By Sherman H. Skolnick
Bill and Hillary Clinton may be able to "snuff out" problems that 
seem to pursue them both, while disguised as related to 
Whitewater. Their secret remedy? Both of them, or either of them 
separately, invoking "national security" as a bar to the 
independent prosecutor running after either one of them with 
purported federal criminal indictments.
First of all, there is the matter of top White House aide Vincent 
Foster, jr. He died in July 1993. Was he "suicided", that is, 
murdered? Foster, a law partner of Hillary, was also reportedly 
an official of the super-secret code-cracking factory, the 
National Security Agency [NSA], called, by one author, "The 
Puzzle Palace". In that capacity, he reportedly played a role 
with Systematics, a reported propriety operation of NSA. The firm 
purports to supply, and service, bank computer software for firms 
worldwide, including foreign central banks. Did Foster strategize 
how Systematics would reportedly use the super-duper Inslaw 
software called PROMIS, with its "trap door" capability, to spy 
on foreign banks, including one supposed to be friendly to the 
United States?
Several covert intelligence officials told the editor of a 
leading financial publication, *Forbes* magazine, that 
Systematics was reportedly a spy operation. To get the assistance 
of Foster, Israeli Intelligence, called "the Mossad" (that is, 
"the Institute"), apparently blackmailed Foster. A coded account, 
purportedly in his name, was set up in a bank on the Swiss- 
Italian border, with some $2.7 million -- *supposedly* traceable 
back to Israeli sources. Foster, reportedly, seriously violated 
national security by supplying Mossad with super-secret financial 
and other such data from the reported Systematics spy operation. 
A former Israeli defense security agent, Ari Ben-Menashe, 
contended that Robert "Bud" McFarlane was actually a Mossad 
operative going back to the time McFarlane was chief assistant to 
the then-Senator John Tower, Republican of Texas, when the 
Senator was chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. That 
would be about 1980: same time as the notorious "October 
Surprise" scenario, when George Bush and William Casey reportedly 
arranged a dirty, secret deal, with the Iranians, to delay 
release of U.S. hostages so as to wreck Jimmy Carter's bid for 
re-election as President.
(By the way: did John Tower and his daughter die in April, 1991, 
as a result of a sabotaged airplane crash, just about the time 
Gary Sick's book, "October Surprise", was in the works? Some 
think that is what happened.)
Some now believe that Foster, like McFarlane, was forced to spy 
on U.S. super-secret data for Israel by the use of blackmail. 
Remember: McFarlane reportedly tried to commit suicide the night 
before his scheduled testimony before the congressional Iran- 
Contra probe.
*Forbes* magazine apparently spent considerable time and funds 
compiling what *they* thought was a blockbuster story about the 
reported spying, by Systematics, for NSA, with the help of 
Foster. Someone thought it proper to follow just standard 
journalistic procedure and submit the details of *Forbes* story 
to the White House, to get their explanation, if any. Someone 
else suggested that Israel might help confirm the story by 
releasing corroborating details, playing down *their* role as a 
form of "limited hangout" -- espionage jargon for releasing just 
*some* details of a troublesome story, to put the best face on a 
story that won't go away quietly.
Evidently, the *Forbes* editor never read crusading author George 
Selves' advice, through his book, "Tell The Truth And Run". 
(Selves, by the way, was still writing hard-hitting books at the 
age of 100.) Submitting the proposed story, apparently 
scandalizing Systematics (a private subsidiary of ALLTEL), to the 
White House and also, reportedly, to the Israelis, was 
*disastrous*. Just prior to the expected deadline for going to 
press with the story, the editor was reportedly told to turn over 
all his records and material gathered for the story, to be 
destroyed! Some who knew what was happening were wondering to 
themselves whether the editor's failure to turn over the data for 
destruction would make him unemployed. Some say he was reportedly 
warned that such failure would make him unemployable, that is, 
"blackballed" in the mainstream journalism industry.
The ramifications of the Systematics story could bring down the 
Clinton presidency. Just prior to Foster's death, Hillary 
reportedly told Foster that his spying for Israel was known; that 
he was about to be indicted on charges bordering on treason, 
making him another Jonathon Pollard.
Did the NSA give their operative, Foster, an ultimatum, a la 
General Erwin Rommel, World War II? That is, "Take this gun and 
kill yourself, you traitor, or we shall have to do it for you."
These details, all involving national security, may help explain 
the hesitation by the U.S. Secret Service, the U.S. Park Police, 
the White House, the FBI, and other federal agents, to tell, 
reportedly, the truth as to exactly *where* Foster's body was 
located upon death, whether he did or did not have a gun in his 
hand, or whether he, in fact, was murdered.
Did the NSA find it necessary to cover up the reported huge 
banking spy scandal, by getting Foster to be dead? Sources in the 
German Secret Police contend three non-German residents of 
Frankfurt were part of a $5 million "contract" deal to kill 
While the *Forbes* story was being put together, the stock of 
parent firm, ALLTEL, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, was 
declining. About February 8th, 1995, the CEO and president of the 
firm, J.E. Steuri, also a director and senior officer, sold 48 
percent of his stock, in his firm, based on reports filed with 
securities regulators.
At one time, Systematics had a reported serious problem with the 
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC]. Records show that 
Rose Law Firm partners Hillary Rodham Clinton and Webster Hubbell 
were attorneys of record for the firm. Some contend they 
corruptly arranged to make the SEC problem go away. Note: in 
1994, Hubbell, third-in-command of the Clinton Justice 
Department, resigned, to face federal criminal charges that he 
mis-appropriated several hundred thousand dollars from the Rose 
Law Firm and clients. Hubbell "copped a plea bargain", agreeing 
to finger Hillary's reported mis-application of some $47 million 
from federally-insured Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan of Little 
Rock. The independent prosecutor apparently used Hubbell's 
testimony, and records, to get sealed indictments on two federal 
criminal charges against the First Lady.
Will the unsealing of the indictments lead to resignation of the 
President? Turncoat Hubbell, thought to be a close crony of the 
Clintons, is apparently going to avoid jail because of his 
testimony and records he kept when Hillary told him to take them 
out of Foster's office to *her* private White House quarters. 
Later, he was ordered -- by her -- to destroy the records, led 
her to believe he did, but turned them over to the federal grand 
jury in independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr's probe.
Question: Can Hillary invoke "national security" in respect to 
Foster's records, the reported Systematics mess, and related 
espionage scandals?
Question: Can the federal agencies justify the Foster suicide-or- 
murder cover-up on the basis of "national security"?
Question: If the central bank spy scandal would cause a financial 
panic, would the NSA be justified in compelling the death of 
Foster, whether "suiciding" him or murdering him, *all* for 
"national security"?
Question: Can the President and First Lady shield themselves from 
federal criminal charges with a plea of so-called "national