This  is  Brian  Francis  Redman,  Editor-in-Chief  of Conspiracy
Nation, signaling from Illinois...  Hello, Finland.

Wishing  to  gain immigrant and/or political exile status in your
nation.  Reason for  selecting  Finland  is  your fine history of
repelling Nazi and Soviet invaders.  Feel you  are  best  bet  to
withstand   Amerikkkan   encroachment.   Have  skills  to  offer:
knowledge of computers, foreign languages. 

Synopsis:  Having studied true history  of America, am alarmed at
creeping  fascist  encroachment  here.   Good  example  is   Rep.
Livingstone's  most  recent  bold  remarks that he will "make the
trains  run  on  time,"  an  unmistakable  signal  that  previous
"Friendly  Fascism"  (e.g.  book  "Friendly  Fascism"  by Bertram
Gross) is about to be replaced by Mussolini style  fascism  here.
Due to my honest writings on what has been happening in USA, feel
that  I  will  be a primary target of imminent political round-up
and even political  murder.   AM SINCERELY REQUESTING INFORMATION
   Current example of why it is now impossible for me  to  remain
in  this country is imminent depletion of weapons inventories via
their being dumped on  the  innocent  people  of  Iraq -- all for
ultimate purpose of necessitating  replacement  of  the  depleted
weapons inventories and consequent (and unending) expenditures on
armament  replacements.   Have  distanced  myself  from  evil Big
Business/Big Government partnership by  refusing to vote, as have
63 percent of my fellow Americans in the recent "election";  have
tried  to alert my fellow citizens on the true nature of the evil
being perpetrated by the Washington,  D.C. government -- in vain,
as most opt for pseudo-sophisticated rationalizations and  refuse
to face facts. 

S.O.S.  Finland....   S.O.S.  Finland....   Please respond.  Have
done level  best  here,  as  any  decent  human  being would, but
situation now here in USA in last rigor mortis.  Urgently request
info on how to implement evacuation plan  and  emigrate  to  your
nation. Please respond to bigred@shout.net on Internet.

Brian Francis Redman
Conspiracy Nation