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Formula IAO by Aleister Crowley: an attempt at the analysis

Translated by November 8, 2006. O.T.O describes Liber Formula IAO.

Analysis and comprehension of formulas the matter is far from simple. Magic formulas, they are the secret names of god, were always considered incomprehensible. But if it cannot be approach the essence of magic formula by means of the reflection above its manifestation in the creation of human spirit, we can be touched the inexpressible essence of magic formulas.

God creates the universe by means of the word. This idea, undoubtedly, is really archetype, since it appeared in different ways and is in no way connected to cultures. Hindus, Jews, gnostics, Christians, manifest surprising unanimity in this.

God creates the universe from chaos. It means, its secret names are spokesmen, the certain original laws, which organize the space of spirit and material. The utterance of name is actuating of this law. But since macrocosm and microcosm are united, the same laws, act in the space of microcosm, i.e., human psyche.

The determination of magic formulas in Krouli most corresponds to the Yungians determination of archetype. Many frequently confuse gods with the archetypes, but this is not entirely correct, since the gods - essence of the manifestation of archetype, i.e., archetype means, whereas magic formulas are an expression of original archetype. I.e., it is possible to say that the magic formulas are too complex to understand, other than by gods.

Gods clearly correspond to ways on the tree - meditate on them, it is simple - sufficient to use correspondences Liber 777, and with the presence of perseverance, force and some knowledge, understanding will occur. But as to understand magic formula, heart of gods, word of "secret and inexpressible god", which are almost so inexpressible.

The Yungians determination of archetype, completely can be applied to the magic formula: "archetype in itself is certain (Word Unknown - nepredstavimyy), it is clearly factor, certain disposition, which at some moment of the development of human spirit comes in the action, beginning to erect the material of consciousness into the specific figures. They frequently ask me, from where archetype is taken, it is acquired or not. To answer these questions directly I cannot. Regarding archetypes be the certain factors and the motives, which order and which erect mental elements into the known means (calling by archetype), but is done this so that to recognize them is possible only on the effect produced by them. They exist (Word Unknown - predsoznatel'no) and supposedly, are formed the structural dominants of mental generally. It is possible to compare them with invisible beings present in the mother liquor crystal lattice. From an empirical point of view the archetype never appeared within the framework of organic life. It appeared together with the life"(K.Yung, the dictionary of analytical psychology).

Thus, any manifestations in the mental and spiritual plan are archetype means, whereas archetype is the invisible source of this manifestation and organizes chaos into the certain structure. In these positions we see the special relationship of the idea of archetype and magic formula in the manner that was understood by Alister Of krouli.

In the history of magic, Krouli was first, who attempted to comprehend the essence of magic formulas by means of conducting of parallels and kabbala calculations. In this his method occurs similar to the practice of amplification, analytical psychology, when the search for close and parallel values makes it possible to be touched the invisible nucleus of analytical psychology.

In the "magics in the theory and in practice" Krouli gives the analysis of key magic formulas, direction for the analysis and amplifications are assigned, but in this direction the unlimited freedom for a study remains.

In this work I would want to reveal essence of one of the magic formulas, after tracing, as it is manifested in the life of human spirit - from the highest philosophy to the most commonplace levels, to which we do not turn attention.

First of all, let us be turned to the "magics into the theory and in practice". Which the basic essence of formula IAO? At the very beginning of chapter Krouli it writes the following: "these are the original and most characteristic formula Of osirisa, the formula of the atonement of humanity. I - these are Isida, or nature, ruined BY A - by Apopom- destroyer - and revived By osirisom ". Let us focus attention on the ordinal number of chapter - five, although formula IAO is ternary, on its spirit, it is active, man formula, therefore it is correlated with the fifth lasso of container - Iyerofantom.

Being the formula of meditation, it represents three natural periods: "at the sources of meditative practice always lie calm enjoyment, quiet process of natural increase. Meditiruyushchiy is lively interested in its work; it seems light; to begin it - one pleasure. This stage presents Isidu. Ho sooner or later it follows depression - this dark Hoc6 showers, infinite fatigue and aversion to the work. Even simplest and lung action becomes almost impracticable. This weakness fills soul by fear and desperation. The force of this aversion hardly is intelligible for those, who it did not survive. This is the period Of apopa. The alchemists teach on the same. The initial product, with which they work - basic and simplest; however, "natural". After a lapse of different stages appears "black dragon"; but from it grows pure and perfect gold ".

In "8 lectures on the yogi" Krouli enlarge understanding this formula, giving the concrete example: "make it possible to me for some time to be distracted and to turn to the fact that I spoke in my book about magic with respect to formula IAO. This formula includes entire knowledge. You begin from the glad sensations as child with the new toy, they become then boringly, and you attempt to break it. Ho the clever child has scientific position with respect to the toy, then it will not begin to break it. You will traverse the stage of boredom and will be raised from the tortures of hell to the state of the revival, when toy becomes god, it reveals to you its deepest secrets and it becomes the active part of your life. Het are more than that immaturity, wild opposition to pain and enjoyment. New knowledge is mastered ".

Thus, formula IAO, is applicable practically to any form of knowledge. For example, the stage of this formula can pass friends or enamored ones, when the admiration, based on the mutual idealized projections, (phase I) changes boredom and the disappointment, when the means of partner becomes unrealistic, but already in the negative aspect (phase A) and only in those, who will find in itself forces to accept their shadow and shadow of close one, it is possible to enter the phase of the ripe relations, based on the real knowledge and understanding of each other.

Human history passes the same phases, to what is focused attention To krouli. The first phase - phase I, it presents phase, to infantile reality and maximum naturalism, phase A is correlated with the Christian era of suffering, fragmentation, when the idea of sufferings became the prevailing idea of culture. Phase o is fallen to the new, recently begun postkhristianskuyu era the mountain, when humanity at long last proved to be to preparedly perceive integral vision. It does not be worthwhile to be flattered on this score, let us recall that, in the opinion Of krouli before era mountain will enter into its rights, must pass five hundred years "dark it is age-long".

It is interesting that the formula IAO in the projection on the history is encountered in analytical psychology of almost constant, although any acquaintance of Young with the works Of krouli is excluded:

"about the peace of the father:
"Mir of father symbolizes the epoch, which is characterized by the protoplastic unity with entire nature".
"... to this epoch are alien critical judgment and moral conflict". "it reflects... the state of man in the childhood"

On the peace of the son:
"this peace is full of tendency toward the rescuing and toward that state of perfection, in which the man preserved unity with the father. He in the melancholy is examined to the peace of father, but this peace is forever lost, because the irreversible increase in the consciousness of man in the past took place and it made its independent variable ".
"the stage of son reflects conflict situation chiefly... Freedom from the law aggravates oppositions "

On the peace of the holy spirit:
"approximation to the third stage (holy spirit) assumes even if not real subordination to unconscious, then, in any case, a kind of its recognition... Exactly as passage from the first stage to the second requires refusal of the children's dependence, so also passage to the third stage it requires refusal of the exceptional independence ". (K.Yung, The answer To Job)

The fact that Krouli identifies the first phase with the phase of mother, and Young with the phase of father, must not us deceive - united it here remains that the fact that ego in this phase is in the idealistic state of original paradise. Young rests on the heritage Joachim florskiy's mysticism, who for the first time assumed existences of three eras, but newest discoveries of unconscious, conducted by the same Young, they prove, that the model Of krouli, where at first nevertheless the discussion deals with the domination of maternal principle, more corresponds to reality.

This finds confirmation in studies of Young's followers. For example, Eugene Monica, the psychoanalyst, who integrates some aspects of Young study, it projects the same invisible structure at the stage of the development of the personality: Old consciousness is represented by the state of the matriarchal oriented consciousness, and on it is observed the domination of mother and the tyranny of instinct. At the following level ego enters into the stage of urgent consciousness, which is defined as patriarchy. Accordingly Monica, of it is characteristic the contrast to bessoznatel'nogo=zhenstvennosti - soznaniyu=maskulinnosti; khtonicheskiy (i.e., solid) phallus is contradicted to phallus solar, to Logos, and other side of spirit is tyranny superego. Only in the total stage, defined Monikom as UNUS NUNDUSE, becomes possible realized individuatsiya, the realized loss of innocence occurs, psychological androgyneity is reached, and the godly marriage of oppositions consists.

Let us note that the Monicas it rests on Young's concept about three stages, but intuitively it cannot be held in order not to correct its small error in accordance with the real state of affairs.

The same we find in another student of Young - ester Of kharding. Deriving three stages of human development, to the first it separates Autos, i.e., the authority of instinct, the second - Ego, authority of consciousness, and by the third - Samost', i.e., reaching integrity. In the works of Eric noyman we find practically identical picture, only instead of autosa, it as the symbol of matriarchal supremacy proposes uroboros.

It is interesting that the primary promise of Young (father, son, spirit) or (To yakhve, Christ, mercury) is unanimously corrected by his students. Must be, the interpretation of formula IAO, data Of krouli, it occurs nearer to the truth.

Let us note that Krouli it correlates formula IAO s it tifaret, i.e., its passage from the point of view of the way of magician it corresponds, to interview with the holy angel by keeper. As is known, precisely, the fifth lasso of containers is connected with SAKH, and ordinal number five, so it becomes intelligible and natural. Between the establishment of axis Ego-Samost' and the interview with the holy Angel- keeper there is an obvious parallel, not note which it can only blind.

At the quite lower level this formula is manifested practically in any contemporary work of mass culture. Hero begins from the ideal state, which as a result of the intrusion of external and force of aggression, is destroyed, after which, after passing long journey, hero preodolevayet something in himself and in the world, destroys evil, and original accordion is restored.

It is significant, what in this final struggle according to the laws of genre hero must almost perish, and only at the last moment - find in himself forces, rise again for inflicting of a final impact. The archetype of death and revival, placed into this formula, at its level is twisted in each second film, shown TV.

The intuitive understanding of formula IAO appears grow prettier by the litmus paper, which makes it possible to determine, how actually are adequate esoteric and psychological schools, with which we come into contact. Of course to po.chle of reaching interview formula IAO ceases to be urgent, but at that level, at which we act, she is the basis of spiritual way.

The majorities of contemporary esoteric schools, on the contrary - go not from Isidy to Apopu, but from Apopa to Osirisu, i.e., exactly vice versa. It suffices to listen to those dies, which are used by a majority of similar "teachers" in order of this to be convinced: the "return to the childhood", the "destruction ego", the "destruction of control", the "lost paradise", "space parents". It is worthwhile to listen to, in what moved, idealistichnym voice they this say in order to draw an obvious conclusion - way which they propose inverted, and directed either toward the forced retention of stage (I), or toward the return to it, and flight from the burdens of the knowledge of oppositions (A-stage). It is characteristic that the motion against the natural laws does not remain unpunished, and Apop, is manifested in the wild and unrealistic shady projections on the representatives of any other schools. Projection of shadow and unconsciousness are natural for those, who use the inverted formula. Briefly stated, wherever you not heard about the "backward movement", run from there away.

There is a directly opposite error, which is encountered in satanistov, atheists and other black (but not dark, since the way of dark, it relates to much the higher sacraments) magicians. This those, for whom it succeeded, by the price of the wild effort to be detached away from the authority of matriarchal unconscious, and now they by any price try to be held in the state reached, erecting bastion, in the complexity not being inferior to the Tower of Babel. It is characteristic that the stage Of apopa in the yungianskoy tradition already corresponds to stage Ego, and the fact that satanisty they constantly emphasize, celebration ego above all, confirms this hypothesis. 4 he would say that satanistami become those, who feel the greatest threat their ego from the side of matriarchal unconscious, and therefore they require to oppose against this offensive although something.

The position of the second, deserves larger respect than the position of the first, since they was succeeded in move further on the evolutionary ladder; however, those and others equally distort formula, and therefore, in the final analysis, I risk to lose consciousness. Where will carry out after wreck the bastion of satanistov back - in I or forward - in o, this cannot predict anyone.

In the conclusion I want to say that the understanding of magic formula far from so simply as it may seem on the reading of the explaining materials, like this. To me there remains only to wish successes any to that embarked on the path of spiritual increase. And I will emphasize that at present there is only one organization, whose members have gnosis of this formula, and others - and much higher formulas, and this organization - O.T.O.