In December, 1975, we brought you the exclusive story how the 
federal intelligence agencies were "bugging" the confessionals in 
St. Peter's Church, around the corner from Chicago's City Hall! 
The unit that was doing it was operating out of the office of the 
U.S. Attorney here, Jim Thompson, who went on to become Illinois 
governor [CN -- also noted in connection with the Moose Island 
situation], and later by his co-hort, Sam Skinner. In charge of 
these dirty tricks was Tyrone Phaner(?) [or Saner(?)], who went 
on to become head of state law enforcement and later to become 
Illinois Attorney General.
This federal gestapo was not legitimately gathering data of any 
alleged violations of federal law, but rather, grabbing up 
political dirt! They were doing such things, instead of running 
after the fraudulent oil companies! Thompson and his gang used 
this to stop those who stood in their way.
At the time, a priest at St. Peter's said:
  If the Attorney General's office "bugged" our confessionals, 
  there'd be Hell to pay!
  The U.S. Attorney in Chicago, who at the time was Jim 
  Well there would be *Hell* *to* *pay* if he did! I would be 
  suspended, just that quick, if I would condone anything like 
  that. That's absolutely a violation of the confession. And 
  that is part of the things that any ordinary *priest* cannot 
  violate. So if he cannot tell it himself, he certainly would 
  not be able to permit something with which anybody else could 
  get the information.
  How often do you believe the mayor [CN -- apparently the late 
  Mayor Richard J. Daley, father of current Mayor Richard M. 
  Daley] came to the church, for whatever reason, to pray or 
  whatever reason?
  Hmmm... I would say at least once a week, or even more 
  It's against the whole, the whole teaching of the Catholic 
  Church! I mean, the seal of confession, I mean even the Pope 
  can't, has no right to ask a priest what he heard in 
  confession. I mean, this has, this has been recognized by all 
  the courts.
  I just can't even, I can't even *believe* that this happened, 
  that anybody would be that *stupid*!
  They were anxious to get things on Mayor Daley and others. 
  I'm sure you're aware that other public officials come and 
  use your church.
  Oh, right! No there's no question about it...
The "bugging" of the confessional was just one of many rotten 
practices of Jim Thompson, a pal of the infamous Nelson 
Rockefeller, *and* Phaner and Skinner! As federal prosecutors, 
they ran a "massage parlour" on North Broadway. Also, with 
government funds, they operated the Town and Country Motel and 
Restaurant in Calumet City [CN -- south of Chicago]. In that 
motel, through 2-way mirrors, they videotaped politicians in 
compromising sexual positions. This is all done *not* for 
legitimate prosecution purposes, but for blackmail and to gather 
political intelligence!
In more recent years, the motel and restaurant was used by 
British intelligence, in dirty games against supporters of the 
IRA [Irish Republican Army] in the Chicago area. In September, 
1979, arsonists finally put the torch to this notorious Cal City 
[i.e., Calumet City] spy deal.
Are such things still going on, but at other locations? Yes! We 
think so.
More recently, the mass media would have you believe that the El 
Rukn dope mess is [unclear] limited to perjury and sex. Actually, 
it is the tip of a corrupt operation of the chief federal 
prosecutor's office in Chicago, involving, for example, bribing 
federal prosecutors [unclear] some who escape being prosecuted in 
a thing called "The Dope Underground" permeating the federal 
establishment here.
Assistant federal prosecutor William R. Hogan(sp?), jr., has been 
accused in the El Rukn mess of misconduct. He counter-attacks by 
saying six federal judges here take bribes.
Stay tuned.
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