*USA Today*, 08/15/95, p. 1D

Folks on the Internet are buzzing about what they say is a hidden 
message in Disney's *Aladdin*. It takes place in the scene where 
Aladdin, pretending to be a prince, meets Princess Jasmine on her 
balcony. When Rajah the tiger moves to attack, Aladdin allegedly 
says in the background, "Good teen-agers take off their clothes."

"Absolutely ridiculous," says Disney's Howard Green. "Aladdin 
tells the tiger to 'take off and go.' We would never put in 
something subliminal. These are good, wholesome, wonderful family 

Laser disc freeze-frame images from 1988's *Who Framed Roger 
Rabbit* supposedly showed Jessica sans underwear and Baby Herman 
in a lewd act beneath a woman's skirt. Green says that wasn't so: 
"People always read stuff into things they cannot understand."