Part One
By Sherman H. Skolnick
The Clinton's close crony, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., was being 
tracked as a possibly traitorous spy assisting Jonathan Pollard, 
long before Foster's position as deputy counsel in the Clinton 
White House, a secret government report states.
Surveilled under orders of a clandestine court meeting in a 
soundproof facility in the beltway area, Foster had coded Swiss 
and other accounts ostensibly put there for him by Israeli 
intelligence. Deposits at Foster's account at one bank on the 
Swiss-Italian border, at Chiasso, Banca Della Svizzera Italiana 
-- and accounts elsewhere -- held at times between 2, and 7, and 
as much as 10 million dollars between them, the report states. 
The deposits were put there ostensibly for Foster's co-operation 
with "the institute", the Mossad. Foster may have been 
blackmailed or tricked, however, by way of the existence of these 
accounts to supply top-most U.S. secrets to Israel and to work 
jointly with Jonathan Pollard, now serving a life sentence for 
spying for Israel, and to work jointly with Robert Maxwell, a 
high-level Mossad official under cover of being a publisher. 
Others may likewise be blackmailing Israel.
The report goes on to detail that since the early 1980s, Foster 
held the equivalent rank of military general with the super-duper 
satellite spying and code-cracking operation of the U.S., the 
National Security Agency [NSA]. Foster continued this work while 
in the White House. Travelling for them hundreds of thousands of 
miles, Foster was the master-mind of an NSA project that tracked 
wire transfers between banks -- trillions of dollars per day. 
Because of being on top of this action, Foster never believed the 
project might someday find his foreign coded accounts that could 
finger him as having violated various American espionage laws.
Foster's project made use of computer software, superior for 
money tracking, called PROMIS, stolen from its owner and 
developer, INSLAW, Inc. High officials in the Reagan and Bush 
administrations have been accused of also stealing the software 
and secretly selling it to numerous foreign intelligence agencies 
for tracking political dissidents. (To successfully expose them 
and Foster might damage both the G.O.P. and the Democrat Party.)
A federal agency finally commissioned current and retired 
intelligence agents to put together a report on Foster never 
supposed to be referred to or see the light of day. The report, 
under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which authorizes 
the clandestine court in Baltimore, shows among other events:
   -- Foster, as spy chief, assisted Pollard at the Office of 
Naval Intelligence and elsewhere, or directly caused others to 
assist Pollard, to get great amounts of the highest level U.S. 
secrets on nuclear weapons, including tracking and targetting 
details and satellite co-ordinating codes and data.
   -- that Foster assisted Pollard, or directly caused others to 
assist Pollard -- both Foster and Pollard apparently were paid 
for this -- through the use of PROMIS software and other means, 
to supply Israel with such data long before Israel had developed 
its own proficiency in the same field.
   -- in so doing, Foster enabled Israel to be perceived as a 
genuine nuclear threat to the Soviet Union.
   -- that the so-called "publisher" Robert Maxwell assisted in 
these joint efforts. (When Maxwell died mysteriously, he was 
buried with top honors as if he were the head of Israeli 
   -- that Foster with the aid of his so-called "law partners", 
Webster Hubbell who went on to become 3rd in command of the 
Clinton Justice Department and Hillary Rodham Clinton, supervised 
and strategized for an NSA subsidiary, or proprietary operation, 
which in turn made use of a high-tech firm supplying bank 
software services worldwide. (A Chicago-area attorney, John E. 
Gierum, a close crony of Hillary, has confessed to this writer 
that the Clinton White House is trying to "frame" him on matters 
related to this. His confession is part of undisputed court 
      Officials of the high-tech firm reportedly deny knowledge 
of the cut-out proprietaries operating between them and NSA.
   -- bank transfers and transactions, through a "trap door" in 
the PROMIS software, were tracked worldwide, as well as 
transactions, on an advance data basis, of stock, bond, 
commodities, and options brokers worldwide. This spying benefited 
certain high-level persons in the U.S. and elsewhere. Among the 
places used, the report states, was a highly secret, heavily 
secure operation on the 94th floor of the World Trade Center in 
New York City. That operation, the report asserts, may have been 
the target of the bombing of that building since the basement 
attack would cause noxious fumes to gather on the upper floors. 
(One of the accused so-called "arab terrorists" bombers was 
actually close to Israeli intelligence.)
The secret report raises the issue that Israel and others may 
have had an interest to try to knock out the 94th floor 
According to the report, a former high-level Mossad official, 
living in the Chicago area, co-ordinates some of the bank and 
brokerage spying through a super computer built into his lavish 
home. Intelligence sources, the report states, accuse him of vast 
corrupt activities.
The report states that Foster and Hillary were jointly deeply 
implicated in various matters related to this; that Hillary had a 
beneficial interest in Foster's secret accounts.
Some 240 top U.S. officials who took bribes parked the illicit 
funds in Swiss and other banks, the report details. A small group 
of computer wizards traced and determined these coded accounts, 
and through computer trickery, caused the accounts to be entirely 
withdrawn and wiped out and the deposits transferred -- over 3- 
and-a-half billion dollars -- under disguise of going to the U.S. 
Treasury Holding Account, a device for seizing illicit foreign 
funds of U.S. citizens. Left unanswered, the report asserts, is 
whether the plundering of these accounts -- including Foster's -- 
went to the U.S. government account or actually to private 
accounts of renegade operations within CIA, Mossad, and British 
Shortly before his death, the report states, Foster was informed 
by the First Lady that Foster's spy funds from Israel have been 
found out and seized, and that Foster was about to be charged 
with treason. Those about to charge him, the report states 
Hillary told Foster, claimed he should have been sent to life in 
prison along with his confederate Jonathan Pollard.
The report raises the issue that Foster's brother-in-law, Beryl 
Anthony, former Arkansas congressman, might be implicated in the 
spying jointly through Anthony's boss, Jim Thompson, former 
Illinois governor, believed to be running for vice-president. 
Thompson is chairman of the 400-member, Chicago-headquartered law 
firm with worldwide offices, Winston & Strawn, of which Anthony 
is a key member in their D.C. office.
The report makes the sinister point that Foster's death was 
"arranged" and "necessary" for reasons of protecting the bank and 
brokerage spying project and for "national security".
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