CN:   The  global   planners   and   masters  have  long  favored
depopulation.  And we know that they adhere to an  "ends  justify
the  means"  rationale.   So,  they  are  capable  of  reaching a
top-level  decision,  "for  the  overall  good,"  that  plans  to
decimate the world's population must be implemented.  One obvious
means they would use to  eliminate  the "useless eaters" would be
the  unleashing  of  deadly  viruses,  viruses  which  would   be
tailor-made to target only specific races and populations.

Here is "Ru Mills'" (pseudonym) story and latest update:

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November 4, 1998

          The Great Dying Begins in Central America

  The Trail of Destruction Left in the Wake of the Hurricane
                 Has Already Claimed 7,000

       The Cholera and Dysentary have Already Begun
  Are the Viruses Created in Labs like Ft Meade, Far Behind?

In  the spring in 1998, I wrote the following which was published
on the Conspiracy Nation Website:

  This morning, as I was half listening to the President give
  a speech, my ears perked up when he mentioned a "rat  borne
  illness" that caused 50% of its victims to die.

  The  President  went  on  to say that El Nino had picked up
  this  RAT-BORNE  illness,  and  was  spreading  it   across

  His  unusual  choice  of an example made my conspiracy mind
  perk up.  In the September, 1996 issue of Rumor Mill  News,
  we ran a story which was leaked to us by one  of  our  high
  ranking Navy Intelligence Sources.  The story he leaked was
  about a project called "Operation Rain Dance".

  From Rumor Mill News, September, 1996 issue:

    This project was set into motion by the Department of
    the U.S. Army, an Air Force  Special  Research  Unit,
    and Bio Medics from the U.S. Navy.  It was officially
    born in/during the first quarter of  1989,  and  held
    one purpose in common; how to eradicate  one  special
    race of people.  (Through  manipulation of genes, any
    race of people could be the target group.)

    The project was called LVNM  Special  Labs  Division.
    It was located at an insane asylum in Las Vegas,  New
    Mexico.  (That's where the  LVNM came from).  It also
    bore the code signal SB-17.

    SB-17 was a virus they were working on to target  and
    kill only native Americans.  Desert rats were used to
    carry the virus into towns and municipalities.  There
    the virus was transmitted, via fecal matter, into the
    local    water     supply,     and     broken    down
    bacteriologically, it was  able  to  enter  the  food

    Do  you  remember  the 7-9 Navajo Indians who died of
    mysterious  circumstances.   The coroner's report was
    "death induced by unknown virus".  The experiment was
    a  success.   Only  America Indians died of the virus
    which we now mistakenly call, the Hanta virus.

  I could not help  but  remember  this article on "Operation
  Rain  Dance" as the President pointed out that money needed
  to be spent on discovering the cause of the rat borne virus
  that was being spread by  El  Nino, and not on people dying
  from smoking cigarettes.

  It should also be pointed out that the  government  already
  possesses the antidote for "the  rat borne virus", but only
  the Elite will be able to receive it.

  According to the source who supplied this  information  the
  E-Coli   bacteria   is   also  out  of  government  labs...
  specifically Ft. Meade.  It also kills.  All the government
  would have to do is alter its strain, and many, many people
  could die of it.  The Source  went on to say that there are
  65 of these "animals" ready to set loose up  mankind.

  The  men  who  told  me  this tale said that the "official"
  story of "The Great Dying" had  already  been  written  and
  made  into  a  Fantasia  type  cartoon,  complete  with   a
  classical score from  "Night  on  Bald  Mountain" and other
  classical works.

  I was told that the survivors of "The Great Dying" would be
  too  ignorant  and unschooled to read books or appreciate a
  newsreel type program, so it was decided that a Disney type
  animated  film  would be the way to teach these people.  As
  the men who worked on the project described the millions of
  men, women and children who were stretched out on the muddy
  ground, crawling  their  way  to  salvation  in  the United
  States, I could actually hear the strains of "Night on Bald
  Mountain"  playing  behind  the  images  they created in my
  mind. [CN 11.92]

In  the  article  I related a conversation which took place at my
dining room table back in 1993  or 1994.  I wrote about Operation
Raindance.   An  experiment  to  create  a  virus  which  targets
specific races.  And I wrote about "The Great Dying".

The man who was doing the talking was a four star Admiral in  the
Nebraska  Navy.   This  is  a  euphemism  for  a  branch  of Navy
Intelligence that  is  so  secret  that  most  Naval Intelligence
officers have never heard of these men.

The name Nebraska Navy comes from the fact that the  money  which
finances  some  of their operations is run through an NRD, (Naval
Reserve District), in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Admiral had  been  talking  about  many  covert operations of
which he had been part.  These operations were in  the  field  of
mind  control and the various technologies that Navy Intelligence
was using to influence people.

I told him I thought that Navy Intelligence was behind Faction 2,
and that Faction 2 were the "good guys".  [CN:   "Ru  Mills"  has
written  in  the  past  about  two  factions  present  in various
intelligence  agencies:   "Faction  1"  is  pro-New  World Order;
"Faction 2" is anti-New World Order.] "How can the good  guys  be
involved   with   using   people   without  their  permission  in
experiments which dehumanize them?"  I asked.

His answer was straight  to  the  point.   "Sometimes you have to
fight fire with fire.  Our enemy has perfected mind control to an
art.  They have advanced so far, that through  generational  mind
control inbreeding, the children are born subservient."

The  Admiral  went  on  to  talk  about  the Rockefeller financed
Moonies and the numerous  experiments  in  mind control that were
conducted on these helpless  people.   He  said  that  the  fully
programmed  members  of  this  cult had been placed in high level
government positions all around  the  world.  They were ready and
waiting to carry out the orders of their handlers.

The Admiral said that to fight fire, you had to understand  fire.
Therefore,  even  the  good  guys  had  to  experiment  with mind

When the Admiral talked about the enemy, he was not talking about
the  Chinese  or  the   Russians.    He  was  talking  about  the
international elite which are pushing to create a New World Order
in which all of us are mind controlled slaves who stand ready and
waiting to carry out their orders.

The Admiral told me many stories during his visits.  He  and  his
boss, a retired Admiral in the Nebraska Navy, visited me at least
a  dozen  times from 1992 to 1994.  The stories he told me helped
me understand  the  New  Age  channeling  movement, the Jonestown
massacre, and what the New World Order had in mind for all of us.
At a later date I will tell some of his other stories, especially
the one about  the  meeting  he  attended  while  infiltrating  a
pedophile  group.   The  Admiral  was  part  of  an International
Special  Operations  Group  (ISOG),   which  specialized  in  the
eradication of pedophiles.  He referred to this group as his  PET
Project, i.e.  The Pedophile Eradication Team.

The  Admiral's  story  that  I want to relate today was his story

                     -+- The Great Dying -+-

The Admiral told me that  through  the  various New Age Gurus and
Channels, the New World Order  was  preparing  the  world  for  a
dramatic reduction in population.  He said that the reason behind
this reduction in population had nothing to do with the so called
spiritual  reasons  given  by the gurus.  The real reason for the
reduction in population  was  to  rid  the  world of the "useless
eaters," i.e., those people who cannot contribute  to  the  slave

He told the story about how  the global slave masters had decided
that they were going to turn South America  and  Central  America
into  "The First World Park".  He said that no European blood was
going to be allowed to exist  in that area, with the exception of
those chosen by the New World Order  to  run  the  various  slave
labor camps that are hidden in the jungles and the mountains.

He   said  that  the  global  masters  cared  nothing  about  the
environment, they only used  environmental protection agencies to
pass laws which turn lands into National and World  parks.   Then
the  Global  Police  force,  known  as  the  United  Nations, can
"legally" rid these lands of  all  people,  so that the New World
Slave Masters can rape and pillage the land anyway they please.

The Admiral told me that the New World Order  felt  the  minerals
other  natural  resources  in  South America were too valuable to
waste on people  who  were  of  no  value  to the global masters.
Because the land mass of South and Central America was too  great
to  depopulate  by  simple banishment or resettling, another plan
had to be created.  That plan was named Operation Rain Dance.

The reason I have resurrected the article I called "The Great Rat
Plague", is because some  of  the  signs  that the Admiral talked
about have happened.

He said that the Great Dying would begin  after  a  great  flood.
When  he said this, he quoted from the Bible.  "And it rained for
forty days and forty  nights."   After  the floods had turned the
land to mud and corpses, the Angels of Death would arrive.   They
would  come  in the guise of International Aid workers.  But what
they would actually be bringing is death.... massive death.

The Great Dying would be  blamed  on  the rotting corpses and the
lack of sanitary conditions.  The real reason would be  the  gene
manipulated  viruses  that  had  been  created  in  United States

At the moment there  are  corpses  rotting  in the mud in Central
America.  Over 7,000 people have perished from the hurricane that
mysteriously hovered over the land for days  on  end.   When  the
reporters talk about the terrible mudslides that killed thousands
of  people,  they  refer  to  the  dead,  whose  arms or legs are
sticking out of the mud.   They  also  refer to the dying who are
trying to crawl out of the mud.

These images are too similar to the story  the  Admiral  told  me
about  the  Great  Dying  which has been planned by the New World

I sincerely hope that the death count in Central America does not
escalate due  to  cholera,  malaria,  dysentery  and  the various
viruses that the New World Order has designed to wipe  out  every
DNA  strain of European blood that is living in South and Central

If this hurricane caused disaster  is  the beginning of the Great
Dying we will soon  hear  signs  of  a  massive  plague  that  is
sweeping  all of South and Central America.  We will hear stories
about  millions  of  people  fleeing  the  death  and  disease by
"crawling" north to salvation.  If this happens,  then  you  will
know that The Great Dying has begun.

The President is worried about  how  he  will go down in history.
If half the world's population is wiped out, and there is no  one
to  oppose  him,  all  he has to do is move to Hollywood and take
over a Disney-type studio.  Then he  can write his own version of
history, one in which a cartoon hero-version of President William
Jefferson Clinton becomes a combination of  all  the  politically
correct  heros  in  the  world.   "Super Clinton" will become the
stuff Arthurian legends are made of.

Commentary by Ru Mills, Editor of RMNews Agency
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