by Norm Olson

In a desperate attempt to save his own life, Bill Clinton entered
into a secret pact with Special Prosecutor  Kenneth  Starr.   The
plan  would  be  to  use  Monica Lewinski as pawn to maneuver the
President  into  a  course   of   action  that  would  result  in
Impeachment--but a  course  that  would,  ironically,  save  Bill
Clinton's life and the life of his wife and daughter.

>From his early days in Arkansas, Clinton has been controlled  and
used  by  elements  of  power  working  inside  and with the CIA.
Clinton has never been free from the hooks planted in him when he
was Governor.  The long list of  dead men around Clinton is stark
evidence to the circles of high inner power that have manipulated
him from the beginning of his public life.  The piles of evidence
of drug-running and corruption are  well  known.   With  so  much
knowledge  of  crime  and  corruption  within the government, any
attempt by Clinton to try and escape his handlers would result in
the death of his family first and then himself.

Bill  Clinton  is  no  longer useful to the power brokers.  If he
attempts to talk, he will  be  silenced by those who control him.
If allowed to continue their  investigations  into  the  criminal
activities   in  Arkansas,  the  special  prosecutor  may  reveal
wrongdoing that would endanger the President's life.

Clinton understood well the power of public opinion following his
encounter with Paula Jones.   Indeed,  he  had managed the public
exceedingly well throughout his political career.   It  was  with
this extra- ordinary power to massage public opinion fresh in his
mind that he developed and embarked on the plan to bring the full
weight of public attention on himself and his family.

The plan was simple:  create  a diversion away from real criminal
behavior, bring extensive attention  to  a  human  weakness,  and
create  an  atmosphere  so filled with controversy that questions
about Mena, Arkansas, and  the  CIA  would  never again be asked.
Because their very life was in jeopardy, the plan  would  include

Bill Clinton allowed the sexual liaisons with Monica to continue,
knowing  full  well  that they would be documented and brought to
light.  He didn't need or  desire  sexual intercourse to work his
plan.  Monica was the classic  sacrificial  lamb.   Her  reckless
abandon  for  Bill's  attention  was  genuine,  that is for sure.
Clinton knew that and depended on it.  Thus, by giving Monica the
lead, Clinton still controlled the extent of his involvement with
her.  That involvement must  be  enough  to  bring forth a public
clamor for his dismissal and the counter cry for his remaining as
President.  The moralists would engage the realists in a  war  of
words  while  Clinton  and Starr conspired to draw attention away
from the real crimes dealing with the CIA.

Starr  knew  he  could bring enough evidence to light to whet the
appetite of the  supposed  champions  of propriety in Washington.
He didn't need to bring forth the evidence kept hidden by  dozens
of  dead  men.   He  dared  not  expose the extent of the massive
corruption and criminal activities  at high levels of government.
Nor did he want to.  Starr too would likely be added to the  heap
of corpses if he ventured into taboo areas.  People were watching
Starr  and  where his investigation was taking him.  Starr needed
just enough  to  stir  the  debate  but  not  enough  to redirect
attention  and  focus  on  the  CIA   and   Clinton's   handlers.
Ironically,  by working to crucify Clinton politically, Starr was
providing the cover to  keep  Bill  Clinton and his family alive.
Clinton is trying to lose his presidency in order to win his  own
life.  This is Clinton's only way out.

Bill Clinton understood  the  rules  of  this gambit.  Starr also
knew the rules and the cost of his failure to divert national and
international attention away  from  the  real  criminal  activity
going  on  in  America.   Starr  knew  the  extreme  danger of an
investigation that would reveal  the  real  truth.  Both knew the
level of the danger to the country and to  their  own  lives  and
that of their families.  Somehow this charade had to make Clinton
appear  as  a  carnal bad man in need of redemption rather than a
man having full  knowledge  of  CIA  corruption  and a man having
knowledge of and even implicated  in  the  murder  of  dozens  of

Soon  the  evidence of this incredible plot to save the President
will come to light.  Soon  answers to the puzzling questions such
as why Clinton continued his  illicit  affair  with  Monica  even
while  he  was  under  investigation;  why  he  never  had sexual
intercourse  with  Monica;  why  the  Starr  Report  is  free  of
connection  to  CIA,  Mena,   corruption   and  treason  and  the
mysterious deaths of so many men and  women;  why,  at  a  prayer
breakfast,  the  repentant  President  promised  to  fight all of
Starr's allegations principally  to  keep  the  diversion and the
debate fever pitched.

Everything is unfolding according to plan.  Clinton is  still  in
control  as  Hillary  smiles  her desperate but knowing approval.
She too knows that should the truth of CIA and high level treason
and corruption be unfolded, she and her family will go the way of
Vince Foster and Ron Brown.
Standing in the shadows are  the  leaders  of the dark powers who
are allowing this pretense to play out, hoping  that  the  masses
will  remain  satiated  with  the  wicked details of oral sex and
titty-kissing.  Behind the  scenes  others  are being groomed and
readied by the power brokers.

But the game from this point on is incredibly dangerous!   Should
this  secret  plan be made known, the President will have nothing
to bargain with.  Starr and  the  President will be eliminated by
the CIA and the power brokers of the inner circle.

Those who read this paper need to be reminded that those who hold
sway over the President will stop at nothing  to  maintain  their
power.   Now  that  you  know the truth behind Starr's attempt to
save the  President's  life,  you  too  share the responsibility.
Will you begin to ask questions or back away from the information
contained herein?  The truth will risk Bill Clinton's life.  Your
silence may risk the nation's life.

Norman Olson,  Commander
Northern Michigan Regional Militia
616-548-5878 or 616-548-4867   

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