He is believed to be the central figure in trying to keep the lid 
on the Clinton White House scandals and related dope- and gun- 
running {1}. Yet various committees of Congress are now afraid to 
call him as a witness. *Why*?

As an IRS official he was fingered as part of the massive 
corruption mentioned in a little-known report by a committee 
headed by congressman Doug Barnard, 1989. The IRS official was 
*not* *punished*, but promoted! He was the acting inspector 
general of the Treasury Department: that includes the IRS, BATF, 
U.S. Secret Service and the U.S. Customs. As inspector general he 
covered up the billions of dollars of dope brought in, and 
around, the airport at Mena, Arkansas and elsewhere in the 
southern states.

(An IRS agent in Arkansas, William Duncan, was put in the doghouse 
for checking on Mena.)

The Democrats want Clinton to publicly accuse George Bush and 
Ollie North as the key figures in the dope smuggling into the 
southern states. Friends of Clinton want *him* to say the CIA 
told him, as governor, to look the other way and not interfere.

The inspector general and his mob played a role in cleaning out 
the office of White House deputy counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., 
after his strange death. Foster's office, and the office near 
his, reportedly held documents showing Foster's role in a super- 
secret bank spying project, tracking illicit funds worldwide and 
covering up for Bill and Hillary Clinton and their gang of 
bankers, such as Jackson Stephens. Also, the offices had nuclear 
missile tracking codes -- the top secrets of the U.S. government! 
-- which were sold to foreign countries.

Part of the corruption have been two major IRS offices, Chicago 
and Los Angeles: in federal court records in Chicago, case number 
92 C 7048, is the undisputed confession of an IRS official, 
confessing that her IRS bosses steal multi-million dollar 
properties for their own personal use by corruptly plundering, 
bankruptcy, and other cases. The Treasury Department officials 
are criminally implicated in making illicit loot to disappear by 
turning it into pieces of cardboard called baseball cards! Or 
into millions of dollars of stolen food stamps, gold, and 

(By the way, federal judges in major cities are bribed with 
valuable baseball cards and other memorabilia.)

A Chicago-area member of the London gold pool plays a role in 
these crimes. He's also an FBI and CIA informant and suspected 
assassination arranger. A Chicago bankruptcy court official, 
Wallace Lieberman, set to testify before a Chicago federal grand 
jury, was murdered in December '91 a few blocks away from the 
home of the gold bug. (Also a few blocks away from the Mafia's 
First National Bank of Cicero, long-dominated by Bishop Paul 
Marcinkus, recent head of the gangster/CIA-linked Vatican Bank.)

The Treasury Department's inspector general is believed to be the 
highest Mafia representative in the United States.

Related crimes:

#1) The 50 million dollar illegal transfer of RTC funds from 
Chicago to cover up the embezzlement of an Arkansas S&L, 
implicating Bill and Hillary Clinton.

#2) A senior litigation attorney of the Small Business 
Administration, John E. Gierum of Park Ridge, a close crony of 
Hillary and her family, confessed to us the Clinton White House 
is trying to frame him for the transfer of funds.

So, will Congress call the former Treasury inspector general, 

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{1} The former inspector general is believed to be Robert Cesca.