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Aleister Crowley's diary and notes 25th March 1900 to 18th April 1900

Sunday {March 25th, 1900 e.v.?}:
12.10 A.M. I have invoked {Coptic: God presiding over the Earth of Water Castle in Enochian Chess, evidently same as Egyptian "Shu". See note on page 141 in Liber 777 2nd revision, Chico edition, to col. XX.} as I never invoked before. First L(esser) B(anishing) R(itual of the) Pentagram. Vibrate Shin-Dalet-Yod Aleph-Lamed Chet-Yod with S. from R., then inv(oke){initial letter of the above Coptic deity name, H.R.H.R.C. TS gives "Shu" and omits the first sentence.} impromptu, and assumed his form and attributes. Charged tel(esma) by will and sealed by K.A.P. (?K.A.D.) R and C by lamp and lo! I saw you to the end. Now for the vision.
I fancy I must have got too active: I saw little, and fell asleep. But my dreams were all that they should be.
An idea that the planetary, etc., influence at time of waking determines dreams.
Monday: Trouble getting P.W. Shu vision cut off by sleep.
Tuesday: Ski on Hills.
Wednesday: Revise climbing paper with O.E(ckenstein). Dreams much better all this time.
Thursday: I had gone to sleep meditating L.V.X. and woke v{ery} early still doing this [Curious dreams of prison-breaking - eventual arrival at Eastbourne - regatta - tendency to Eastbournehabits.]
Now L. Yod = Virgo Lamed = Libra and HICES = Moon. On Tree Does V = and Teth = serpent --
V = Scorpio as rebirth (Phoenix Wand) X = Samech and Osiris
(Note. In pencil on opposite side of note-book. L, sowing seed. V, apparent corruption, X, resurrection). Now I think there is a change of god-form here connoted. Chief Adept with wand = Thoouth or HICES {777 Ibid. Water of Earth Queen} with Crook and Scourge = {Coptic: 777 Ibid. Spirit of Earth King}. Second Adept would be HOOR or {Coptic: 777 Ibid. Earth of Earth Castle} or more obviously Apophis. The question is whether Apophis is not only the evil dyad: but the dual nature. I clearly get the pyramid formula of attracting light. Yet the manner of vibration is difficult. (Added later in pencil "Closing of plumes of Amoun"). There is a great equilibration of officers: and they seem to overlap and interchange. Thus S. has sword sacred to Osiris and T. to Isis while C. has the Caduceus. Yet in function are the officers very similar to
0 = 0.
Friday: Another useless day.
Saturday: Either Thursday or Friday night I dreamt of beginning the Operation, and of some obstacle on the second day.
Heard this evening from Deodate. S.O.(Second Order) apparently mad. Resolved to write to D.D.C.F. (Mathers) offering myself. I invoke Yod-Koph-Dalet-Yod-Aleph-Lamed to give me an answer in my dreams. Got him visibly.
Sunday {April 1st?}: A most extraordinary dream! A woman-tapir on an island, and a beautiful girl and her younger sister! Love all, latter at last. I seem to remember very little. Anyway, what doth this portend? I leave for London Monday: as it is written: "His Face was Fixed as a Flint to go unto Jerusalem".
Monday: Journey all day and night.
Tuesday: Arrive at 10 L.G.P. Go to E.S.D. Bring him back and trap Gnothi Seauton in attempting Laura. He seems nearly as big a blackguard as myself. I misbehave as usual. Oh Lord, how long?
Wednesday: To V.N. (G.C.Jones)
Thursday: Why, they haven't got the 4 scales! (Refers I think to a G.D. MSS on the four scales of colour.)
Friday: V.N. Kicks me out [as S.S.D.D. (Florence Farr.) will visit him?] C.S. comes in evening.
Saturday: Find Vault locked (the G.D. Temple). See M.W.Th (Blackden). V.N. wires. D.D.C.F.'s (Mathers) letter forwarded to me. Fidelis (Elane Simpson) appoints Sunday morning. D.D.C.F. accepts my services.
(Note. On opposite page a Tarot divination "Shall I go to london re S(econd) O(rder)? Fortune and hope to the Universe. The Imperator? The fortune of the Imperator will change. Hope that reconcilement will avert destruction by fire. The U(niverse) shall be led to the Initiatrix to the Sun." Another divination on the next page. "Good fortune and unexpected help in the matter. The strife inspires a change. An involuntary change finally decides for glory, gain etc.").
Therefore do I rejoice, that my sacrifice is accepted. Therefore do I again postpone the Operation of Abramelin the Mage, having by God's Grace formulated even in this a new link with the Higher, and gained a new weapon against the Great Princes of the Evil of the world.


Wanted. [1] Full attr(ibutio)n Enochian Alphabet to Geom(ancy) and Coptic. etc. [Not done.]

    [2] Symbolism 5 = 6 [if having to act as C(hief) A(dept)]
    [3] Magot and Kore.
    [4] H.P.K. (Harpocrates) formula of invisibility
    [5] Comment (?Current) for vault -strength & wisdom etc.
(Note. Above in pencil. Items 2 - 5 ticked)
Sunday {April 8th, 1900?}: Saw Fidelis and received her allegiance to S.R. (Mathers) and that of Perseverantia. Also promise to help. Left London.
Monday: Reached Paris. Am selected as the messenger of D.D.C.F. (Mathers) after a long talk with him and V.N.R. (Mathers' wife). My proposals are substantially approved.
Tuesday: Action begins to be taken.
Wednesday: Letters etc. written
Thursday: Instructions and symbols received.
Friday: Left Paris 11.50 A.M. The history of my mission: is it not written in the Book of the Chronicles of the Revolt of the Adepti?

A Consideration
It was told me by a V.H.Frater since resigned concerning a certain fog or mist about me. V.N.R. (Mrs Mathers) confirms this. It floats about me and is m. b. to obsess or vampirize.
It is written "Clouds and darkness are under his feet".
Banish (with) Pentagram and Hexagram. Purify (by) water and fire.
Invoke Higher by names HICES {in addition, two other deity names - Coptic: 777 Ibid. but corrupt, probably Earth of Earth Castle and Spirit of Earth King deities}
Conjure fog to v(isable) A(ppearance). By names Binah, Jesod. Purify it (by) Water and Fire.
Compel its obedience. Command it to place itself beneath feet.
Invoke higher, Use Aleph-Dalet-Nun-Yod Hay_Aleph-Resh-Tzaddi-final formula.
Close. Great speech and Key-word.
Notes on London row.
S.S.D.D. (Florence Farr.) cannot work longer with S.R.(Mathers), as she knows he is definitely working against England, and using o(dd?) b(rethren?) of O(rder) for this end. C.S. = LLB
20 Jan 1900. V.N. (G.C.Jones) hears from S.R.(Mathers) that S.S.D.D. (Florence Farr) wants Isis (Urania Temple in London) close. L(evavi) O(culos)(Bullock) confirms as S(econd) O(rder) resolution. The 3 questions are put
D.D.C.F. (Mathers) is told "astral jar" in I(sis) U(rania) T(emple). This is a lie.
Politics the real basis.
D.D.C.F's reply "Take it or leave it!" Will not close I(sis) U(rania) T(emple).
Meeting. V.N. (Jones) crushes L.O. (Bullock). Vote of censure on V.N. suggested. M.W.Th (Mahawani Thesi. Blackden){Latin Cross symbol in text} to stop rowdiness.
They write again. S.S.D.D. will continue until successor found. Hole and corner meeting arranged. S.S.(D.D.) has heard from S.R. (Mathers) and slept on it; will show it and does! Contents secret. V.N. has seen it.
They ask for further information and tell S.R. of "Committee". V.N. attends a meeting and they write "Please further information of circ(umstances) Founding (of) O(rder).
General meeting S(econd) O(rder). Committee gets itself elected.
Committee thinks it has power to arraign S.R. at its bar, or call on him to resign (as Imperator.)
Apparently D.D.C.F. (S.R. = Mathers) ipse "doubts" authenticity of M.S.S. (the cypher M.S. on which the rituals of the G.D. were founded.)
N.B. The do not approve of S(apere) A(ude. Wynn Westcott.). V.N. Distrusts Resurgam.
Hist(orical) Lecture (of the G.D.) 3 Alchemical Earth W.W(inn) W(estcott) S.A. translates Cipher. (Cypher states) "Apply to G(ermany). They do. G.H.S. S.D.A. L.L.L. object to S(apiens) D(ominabitur) A(stris. Fraulein Sprengel.) when dead. O(rder) - T(emple) work contrary to practice (of the German brethren of whom S.D.A. a member): yet they would allow her work to go on as far as her M.S.S. were concerned. But no more. S.R. (Mathers) establishes new link: goes Paris.
Another lie. S.R.'s latest V.N.
C.S. very shy of talking. Undesirable class of people being admitted. Thinks whole thing - everything will collapse. They have no obligation to a forger and therefore can continue on their own. Z.2 [One of the S(econd) O(rder) documents] all rot: even more than other knowledge. Revolt scheme nearly universal.
M.W.Th (Blackden). Point merely technical - warrant etc. Any strong lie will secure his allegiance and that of many others. D(emon) E(est) D(eus) I(niversus. W.B.Yeats.) and possibly S.S.D.D. (Florence Farr.) Cipher authenticity he has never heard question. If S.R. (Mathers.) is not 7 = 4 then there is no S(econd) O(rder) and no G(olden) D(awn) and no obligations and no nuffin. S(apere) A(ude. Winn Westcott) yielded from fear.

A scheme of action proposed by P(erduabo. Crowley) to S.R. (Mathers)
1. S(econd) O(rder) to be summoned at various times during two or three days. They find, on being admitted one by one, a masked man in authority and a scribe. These questions etc pass after pledged secrecy re the interview.
a]. Are you convinced of the doctrines and knowledges received in 5 = 6?
b.i] Then their origin can spring from a pure source only?
b.ii] I degrade you to be a L of P or P of V.
c]. Are you satisfied with the logic of the statement? Do you solemnly promise to cease these unseemly disputes as to the headship of this order? I for my part can assure you that from my own knowledge D.D.C.F. is really a 7 = 4.
d.i]. Then you will sign this paper. It contains a solemn reaffirmation of your ob(ligation) as a 5 = 6, slightly expanded. Pledge to support heartily the new regulations.
d.ii]. I expel you from the order.
2. The practice of masks is to be introduced. Each member will know only the member who introduced him. Severe test of the c(andidate)'s moral excellence - courage - earnestness - humility - refusal to do wrong - to be inserted in Portal or 5 = 6 ritual.
3. Outer (order) to be summoned. Similar regulations announced to them. New pledge required - that they will not communicate the identity of anybody they happen to have known to any new member.
4. Reorg(anisation) of O(rder).
Fidelis and Perseverantia (just back). Will affirm authority of chief - demand opening of rooms etc. Will aid chief in any way, placing their time (or that of Fidelis in particular) at D.D.C.F.'s disposal. Resurgam said to hold similar views. But Perseveratia opposes him on astral (Lake Harris).
Must be one authority.
D.E.D.I. (W.B.Yeats) has said "We have enough for all mag(ical) advancement in this life and can get on without S.R.".
All agree there is no ob(jection or ? object) to return MSS.
Non Sine Numine (Col Webber) loyal (to Mathers).
Instructions from Paris
1. See M.W.Th (Blackden), get addresses of (members of) S(econd) O(rder). If he cannot get them, wire S.R. (Mathers.)
2. Yale lock on doors, 50 keys. Put on at once (Note. Later A.C. added here in ink "Done".) 12 Masks of Osiris to be made.
3. Alter hinged doors. No door except Venus to be used.
4. Letter to Fidelis (Elaine Simpson.). Locks. Miss Cracknell's secrecy. Letter to Resurgam to give up key to F(idelis?)
5. Circular to S(econd) O(rder)
"C et V.H. Fra [or Sor.]
"You are cited to appear at headquarters at ____ A.M. on the _____ inst.
Zelatores called first: Theorici after.
6. Hire chucker-out.
7. Authority [a] to A.C. to be legal [b] to Perdurabo (for) S(econd) O(rder). [c] Envoy and Council [d] Perdurabo (for) Outer (order).
8. Robes of C(hief) A(dept). Wand. Resurgam S(econd) A(dept). Fidelis T(hird) A(dept).
9. 5 questions and answers.
10. Pledge of allegiance.
11. M.W.Th prepares new warrant and sends to Paris to sign.
12. New chiefs. Resurgam Sub-Imp(erator). V.N. Praemonstr(ator) if all well. List of present chefs sent over and exact offices to be sent. Will Resurgam act as Repre(sentative) in Lond(on) S(econd) O(rder) and Sub- Imp(erator) in I(sis) U(rania) T(emple). Fid(elis) and Pers(everantia). Chiefs of Isis.
13. Sapiens dominabitur astris (Note by transcriber. Mrs. Horos had palmed herself off as S.D.A. to Mathers in Paris. Soon after giving these instructions he found that he had been taken in.) Woman. v{ery} stout. v{ery} fair, she changes youth to age and vice versa. 5 = 6 or more. (Note. A.C. added later here "Mrs Horos or Hores or Dutton".)
Magus sidera regit. Man. Looks young (25-30) short. Very fair. Does not look strong but is extremely so. 4 = 7 (Note. A.C. added later "Theo. Horos. Bald patch growing over it v{ery} yellow"){N.B. The Horos couple were not only frauds on Mathers and the others, but ended up in jail later on conviction for sexual molestation of minors in their care -- Ed.}.
Sapientia ad beneficiendum hominibus. V{ery} dark rather like Emery (Florence Farr.) Mrs Dr Adams. (Note. This name probably added later.)
They may say they have come to settle up G(olden) D(awn). Accept nothing from these but wire S.R. (Mathers.). Don't be had by conjuring. Be courteous but firm.
Warnings. If I am feeble or ill or worried, and if fires refuse to burn, she (Mrs Horos?) may be expected. They are "celibates". What ho! The real H.P.B(lavatsky) and the real S(apeins) D(ominabitur) A(stris. Fraulein Sprengle) can incarnate in her. They (her forces) have been against S.R. (Mathers) for long. Prob(ably) known Brodie Innes. Maybe Jesuits.
Her occult name is Swami Vive Ananda.
Weapons against them. Separate them. Arrest them for theft at very last resort - travelling bags of S.R. stolen. Wire their real address to S.R. if found. MacG(regor) symbols - tartan and dirks. Shoulder plaid overhead to isolate. H.P.K. (Harpocrates.) Use their own currents against them.
Symbol of {Latin cross with circle about juncture -- a R&C emblem used later by Crowley in his journals to indicate heterosexual intercourse, but here enclosed within a larger circle -- Ed}. Use only to invoke aid of D.D.C.F. in the matter of present Order trouble. Keep absolutely private.
Seal of Saturn to strike fear: of Jupiter (for) authority and geniality. Mercury (Note Alchemical {Alchemical Mercury} not astrological Mercury figure for Mercury in MSS -- Transcriber) to ally my soul to forces of divine light.
Symbols of Saturn over or r(ight) and l(eft) of or at door, so that those who pass come under terror of Saturn.
Symbol of Sun to my r(ight), Moon to my l(eft), Jupiter at my chair or behind, "to reestablish harmony of place for certain time".
Mercury (astrological symbol for Mercury. -- Transcriber) about hair of persons to make 'em talk.
Fidelis says Resurgam not trusted and too slow.
{Notes end and narrative journal resumes, Friday, April 13th?, 1900 e.v. -- ED.}

Friday: Left Paris on this business. Cab lamps catch fire. Slight trouble at first with Perseverantia: so put her through questions. Ditto Resurgam. Slept Paddington Hotel. Runaway horse. Fidelis' fire has refused to burn.
Saturday: Rose-Cross whitened. Rubber macintosh nowhere near the fire catches light.
Fire not too anxious to burn.
Perseverantia informs me of the real charge against me. This is "sex- intemperance on Lake Harris lines in order to obtain magical power (both sexes are here connoted)"!!!
I had a long dream re. Horos lot. They were at Boleskine and wanted to get some one M.S.
I had nobody I could trust at all and it was Hell and Tommy for a long while. The end tragic for them.
Sunday: Sent Aubery Grahame to M.W.Th (Blackden) with letter
Monday: Saw landlord (of Isis Urania Temple lodge room.) and convinced him. Saw Fidelis and arranged final details capture of Vault. Engaged chucker- out at a public house in Leichester Square.
In the morning I was very badly obsessed and entirely lost my temper -- utterly without reason or justification. 5 times at least horses have bolted at sight of me {Remember what Crowley was wearing at the time! -- ED}. Horse bolted with Fidelis on Saturday night. Fires at 15 R.R. refuse utterly to burn.
Tuesday: Recaptured vault. Suspended Cracknell, H. et S. and S.S.D.D. came. Fight. Police. Victory.
Wednesday{April 18th, 1900 e.v.?}: Letters sent off.