A caller to WLS Talk  Radio  in  Chicago  timidly  inserted  this
question  into  the  "great  debate" over the vital role in First
Amendment protections vs.  the  admittedly sickening portrayal of
women, both connected to Hustler magazine publisher Larry  Flynt:
"But    wasn't   Flynt   somehow   connected   to   independently
investigating the JFK assassination?" 
The deeper story on Larry  Flynt  is  that  he was one of the few
in the mass media publishing stories that questioned the  "smiley
face  reality"  of  the  1980s.  In fact, Flynt may have *really*
pi**ed some people off,  leading  to the assassination attempt on
him which left him partially paralyzed.   I  am  told  that  they
never did catch whoever shot him.
Yes,   Flynt   *was*   "somehow   connected   to    independently
investigating  the  JFK  assassination."  For example, one of his
now-defunct publications, Rebel Magazine, published an article by
the late  Mae  Brussell,  "The  Nazi  Connection  to  the John F.
Kennedy Assassination."  His advocacy of conspiracy theories must
have rattled the cages of some powerful people,  much  more  than
they  would  have  been  bothered by a childish satire done about
Jerry Falwell.
The  January  30,  1984   issue   of  Rebel  Magazine  carried  a
conspiracy-related article written by Flynt himself, "Reagangate:
White House Connections to the Vicki Morgan Killing."   According
to  Flynt,  high-level  Reagan administration personnel relied on
Alfred Bloomingdale to procure  sex  partners for them.  But when
Bloomingdale's  long-time  mistress,  Vicki Morgan, was murdered,
this reportedly opened up a potentially scandalous situation that
could have put the  spotlight  on  the Reagan Gang.  Bloomingdale
had allegedly placed hidden video cameras throughout his  amateur
brothel  and these cameras had apparently caught some Washington,
D.C.  big  shots  in   embarrassing  postures.   Attorney  Robert
Steinberg held a press conference where he claimed "to have  seen
videotapes   of   high-ranking  Reagan  administration  officials
sexually involved  with  Vicki  Morgan  and  others."  Possessing
copies of some of the videos, Henry Kissinger reportedly used the
potentially explosive material to  blackmail  his  way  to  great
power  over U.S. foreign policy.  Set up to take the fall for the
Morgan killing  was  Marvin  Pancoast,  who  Flynt  thinks was an
innocent patsy.
Funny how we might not have "read all about it," except  for  the
efforts of Larry Flynt.
But  why is Flynt being made out to be a hero for something else?
It may be that  persons  wanting  to  thank Flynt for his efforts
could not hope to get past corporate censors with the real story.
So, they put out  the  watered-down  version,  thereby  at  least
getting  some  of  it  out  and  (hopefully)  leading to a deeper