaf ter b e t old thee. T hou must al so be t hys el f p ure, cl ean , and 
 washed , as t hou sh alt fi nd given i n the p rop er place. F urther mor e, thou shouldes t 
 have the Sickle or Knif e of Magical Art, with the which thou shalt make a Circle, and 
 trace within it an inner Circle, and in the space between the two thou shalt w rite the 
 Na mes o f G od, w hich thou sha lt think fit a nd pro per. It is necessa ry afte r this th at 
 thou shouldest have within the Circle a vessel of earth with burning coals and odorif- 
 erous perfumes thereon; with the which thou shalt fumigate the a foresaid Pentacles; 
 Page 39

--------------------------------------- 42

 The Key of Solomon
and, having turned thy face tow ards the East, thou s halt hold the said Pentacles over
the smoke of the Incense, and shalt repeat devoutly the following Psalms of David my
Father: Psalms viii., xxi, xxvii, xxix., xxxii, li, lxxii, cxxxiv. 
 After this thou sha lt repea t th e follo wing Oration:
 The Oration.
 O ADONAI most powerful , EL most strong, AGLA most h oly, ON m ost righ-
te ous , th e ALE PH a n d th e TAU, t he B e ginning a n d th e E nd; Th ou W ho h a st
es tablished a ll things in Th y Wisdom; Th ou Who has chosen Abraha m Thy f aithful
servant, and hast promised that i n h is seed shall al l nations of the ear th be blessed,
which seed Thou h ast mul tiplied as the St ars o f Heaven; T hou Who h ast appeared
unto Thy servant Moses in f lame in th e midst of the Burning Bush, and hast made
him walk with dry feet through the Red Sea; Thou Who gavest the L aw to him u pon
Mount Sinai; Thou Who hast granted untSolo omon Thy Servant these Pentacles by
Thy great Mercy, for the preser vation of Soul and of Body; we most humbly implore
and supp licate Thy Holy M ajest y, that these Pentacles m ay be con secr ated by Thy
power, and prepared in such ma nner that they may obta in vir tue and strength against
all Spirits, throug h Thee, O Most Holy ADONAI, Whose Kingdom, Empire, and prin-
cipality, remaineth and endureth without end.
 These w ords be ing sa id, thou sh alt perfume t he Pentacles with t he same sw eet
scents and perfumes, and afterwa rds having wra pped them in a piece of prepared silk
cloth, thou shalt put them in a place fit and clean, which thou mayest open whenever
it shall please thee, and close it again, at thy pleasure and according unto thy will. We
will hereafter show thee the method and manner of preparing the a foresaid place, of
pe rfuming it w ith scents and sweet o dours, and of spr inkling it with the Wa ter and
Water-Sprinkler of Magical Art for all these things contain many good properties, and
innumerable virtues, as experience will easily teach thee.
 We have already said sufficient regarding the Solemn Conjuration of Spirits.
 We have also spoken enough in our present Key, regarding the manner in which it
is necessary to attract the Spirits so as to make them speak. Now, by Divine aid, I will
teach thee how to perform certain experiments with success.
 Know , O my S on Robo am, t hat al l t he Divine Sig ils, Ch ar a cters, a nd Na mes
(which are the most preci ous and excellent things i n Nature, whether Terrest rial or
Celestia l), should be written by thee each separately, when thou art in a state of gr ace
and purity, upon Virgin parchment, with ordinary ink, in the beginning of the month
of August before sunrise, raising thine eyes unto heaven, and turning towards the east.
Thou shalt preser ve them to suspend from thy neck, whichever thou wilt, on the day
and hour wherein thou wast born, after which thou shalt take heed to name every day
ten times, the Name which is hung from thy neck, turning towards the East, and thou
mayest be assured that no enchantment or any other danger shall have power to harm
Page 40 

--------------------------------------- 43

 Book One 
 Figure 3. A Circle for the Consecration of Pentacles 
 Furthermore thou shalt vanquish all adversities, and shalt be cherished and loved 
by the Angels and Spirits, provided that thou hast made their characters and that thou 
hast them upon thee; I assure thee that this is the true way to succeed with case in all 
thine operations, for being fortified with a Divine Name, and the L etters, Characters, 
and Sigils, applicable unto the operation, thou shalt discover with what supernatural 
exa ctitu de a nd ver y great promptitu de, both Ter restrial and Celestial thing s will b e 
obedient unto thee. But all this will only be true, when accompanied by the Pentacles 
which hereinafter follow, seeing that the Seals, Chara cters, a nd Divine Na mes, serve 
only to for tify the work, to preser ve from unforeseen acci dents, an d to attract the 
familiarity of the Angels and Spirits; which is one reason, my Son, that before ma king 
any ex perimen t, I o rder thee t o rea d an d re-read my Testament, not once only but 
many times, so that being perfectly instructed in the several Ceremonies thou mayest 
in no way fail, and that thus what shall have previously appeared to thee difficult and 
lengthy, may become in process of time easy and of ver y great use. 
 Page 41

--------------------------------------- 44

 The Key of Solomon
 I am about to endow thee with many secrets, which I charge thee never to employ
f or a n e vil pu rpo s e, f o r A CCU RS ED BE HE WHO T AKETH THE N AM E OF
ALMIGHTY GOD IN VAIN; but thou mayest without any other ceremonies make use
of them, provided that, as I have already said, thou hast only the Glory of Eternal God
for thine object. Thus, after having taught thee all the Ceremonies which concern the
manner of performing the Operations, I am at length determined to make thee a par-
taker in the secrets of which I have partic ular knowledge, unknown to this d ay unto
the generality o f men; but, nevertheless , only on the condition tha t tho u attemptest
not the ruin a nd de struc tio n of thy neig hbour, for his blood will cry f or v eng ea nce
unto God, and in the end thou and thine shall feel the just wrath of an offended Deity.
However, God not h aving forbidden honest and lawful pleasures, thou mayest per-
for m bol dly the Op erations w hic h fol low, it being a lw ays esp eci a lly necess ar y to
distinguish between the good and the evil, so as to choose the f ormer and avoid the
latter, which is why I command thee to be attentive to all that is contained in this my
Page 42 

--------------------------------------- 45

 Book One 
 Chapter IX. 
 Of The Experiment Concerning Things Stolen, 
 and How It Should be Performed. 
MY beloved S on, if thou findest any Th eft, thou shalt do as is hereinafter ordained, 
and with the help of God thou shalt find that which hath been taken away. 
 If the hours and days be not otherwise ordained in this operation, thou must refer 
to what hath already been said. But before commencing any operation whatsoever for 
the recovery of things stolen, after having made all necessar y preparations, thou shalt 
say the following Oration: 
 The Oration. 
 Ateh Adona i Elohim Asher Ha-Shamain Ve-Ha-Aretz, &c. 
 Thou:, O Lord, Who hast made both Heaven and Earth, and hast measured them 
in the hollow of T hy ha nd; T hou W ho ar t seated up on the K er ubim an d the Ser a - 
phim, in the high places, whereunto human understanding cannot pene trate; Thou 
Who hast created all things by Thine agency, in whose Presence are the Living Crea- 
tu res, of w hich four ar e m ar vel lousl y volati le, wh ic h h ave si x w in gs, an d wh o 
in cessa ntly cry a loud: “QADOSCH, QADOS CH, QADOSCH, ADONAI ELOHIM 
TZABAOTH, Heaven and Earth are full of Thy Glory;” O Lord G od, Thou Who hast 
ex pelled Adam from the Terres tria l Pa radise, an d Who hast placed the Kerubi m to 
guard the Tree of Life, Thou art the Lord Who alone doest wonders; show forth I pray 
Thee Thy Great Mercy, by the Holy City of Jerusalem, by Thy wonderful Name of four 
letter s wh ich are YOD, H E, VAU, HE, and by Thy Holy an d Adm irable Name, gi ve 
unto me th e power and virtue to enable me to accompl is h this e xp eriment, and to 
come unto t he desired end of t his operation; through Thee wh o ar t Life, a nd un to 
Whom Life belongeth unto the eternal ages. Amen. 
 After this pe rfume and cense the pla ce by b urning Incense. This af oresaid pla ce 
should be pure, clean, safe from interruption or disturbance, and proper to the work, 
as we shall hereafter show. Then sprinkle the aforesaid place with consecrated Water, 
as is laid down in the Chapter concerning Circles. 
 The Operation b eing in such wise prepared, thou shalt rehearse the Conjuration 
necessary for this experiment, at the end of which Thou shalt say as follows: 
 O Almig ht y Fat her an d L ord, Wh o r egardest the Heaven s, the Earth, an d the 
Abyss, merc ifully gr ant u nto me by Thy Holy Name w ritten w ith four letters, YOD, 
HE, VAU, H E, that b y this e xorcism I may obt ain virt ue, Thou Who ar t IAH, IA H, 
IAH, grant that by Thy power these Spir its may discover tha t which we require and 
which we hope to find, and may they show and declare unto us the persons who have 
committed the theft, and where they are to be found. 
 I conjure ye, over this burning Incense, a new, y e Spirits above named, by all the 
aforesaid Names, through which all things created tremble, that ye show openly unto 
me (or un to this child here present with us) t hose things which we seek. 
 Page 43

--------------------------------------- 46

 The Key of Solomon
 These things bei ng accomplished they w ill mak e thee t o see plainly that wh ich
thou seekest. Take note tha t the Exorcist, or Master of the Ar t, should b e suc h as is
ordained in the Chapter concerning the Exorcist and his Companions; and if in th is
expe riment it should be necessary to write down c haracters or Name, thou s halt do
that which it is necessary to observe regarding the pen, ink, and paper, as is du ly pre-
scribed in the chapters concerning them. 
 For if thou dost not reg ard these things, thou wilt neither accomplis h that which
thou desirest, nor arrive at thy desired end. 
 How To Know Who Has Committed A Theft.
 Take a Sieve, after burning one-half teaspoonful of Incense, and suspend it by a
piece o f cord wh erewith a man has been hung, which should be fastened roun d the
circumferenc e of the r im. Wit hin the r im w rite with blood in the fo ur division s
thereof the characters given in Figur4. Ae fter this take a basin of brass perf ectly clean
which thou shalt fill with water from a fountain, and having pronounced these words:
spin round with thy left hand, and at the same time turn with thy right hand the water
in the basin in a contrary direction, by stirring it with a twig of green laurel. When the
water becometh still and the sieve n o longer whirls, gaze fixedly i nto the water, and
thou shalt see the form of him who hath committed the theft; and in order that thou
mayest the more easily recognize him, thou sha lt ma rk him in some pa rt of his face
with the Magical Sword of Art; for that sign which thou shalt have cut therewith in the
water, shall be really found thereafter upon his own person.
 The Manner Of Causing The Sieve To Turn ,
 That Thou Mayest Know Who Has Committed The Theft.
 Take a Sieve and stick into the outside of the rim the open points of a pair of scis-
sors, and having rested the rings of the said opened scissors on the thumb-nails of two
persons, let one of them say the following Prayer:
 Pr ayer.
Who liberatedst the holy Susanna from a false accusation of crime; O Lord, Who lib-
er ated st the holy Thekla; O Lord, Who rescu edst t he holy D aniel from the den of
lions, and the Three C hildren from the burning fiery f urnace, free the inno cent and
reveal the guilty. 
 After this let him or her pronounce aloud the names and surnames of all the per-
sons living in the house where the theft ha st been committed, Who may be susp ected
of having stolen the things in question, saying:
 “By Saint Peter and Saint Paul, such a person hath not done this thing.”
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--------------------------------------- 47

 Book One 
 And let the other reply: 
 “By Saint Peter and Saint Paul, he (or she) hath not done it.” 
 Let this be repeated thrice for ea ch person named and suspected, and it is certain 
that on naming the person who hath committed the theft or done the c rime, the sieve 
will turn of itself w ithout its being able to stop it, and by this thou shalt know the evil 
 Figure 4. 
 Page 45

--------------------------------------- 48

 The Key of Solomon
 Chapter X.
 Of The Experiment of Invisibility, and How it Should Be Performed
If t hou w ishest to pe r form the Expe r iment o f I nvisibility, tho u shalt f ollow the
instructions for the same. If it be necessary to observe the day and the hour, thou shalt
do as is said in their Chapters. But if thou need est not observe the day and the hour as
marked in the Chapter the reon, thou shalt do as taught in the Chapter which prece-
deth it. If in the course of the expe riment it b e necessary to write anything, it should
be done as is described in the Chapters pertaining thereto, with the proper pen, paper,
and ink, or blo od. But if the matter is to be accomplished by invocation, before thy
conjurations, thou shalt, while burning Incense, say devoutly in thine heart:
GU VARI N; through Him by whom ye h ave e mpi re and power over men, ye mu st
accomplish this work so that I may go and remain invisible.
 And if it b e ne cess ar y in th is op era tio n to tr a ce a C irc le, thou sha lt do a s is
ordained in the Chapter concerning Circles; and if it be necessary to write Characters,
&c., thou shalt follow the instructions given in the respective Chapters.
 This operation being thus prepared, if there be an es pecial Conj urat ion to per-
form, t hou shalt repeat i t in the p roper manner; i f n ot, thou sh alt say the general
Conjuration, at the end of which thou shalt add the follow ing words:
 O thou ALMIRAS, Master of Invisibility, with thy Ministers CHEROS, MAITOR,
TUMI, DABUEL; I conjure ye by Him Who mak eth E arth an d Heaven to tremble,
Who is seated u pon the Throne of His Majesty, that this operation may be perfectly
accomplished according to my will, so that at whatsoever time it may please me, I may
be able to be invisible. 
 I conjure thee anew, O ALMIRAS, Chief of Invisibility, both thee and thy Minis-
te r s, b y H im th r oug h W hom a ll th ing s h ave th ei r b eing , a nd b y S ATU R IEL ,
HARCHIEL, DANIEL, BENIEL, ASSIMONEM, that thou immediately comest thither
with all thy Minis ters, and achievest t his operation, as th ou knowest it o ught to b e
accomplished, and that by the same operation thou render me invisible, so that none
may be able to see me. 
 In order then to accomplish this aforesaid operation, thou must prepare all things
necessary with requisite care and diligence, and put them in practice with all the gen-
eral an d par tic ular ceremonies lai d d own fo r these ex periments; and with all t he
conditions contained in our first and second Books. Thou shalt also in the same oper-
ations duly repe at the appropriate Conjur atio ns, with all the solemnitie s marked in
the respective Chapters. Thus shalt thou accomplish the experiment surely and with-
out hindrance, and thus shalt thou find it true.
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--------------------------------------- 49

 Book One 
 But , on the co nt rar y, if thou le ttest an y of these thing s escap e thee, or if thou 
despiseth them, never shalt thou be able to arrive a t thy proposed end; as, for exam- 
ple, we enter not easily into a fenced city over its walls but through its gates. 
 How To Render Oneself Invisible. 
 Make a small image of yellow wax, in the form of a man, in th e month Januar y 
and in the day and hour of Sat urn, an d at that time write w ith a n eedle above the 
crown of its head and upon its skull which thou shalt have adroitly raised, the charac- 
ter f ol low ing. (S ee Fi gur5e. ) Af te r w hich tho u shalt r e-pla ce the s kull in pro per 
position. Thou shalt then write upon a small strip of the skin of a frog or toad which 
thou shalt have killed, the following words and chara cters. (See F6i.)gur Teh ou shalt 
then go and suspend the said figure by one of thy hairs from the vault of a cavern at 
the hour of midnight, and burning Incense under it, thou shalt say: 
 Figure 5. 
conjure thee O Figure of wax, by the Living God, that by the virtue of these Characters 
and words, thou render me invisible, wherever I may bear thee with me. Amen. 
 And a fte r having burned Incense again u nder it, thou shalt bury it in th e same 
place in a small de al box, and every tim e that tho u wishest t o pass or ente r into any 
place wit hout being seen, thou shalt say these words, bearing the aforesaid figure in 
thy left pocket: 
 Come unto me and never quit me whithersoever I shall go. 
 Afterw ards thou shalt take it carefully back unto the before-mentioned place and 
cover it with earth until thou shalt needagai it n. 
 Figure 6. 
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--------------------------------------- 50

 The Key of Solomon
 Chapter XI.
 To Hinder a Sportsman from Killing any Game.
Take a stick of g reen elder, from the two ends of which thou shalt clean out the pith.
In each end place a strip of parchment of hare-skin, having written thereon with the
blood of a black hen the following character and word. (See Fi7.)gur Hea ving made
two of these slips, pla ce one in each end of the stick and close the apertures up with
pith, afterwards on a Friday in the month of February thou shalt fumigate the afore-
said stick with suitable incense thrice in the air, and having taken it thence thou shalt
bury it in the earth under an elder tree. Afterwards thou shalt expose it in the pathway
by which the Sportsman will pass, and once he has passed by i t, he need not hope to
kill any game during that day. If thou shalt wish a second time to lay a spell upon him
in like manner, thou needest but to expose the stick again in his path; but take care to
bury it again in the earth under an elder tree, so as to be able to take it from thence
each time tha t tho u shalt h ave need of it; and to take it up e ach time as soon as th e
Sportsman shall have passed. 
 Figure 7.
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--------------------------------------- 51

 Book One 
 Chapter XII. 
 How To Make The Magic Garters. 
Tak e en ough of the sk in of a st ag t o make two hollo w tubular G arter s, but befor e 
stitching them up thou shalt write on the side of the skin which was n ext the flesh the 
words and characters shown in Figur8, we ith the blood of a hare killed on the 25th of 
June, and having filled the said Garters with green mugwort gathered also 25onth the 
of June before sunrise, thou shalt put in the two ends of each the eye of the fish called 
barbel; a nd wh en thou shalt wi sh to use them thou s halt get up before sunrise and 
wa sh t hem in a brook of ru nning wa ter, and place th em o ne o n e ach leg above t he 
knee. After this thou shalt take a shor t rod of holm-oak cut on the same 25th of June, 
turn in the direction thou wishest to go, write upon the ground the name of the place, 
and commencing thy journey thou wilt find it accomplished in a few days and w ith- 
out fatigue. When thou wishest to stop thou hast only to say AMECH and beat the air 
with the aforesaid wand, and incontinently thou shalt be on firm ground. 
 Figure 8. 
 Page 49

--------------------------------------- 52

 The Key of Solomon
 Chapter XIII.
 How To Make The Magic Carpet Proper For Interrogating The Intelli-
Gences, So As To Obtain An Answer Regarding Whatsoever Matter One May 
 Wish To Learn.
Make : a Carpet of white and new wool, and when the Moon shall be at her full, in the
Sign of C apricor n and in the hour o f th e Sun, th ou shalt go into the countr y aw ay
from any habitation of man, in a place free from all impurity, and shalt spread out thy
Ca rpet so t hat one of i ts p oints sh all be t owards t he eas t, an d another towar ds the
west, and having made a Circle without i t an d enclosing it, thou shalt remain within
upon the point towards the east, and holding thy wand in the air for ever y operation,
thou shalt call upon MICHAEL , towards the north upon RAPHAEL, towards the west
up on GABRIEL , and towards the south upon MURIEL. After this thou s halt re turn
unto the point of the Ea st and devoutly invoke the Great Name AGLA, and take this
point of the Car pet in thy left hand; turning then towards the North thou shalt do the
same, and so continuing to the ot her points of the Carpet, t hou shalt raise them s o
that they touch not the ground, and holding them up thus, and turning anew towards
the East thou s halt say with great veneration the follow ing Prayer:
 Pr ayer.
 AGLA, AGLA, AGLA, AGLA; O G od Al mighty who art the L ife of the Universe
and who rulest over the four divisions of its vast for m by the strength and vir tue of
the Four Letters of Thy Holy Name Tet ragr ammat on, YOD, H E, VAU, HE, bless i n
Thy Name this covering which I hold as Thou hast blessed the Mantle of Elijah in the
hands of Elisha, so that being covered by Thy Wings, nothing may be a ble to injure
me, ev en as it is said: “He shall hide thee under His wi ngs an d beneath His feathers
shall thou trust, His truth shall be thy shield and buckler.”
 After this thou shalt fold it up, saying these words following:
 RECABUSTIRA, CABUSTIRA, BUSTIRA, TIRA RA, A; and shall keep it carefully
to serve thee at need. 
 When thou shalt be desirous to make thine interrogations, choose the night of full
or of new moon, and from midnight until daybreak. Thou shalt transport thyself unto
the appointed spot if it b e for the purpose of discovering a treasure; if not, any place
will serve provided it be clean and pure. Having had the prec aution on the preceding
even ing t o write up on a slip of virg in parchment col ou red azur e- blue, w ith a pen
made from the feather of a dove, this Character and Name (see Fi9gur); tae king thy
carpet, thou sha lt cover thy head and body therewith, and taking the censer, with new
fire therein, thou s halt place it in or up on the p roper place, and ca st thereon some
incense. Then shalt thou prostrate thyself upon the ground, with thy face towards the
earth, before the incense begi nnet h to fume, keeping the fire of the same beneath the
carpet, holding thy wand upright, against which to rest thy chin; thou shalt hold with
Page 50 

--------------------------------------- 53

 Book One 
thy rig ht hand the aforesaid strip of parchment against thy forehead. and thou shalt 
say the following words: 
HORAH, HIMSERE; O God the Vast On e send unto me the Inspiration of Thy Light, 
make me to discover the secret thing which I ask of Thee, w hatsoever such or such a 
thing may be , ma ke me to search it o ut b y the aid o f Thy ho ly M inisters RAZIEL, 
TZAP HNIEL, M ATM ONIEL; Lo, T hou h ast desire d truth in the young, and in th e 
hidden thing shalt Thou make me known w isdom. RE CABUSTIRA, C ABUSTIRA, 
 And thou shalt hear distinctly the answer which thou shalt have sought. 
 Figure 9. 
 Page 51

--------------------------------------- 54

 The Key of Solomon
 Chapter XIV
 How To Render Thyself Master of a Treasure Possessed by the Spirits.
The Ear th bei ng inhabi ted , as I ha ve bef ore sai d un to thee, by a gr eat number of
Celestial Beings a nd S pirits , w ho by their subtlet y a nd p revis ion kno w th e pl a ces
wherein treasures are hidden, and seeing that it often happenneth that those men who
undertake a search for these said treasures are molested and sometimes put to death
by th e a f oresa id S p irits, w hic h are c a ll ed Gno m es; w hic h, h owever, is no t do ne
through the Avarice of these said Gnomes, a Spirit being incapable of possessing any-
thing, h aving n o mat erial sen ses w herewit h to bring i t i nto use, but becaus e these
Spirits, who are enemies of the passions, are equally so of Avarice, unto which men are
so much inc line d; and f ore seeing th e e vil ends f or w hich th ese t reasures w ill b e
employed h ave some i nte rest a nd aim i n maintaining the e ar th in its condition of
price and value, seeing that they are its inhabitants, and when they slightly disturb the
workers in such kind of treasures, it is a warning which they give them to cease from
the work, and if it happen that the greedy importunity of the aforesaid workers oblige
th em to continu e, n otwithstanding th e af oresaid wa rning s, the Spirits , ir ritate d by
their despising the same, frequently put the workmen to death. But know, O my Son,
th at f rom th e time th at thou shalt have t he good for tune to b e fam iliar w ith such
kinds of Spirits, and that thou shalt be able b y means o f what I ha ve taught thee to
make them s ubmit un to thine o rders, they wi ll be happy to give thee, an d to make
thee partaker in that which they uselessly possess, provided that thine object and end
shall be to make a good use thereof. 
 The Manner Of Performing The Operation.
 On a Sunday befor e sunrise, bet ween t10hthe of July a nd the20 th o f August,
when the moon is i n the Sign of the L ion, thou s halt go unto the place wher e thou
shalt know either by interrogat ion of the Intelligences, o r otherw ise, t hat there is a
treasure; there thou shalt describe a Circle of sufficient size with the Sword of Magical
Art wherein to open up the earth, as the nature of the ground will allow; thrice during
the day sh al t thou cen se i t w ith the incen se p rop er for the day, after which being
clothed in the raiment proper for the Operation thou shalt suspend in some way by a
machine imme diately a bove th e opening a lamp, whose oil should be ming led w ith
the fat of a man who has died in the month of July, and the wick being made from the
cloth wherein he has been buried. Having kindled this with fresh fire, thou shalt for-
tify the wor kmen with a gi rdle of t he skin of a go at newly slai n, wher eon shal l be
written w ith the blood of t he d ead m an from whom thou shalt have t aken the fat
these words and characters (see Figur10e); and thou shalt set them to work in safety,
war ning them n ot to be at al l dist urbed at the Spec tres w hich they w ill see, b ut to
work away boldly. In case they cannot finish the work in a single day, ever y time they
shall have to leave it thou shalt cause them to put a covering of wood over the open-
Page 52 

--------------------------------------- 55

 Book One 
ing, a nd above the cover ing a bout six inches of earth; and thus shalt thou continue 
unto the end, being all the time present in the raiment of the Art, and with the Magic 
Sword, during the operation. After which thou sha lt repeat this prayer: 
 Pr ayer. 
 ADONAI, ELOHIM, EL, EHEIEH ASHER EHEIEH, Prince of Princes, Existence 
of Existences, have mercy upon me, and cast Thine eyes upon Thy Ser vant (N.), who 
invokes Thee mos t devoutedly, and supplicates Thee by Thy H oly and tremendous 
Name Tetragr ammaton to be p rop itious, an d to order Thine A ngels an d Spirits t o 
come and take up their abode in this place; O ye Angels and Spirits of the Stars, O all 
ye Angels and Elementary Spirits, O all ye Spirits present before the Face of God, I the 
Minister and faithful Servant of the Most High conjure ye, let God himself, the Exist- 
ence of Existences, conjure ye to come and be present at this Operation, I, the Servant 
of God, most humbly entreat ye. Amen. 
 Having then caused the workmen to fill in the hole, thou sh alt license the Spirits 
to depar t, thanking them for the favour they have shown unto thee, and saying: 
 The License To Depart. 
 O y e good an d hap py Spirits, we t hank y e for the be nefi ts whi ch we ha ve just 
received from y our liberal b oun ty; depart y e i n peace to govern the Element which 
God hath destined for your habitation. Amen. 
 Figure 10. 
 Page 53

--------------------------------------- 56

 The Key of Solomon
 Chapter XV.
 Of the Experiment of Seeking Favour and Love.
If thou wishest to perform the Experiment of seeking favor and love, observe in what
manner the Experiment is to be carried out, and if it he dependent upon the day and
the hour, perform it in the day and the hour required, as thou wilt find it in the chap-
ter concerning the hours; and if the E xperiment be one that requireth writ ing, thou
shalt w rite as it i s said in the chapte r concerning the same; and if i t be w ith penal
bonds, pacts, and fumigations, the n tho u shalt c ense with a fit perf ume as is said in
the c hapter concerning s uffumigations; and if it be necessary t o sprinkle it with water
and hyssop , then let i t be as i n the chap ter con cer ning the sa me; si milarly i f such
Exp eriment require c haracters, name s, o r th e l ike, l et such na mes b e wr itten a s the
chap ter concerning the w riting of characters, an d place the same i n a c lean place as
hath b een said. Th en thou shalt r epeat over it, afte r burning Incense, the following
 The Oration.
 O ADONAI, most Holy, Most Righteous, and most Mighty God, Who hast made
all things through Thy M ercy an d Righteousn ess wher ewi th T hou ar t fi lled , gr ant
unto us that we may be found worthy that this Experiment may be found consecrated
and perfect, so that the Light may issue from Thy Most Holy Seat, O ADONAI, which
may obtain for us favor and love. Amen. 
 This being said, thou shalt pla ce it in clean silk, and bur y it for a day and a night
at the junction of four cross-roads; and whensoever thou wishest to obtain any grace
or f avor from a ny, take it, having f irst properly consecrated it according to the r ule
and place it in thy right hand, and seek thou what thou wilt it shall not be denied thee.
But if tho u doest no t the Exper iment ca refully a nd right ly, assuredly th ou shalt not
succeed in any manner. 
 For obtaining grace and love write down the following words: 
ABEDNEGO, be ye all present in my aid and for whatsoever I shall desire to obtain.
 Which wor ds be ing properly w ritten as ab ove, thou sha lt also fi nd t hy desi re
brought to pass. 
Page 54 

--------------------------------------- 57

 Book One 
 Chapter XVI 
 How Operations of Mockery, Invisibility, and Deceit Should be Prepared. 
Experiments relat ing to tricks , mocker ies, and deceits, may be perfor med in m any 
ways. When thou shalt wish to practice these experiments with regard to any person, 
thou shalt observe the da y and the hour a s we have already said. Should it b e neces- 
sary to write Char acters or Words, it should be done on Virgin Parchment Pape r, as 
we shall show far ther on. As for the ink, if it be not specia lly ordained in this opera- 
tion, i t is advisable to use the blood of a bat with the pen and the needle of art. But 
before describing or writing the Chara cters or Names, all the necessary rules should 
be ob ser ved as gi ven i n the proper C hap ters, and havi ng car efully fo llowed out all 
these, thou shalt pronounce with a loud voice the following words: 
DERISOR, DESTATUR, come hither all ye who love the times and places wherein all 
kinds of mockeries and deceits are prac ticed. And ye who make things disappear and 
who render them invisible, come hither to deceive all those who regard these things, 
so th at the y may be deceived and th at the y may seem to see tha t w hich they see not 
and hear that which they hear not, so that their senses may be deceived, and that they 
may behold that which is not true. 
 Come ye the n hith er and remain, and consecrate this encha ntme nt, seeing that 
God the Almighty Lord hath destined ye for such. 
 When this Experiment is completed in this manner in the hour and time w hich 
we have shown and taught, al so the foregoing w ords ABAC, ALDAL, &c., sh ould be 
written with the pen as hereinafter ordained; but if the Experiment be perf ormed in a 
dif f erent w ay, y et s hal t tho u alw ays s ay the a foresaid w ords, a nd th ey should b e 
repeated as before given. 
 If thou pr acticest the se t hings in th is manne r correctly, thou shalt arrive at the 
effect of thine operations and experiments, by the which thou mayest easily deceive 
the senses. 
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 The Key of Solomon
 Chapter XVII.
 How Extraordinary Experiments and Operations Should be Prepared.
We have spoken in the preceding Chapters of common experiments and operations,
which it is more usual to pra ctice and put in operation, and therein thou mayest easily
see that we have told the e sufficient for the ir perfection. In this Chapter we treat of
extraordinary and unusual experiment s, which can also be done in many ways.
 None the le ss should those who wish to pu t in practice the like experiments and
operations o bserve the da ys and hours as is laid do w n in th e proper Chapters, and
should be provided with Genuine Parchment Paper, made from the skin of dead-born
Lambs, and other necessary things. Having prepared a similar experiment thou shalt
 Pr ayer.
 O G o d, W ho ha st c reated a ll th ing s, a nd h as t g iven u nto u s dis cer nme nt to
understand the good and the evil; through thy H oly Name, and through these Holy
do Thou, O Lord, gr ant t hat this experiment may become tr ue an d ver itable in my
hands through Thy Holy Seal, O ADONAI, Whose reign and empire remaineth e ter-
nally and unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen. 
 This being done, thou shalt perform the experiment, observing its hour, and thou
shalt perf ume a nd incens e as is l aid do wn in th e proper Chap ter; s prinkl ing with
exorcised w ate r, a nd p erfor ming al l t he ceremo nie s and solemnit ie s a s w e shall
instruct thee in the Second Book of our Key. 
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 Book One 
 Chapter XVIII. 
 Concerning The Holy Pentacles or Medals. 
The Medals or Pentacles, which we make for the pu rpose of str iking ter ror int o the 
Spirits and reducing them to obedience, have besides this wonderful and excellent vir- 
tu e. I f tho u in vokes t the S pirits b y v ir tue of the se Penta cles , th ey w ill o bey the e
without repugnance, and having considered them the y will be stru ck with astonish- 
ment, and will fear them, and thou shalt see them so surprised by fear and terror, that 
none of t hem will be sufficiently bold to w ish to oppose thy w ill. T hey are also, of 
great virtue and efficacy against all perils of Earth, of Air, of Water, and of Fire, against 
poison which hath been drunk, against all kinds of infirmities and necessities, agai nst 
binding, sortilege, and sorcery, against all terror an d fear, and wheresoever thou shalt 
find thyself, if armed with them, thou shalt be in safety all the days of thy life. 
 Through them do we acquire grace and good-will from man and w oman, fire is 
exting uished, water is s tayed, and a ll Creatures fear at the sig ht of the Names which 
are therein, and obey through that fear. 
 These Pentacles are usually ma de of the meta l the mo st s uitable to the n ature of 
the Planet; and then there is no occasion to observe the rule of particular colors. They 
should be en graved wi th the instrumen t of Art i n the days and hours p roper to the 
 Sat ur n ruleth over Lead; Jupiter over Tin; Mar s over Ir on; the Sun over Gol d; 
Venus over Copper; Mercury over the mixture of Metals; and the Moon over Silver. 
 They may also he made with Virgin Parchment Paper, writing thereon w ith t he 
colors adopted for each Planet, referring t o the rules already laid down in the proper 
Chapters, and according to the Planet with which the Pentacle is in sympathy. 
 Theref ore un to Sa turn the color of Black i s appropriated; Jupiter rule th over 
Celestial Blue; Ma rs over Red; the Sun over Gold, or the Color of Yellow or Citron; 
Venus over Green: Mercur y over Mixed Colors; the Moon over Silver, or the color of 
Argentine Earth. 
 The Matter of which th e Penta cle is constructed should b e Virgin, never having 
been used for any other purpose; or if it be metal it should be purified by fire. 
 As regards the size of the Pentacles it is arbitrary, so long as they are made accord- 
ing to the rules, and with the requisite solemnities, as hath been ordained. 
 The vi rtues of t he Holy Pentacl es ar e no less ad van tageous un to thee t han the 
knowledge of the secrets which I have already given unto thee; and thou shouldst take 
particular care if thou makest them upon v irgin parchment to use the proper colors; 
and i f thou engraves t them upon met al, to do so in the ma nner taught thee; and so 
shalt thou have the satisfaction of seeing them produce the promised effect. But seeing 
tha t this Science is not a Scienc e of argument and open rea soning , b ut t hat, on th e 
contrary, it is entirely mysterious and occult, we should not argue and deliberate over 
these matters, and it is sufficient to believe firmly to enable us to bring into operation 
that which hath already been taught. 
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 The Key of Solomon
 When thou shalt construct these Pentacles and Characters, it is necessary never to
forget the burning of Incense, nor to employ anything beyond that which hath already
been ta ught. 
 It is necessary, above all things, to be attentive to the operation, and never to for-
get or omit t hose th ing s whic h contribute to th e success w hich th e Penta cles a nd
Experiments pr omise, having ever in thy mind no other in tention than the Glory of
God, the accomplishment of thy desires, and loving kindness towards thy neighbour.
 Furthermore, my beloved Son, I order thee not to bury this Science, but to make
thy friends partakers i n the same, subj ect, howe ver, to the strict command never to
profane the things which a re Divine, for if thou do est this, fa r from rendering the e a
friend of the Spirits, it will but be the means of bringing thee unto destruction.
 But never must thou lavish these things among the ignorant, for that would be as
blameable as to cast precious gems before swine; on the contrary, from one Sage the
secret knowledge should pass unto another Sage, for in this manner shall the Treasure
of Treasures never descend into oblivion.
 Adore and revere the Most Holy Names of God which a re found in these Penta-
cles and Characters, for without th is never s halt tho u b e able to come to th e end of
any enterprise, nor to accomplish the Mystery of Myster ies.
 Above all things, remember that to perform any of these operations thou must be
pure in body and mind, and without blemish, and omit not any of the preparations.
 This Key, full of Myster ies, hath been revealed unto me by an Angel.
 Accursed be he who undertaketh our Art without having the qualities requisite to
thoroughl y underst and ourKe y, a ccursed be he who i nvoketh the Name o f God i n
vain, for such an o ne p rep areth for himself the punishments which aw ait the unbe-
liev ers, for God shal l ab an don them an d relegat e t h em un to t he depths o f H ell
amongst the impure Spirits. 
 For God is great and Immutable, He hath been for ever, and He shall remain e ven
unto the end of the Ages. 
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