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Skill Of the adoption Of the godly Forms


Translated November 8, 2006 by

The adoption of godly forms is the extremely important element of different magic rituals, in which are used invokatsii. Assuming the form of the corresponding god or godly means, magician connects his personal consciousness with the aspect of his highest (godly genius) harmonious, with respect to nature of the called forces now magic operation is accomplished no longer only force of the personal will of magician, but also by power and by the authority of the deity, with whom identifies himself the magician.

About the adoption of the godly forms Of alister Of krouli it tells in Liber O. I lead the appropriate quotations from this book with the explanatory commentaries:

"1. It is necessary to thoroughly study the magic images of Egyptian gods. This can be made in any public museum or according to those books, which are accessible to student. Then it must diligently draw them from the nature and on the memory ".

Why Krouli does accentuate attention precisely in the gods of ancient Egypt? Certainly, ancient-Egyptian deities widely are used in the telemitskom pantheon. But reason not only in this. Egyptian skill was more dogmatic than, for example, the skill of ancient Greece or Rome. The images of Egyptian gods were created according to strict rules. The pose of deity, proportion, the forms of its body and clothing were strictly defined, and no retreats from the canon be it could. In Russia the best Egyptian collections are represented in the museum of the depictive skills of the name of Pushkin (Moscow) and in the hermitage (Saint Petersburg). Specifically, for student it there is worthwhile to find the image of god, whose form it is intended to accept, to study and to memorize it.

"2. Student, after accepting the pose of "god" or any other pose, characteristic for the selected god, must imagine, as its means gradually it coincides with its own body or wraps it. In this it is necessary to practice until it will be possible to completely master the craftsmanship of creation and identification with the means and with god himself.
To the enormous regret, there exists no simple and specific testing in order to verify, they will reach in this practice the success ".

The adoption of godly form is accomplished as follows: shut eyes, and then with internal sight visualize the means of god before you on the astral plan. It must be enormous size, that is raised in the total increase. Then give the color, characteristic for this deity, to godly form. (it you can easily find in Liber 777 Alistera Of krouli. For example, for the goddess Of khatkhor (Venus) is characteristic green color, etc.). You follow the fact in order to thoroughly recreate all details of the extrinsic ethos of god.

Then you will create the sign of entering (sign, which opens gates into the peace of magic) and, after taking one step forward, enter into the godly form.

To judge, how successfully is accepted godly form really is difficult. Nevertheless, in the opinion of some magicians, evidence of success is the unusual feeling of internal force and power, which covers a participant in the operation.

"3. The vibration of godly names as further means of the identification of human consciousness with that its clean part, which men are called the name of what or from the gods. Act as follows:

4. ("a") arise, after extending hands. ("cm." illustration.)
("b") make a nose deep inhalation, after representing in this case, that the name of god enters in you together with the respiration.
("c") make it possible to this name to slowly go down downward from the lungs to the heart, the solar interlacement, the navel, the sex organs, and so to the very soles of feet ".

Vibrate godly name one should several times, simultaneously visualizing the godly form, which wraps your sensual sphere (aura). Identify itself with the god. You do not hurry. Merge with the god, uniting your consciousness with the consciousness of deity. Then, completely, how this is possible, you will imagine itself by this god and assume godly form. (as examples of some godly forms they can serve the sacred signs of degrees, described Krouli in the journal "equinox").

"with the realization of both of those mention aboveed practitioner the realization of anything, besides form and name of god must be absolutely destroyed; and the longer it will be required time in order to return to the normal perception, the better ", he writes in the conclusion Of krouli.

To in proper time leave all godly forms, which started during the ritual, is so important, to how and in proper time accept them. Magician to the equal degree must know how to preserve by normal and healthy his personal "4" and to know how this "4" to extol, to raise to the godly level. If we in proper time not "remove" from themselves all godly forms accepted, there is a big enough risk to obtain psychological disorder or to develop in itself megalomania.

The following sequence of actions is recommended for the output of godly form:

1. Shut eyes. By internal sight again you will be connected by several instants with the godly form, which you previously accepted. Create the means of deity, who wraps your sensual sphere (aura) again. You will turn attention to all details, colors and other special features of godly form.

2. Make one step back, leaving from the means. Making this, cease to identify itself with the godly form completely, after separating itself from the means.

3. Make a sign of silence, and remain in this position, until you scatter means. Again represent god, who is raised before you, by internal sight. Slowly visualize, as godly form gradually it is scattered and grows dim, until finally it disappears.