Why King Center Ejected National Park Service
By Dennis Speed

ATLANTA, Dec. 28 (EIRNS) -- Dexter King, son of the Rev. Dr. 
Martin Luther King and the new chairman and chief executive 
officer of the King Center for Non-Violent Social Change, today 
announced that the National Parks Service, previously employed as 
tour guides, has been ejected from the King Center. This action 
comes as a result of the ongoing dispute between civil rights 
activists, including the King family, and the Park Service, which 
has announced its intention to build an $11 million Visitors 
Center in time for the Olympics, on the site of what the Center 
intended to be the location of a museum dedicated to the slain 
civil rights leader.
Initially, Coretta King and others had actually lobbied for the 
Parks Service involvement in a project in King's honor and 
memory. "The NPS (National Park Service) was invited into this 
(historic) district by my mother, Coretta Scott King, to be a 
tour guide of the King birth home... serving in a support role of 
the King Center's programs, mission, and purpose. They began as a 
tour guide, but in their dark ambition they have become 
landlords. I don't expect any of my beloved neighbors to see 
this, because I am ashamed to admit that my family did not see it 
until it was too late," said Dexter King.
                 -+- The NPS and the Klan -+-
Readers of New Federalist newspaper will not be surprised at the 
nefarious role attributed by Dexter King to the National Park 
Service. In 1993, spokesmen for the NPS, including Gary Scott, 
chief historian for the Washington, D.C. District, opposed the 
removal of the statue of Ku Klux Klan founder Albert Pike from 
Judiciary Square. Scott contended that "there was no evidence 
that proved" Pike was a Klansman -- despite evidence gleaned from 
members of Pike's family and other Klansmen proving that indeed 
he was.
The same Gary Scott has also written a book praising the Kappa 
Alpha Society, the official campus recruiting group of the Klan. 
J. Edgar Hoover, the late director of the FBI and a chief 
opponent of Martin Luther King, was the head of his chapter of 
the Kappa Alpha fraternity at George Washington University. 
Further, recent revelations in the King assassination, 
particularly in Memphis [CN -- suppressed by U.S. media], 
implicate the FBI in a coverup of the actual story behind the 
King murder.
                 -+- Why Is NPS Worried? -+-
If the King Center were left free to present a non-doctored, 
uncensored view of the civil rights movement, undefined by the 
federal government, that view must directly affect every nation 
in the world whose nationals attended the 1996 Olympics [in 
Atlanta]. With over 100,000 visitors a day expected during the 
height of the Olympics, and over 2 billion people expected to 
watch some portion of the proceedings, an independent 
representation of the facts concerning the King legacy, and the 
assassination, would, from the standpoint of interested parties 
in the Park Service, need to be controlled -- especially if the 
former FBI director, a Kappa Alpha "brother," is implicated in 
the murder.
To the end of effecting control, the King family has been 
attacked in the pages of the Atlanta Constitution [newspaper] as 
"profiteers" who are seeking to "exploit" King's legacy, as 
opposed to the "disinterested" National Park Service -- whose 
chief historian in Washington [CN -- recently fired] happens to 
be a defender of the founder of the Ku Klux Klan. The Dec. 23 New 
York Times reported that Coretta King stated, "It seems that the 
same evil forces that killed Martin Luther King are now trying to 
destroy his family."
Andrew Young, co-chairman of the Atlanta Committee for the 
Olympic Games, former mayor of Atlanta, U.S. ambassador to the 
United Nations, and an aide to King in the civil rights movement, 
contended: "In the case of the Parks Department and the King 
family, so far the King family has been excluded from full 
partnership... The King family has to control the planning and 
vision of the project." Young, however, correctly notes that 
"this should not be viewed as a partisan political struggle" -- 
since the King legacy, and not "the King family" -- is the real 
                  -+- The True Issue... -+-
Those consulting King's own writings, such as his last speech to 
his Southern Christian Leadership Conference, might find 
enlightenment as to what the true issue in this case is. "The 
tendency to ignore the Negro's contribution to American life and 
to strip him of his personhood is as old as the earliest history 
books and as contemporary as the morning's newspaper. To upset 
this cultural homicide, the Negro must rise up with an 
affirmation of his own Olympian (sic) manhood. Any movement for 
the Negro's freedom that overlooks this necessity is only waiting 
to be buried."
Dexter King asserted in his remarks to the press, "What we are 
witnessing in 1994 is a classical encroachment and annexation of 
a people and their history by the federal government in 1996, 
through their agent the NPS."
Meetings are expected to occur the first week of January, in 
which Congressional and other forces will seek to intervene in 
the situation.
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