By Sherman H. Skolnick
The popular press would have us believe that Whitewater was a few 
real estate mistakes of Bill and Hillary Clinton. Totally no more 
than 69 thousand dollars or so. Why the press is kidding us may 
become more clear after considering a few items the press has not 
seen fit to tell us.
William Jefferson Clinton deems himself a clever man. Recruited 
by CIA early on, he was in a position to understand counter- 
intelligence and espionage agencies using different financial 
entities as a money laundry to disguise covert action funds.
Bill was recruited by Central Intelligence supposedly as a 
travelling student. In Prague, at the time [of] the Soviets' 
bloody seizure from the local communists, Bill stayed at the home 
of the son of a leading communist leader. Those not understanding 
the use of students as spies and counter-spies might simply label 
Clinton as a "Red". Actually, Bill was part of a CIA counter- 
espionage scheme, similar to the role of Allard K. Lowenstein as 
head of the National Student Association in the 1950s. 
Lowenstein's operation, somewhat similar to Bill's, was done with 
foundations acting as conduits for CIA funding. Some journalists, 
like this writer, began confronting Lowenstein with his CIA 
links. While plotting to help Ted Kennedy somehow steal the 1980 
presidential election, Lowenstein was blown away by a so-called 
"lone assassin".
Clinton also went to Moscow, again the travelling student with an 
espionage agenda. He accomplished what his bosses at CIA 
considered a brilliant move: Clinton stole a secret transcript of 
a tongue-lashing one Soviet dictator gave to others in their 
ruling elite. Conveyed by Clinton to CIA, this endeared Bill to 
the Rockefellers. After all, CIA's worldwide job has been to 
guard Rockefeller's foreign oil properties.
So Clinton's rise to power has to be understood in this context. 
After all, Arkansas is a sizeable state with a small population. 
Is it a secret the Rockefellers own and operate Arkansas? 
Winthrop Rockefeller was Governor of the State a few terms before 
Bill. Worthen Banking Group and the Jackson Stephens family -- 
headquartered in Little Rock -- are the largest bond brokers and 
investment bankers outside of Wall Street. They apparently are 
all fronting for the Rockefellers and the American spy shop.
Hillary Rodham is a CIA darling as well, in some ways separate 
and apart from "Sludge Willie". In spook parlance, they are a 
"CIA couple". Yes, they are married and had a daughter. Yet, Bill 
and Hillary are part of somewhat separate espionage agendas. 
Hillary understands plenty. She was a key aide during the 
Watergate investigation whitewash of the role of CIA. Put in a 
nutshell, Nixon wanted to become an imperial president by 
blackmailing CIA on their role in the murder of President 
Kennedy. CIA double agents supposedly working for the Nixon 
White House arranged to get themselves caught at the Watergate 
Hotel. Result: the downfall of Nixon, arranged by CIA, and 
Hillary, early in her career, played her part.
Hillary went on to become board chairman of a CIA foundation 
instrumental in funding dirty tricks using agents provocateurs. 
The CIA and their use of foundations, like the one later headed 
by Hillary, is a story all by itself. This writer once taught a 
course at a radio/TV broadcast school on the subject of CIA and 
their foundations and how to research and investigate the same.
An entity much-used by CIA was the Bank of Credit and Commerce 
International [BCCI]. Foreign espionage agencies, like those of 
France and Israel, likewise used BCCI. The popular press has 
given Americans the false understanding that the rogue bank was a 
purely Arab creature.
There are profound reasons why the mass media are fearful of 
pushing too hard on the Clintons. The fall-out would damage a few 
other windows as well.
In 1991, four major news organizations had obtained the bribery 
list, showing who BCCI had bribed, worldwide, including the 
United States. By some mystery it was, for thirty days only, a 
public record at the Bank of England. One of these news groups 
corroborated that the list was correct as to the United States. 
According to the details, 108 members of the U.S. House of 
Representatives and 28 U.S. Senators received bribes from BCCI. 
Part of the scheme involved 6 Chicago commodity brokers, some 
with offices in London. One of them, Capcom, was reportedly 
secretly owned by major officials of one of the largest cable 
companies with purported links to Turner Broadcasting of Atlanta.
BCCI wanted to penetrate the American banking scene in a big way. 
They did a thing natural to cynical big business: they bought 
Congress. The details were too shocking for the major news group. 
So a brave journalist turned over the details to this writer and 
his associates who further verified the details and wrote 
exclusive stories in 1991. Reportedly implicated was Wendy Gramm, 
at the time head of the federal agency regulating commodity 
brokers, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. She is the 
wife of Senator Phil Gramm (R., Texas).
The strange death of Vincent Foster, jr., Clinton White House 
aide, is bound up with activities of Foster and Hillary to assist 
BCCI to penetrate American business.
Records of the House Banking Committee show BCCI was practically 
a twin of another scandal-ridden operation, Banca Nazionale del 
Lavoro [BNL], Italy's largest bank, owned in part by the Vatican. 
The Congressional Committee sought further records of BNL's 
Chicago branch. A Federal judge in Chicago, close to the Bush 
White House, issued an injunction to stop the House Banking 
Committee from using records of BNL Chicago. Involved were huge 
transactions of Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi strongman, and his 
secret, private business partner. In May, 1991, shortly after the 
Persian Gulf War, the case ended up to be heard by a three-judge 
panel in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Chicago. This writer and 
his associates were the only journalists attending the hearing. 
Afterwards, in the back of the courtroom, we did exclusive 
interviews with some of the participants in the case. They 
confirmed what we had heard elsewhere from reliable sources: that 
George Herbert Walker Bush, at the time President, was the 
secret, private business partner in joint ventures with the Iraqi 
dictator. Involved in the bank records were tens of billions of 
dollars of oil kick-backs from various Persian Gulf oil-soaked 
sheikdoms, shared by Bush and his cronies with Saddam Hussein. 
The Iraqi dictator was the bully boy of the Persian Gulf and 
received 25 percent of the proceeds of oil shipped to the West. 
So, when oil was 20 dollars per barrel, Hussein split the 5 
dollar per barrel kick-back with Bush and his bunch. A trillion 
dollars of oil was shipped from the Gulf in the decade, 1980 to 
1990. The corrupt rake-off amounted to 25 billion dollars per 
year, making Saddam Hussein and Bush the richest men on the 
The federal trial judge had ordered the Banking Committee to 
return the records and enjoined their disclosure and use. After 
the appeals court hearing, the Bush Justice Department leaked 
details to certain journalists, that one of the 3-judge panel had 
taken bribes, known to the Justice Department, in eight other 
unrelated cases. In that context, the end result became obvious. 
The appeals court panel ordered the BNL Chicago case to be 
removed from the courthouse, a way of hushing the matter up.
The press, other than small publications, will not say a single 
word about the case of Bank Lavoro's Chicago branch. And not a 
single committee of the House or Senate will utter a single word 
about the Chicago mess. Congress and the press have discussed a 
federal case involving BNL's Atlanta branch. Some 5 billion 
dollars was secretly diverted to Iraq -- a paltry sum by 
comparison to BNL Chicago. Disguised as Agriculture Department 
loans, the funds were diverted for Iraq to buy weapons from 
American companies.
The press and Congress have omitted some key details about Iraq 
and BNL Atlanta. The deal was arranged and strategized by Hillary 
Rodham Clinton in conjunction with her law partner at the Rose 
Law Firm in Little Rock, namely, [Vince] Foster. Part of the 
Iraqi weapons money reportedly was washed through the banks of 
Clinton's cronies, Jackson Stephens and the Worthen Banking 
                   [...to be continued...]