By Sherman H. Skolnick

[Editor's note:  Yes, Frank Sinatra was greatly talented, both in
singing and in acting.  But Frank  had  some  unsavoury  friends.
Were  these mobster friends of Sinatra's just a happenstance, due
to his overall gregariousness?  Or was there more to it?]

A handful of corporations, on  a  big scale, control for the mass
market what we see and hear.   (Such  as  radio  and  television,
records  and  tapes; all shape our lives and opinions.  Together,
they are the BIG LIE.)

>From a young age,  Frank  Sinatra  was  groomed by the underworld
with the help of the very rich.  He came  to  understand  plenty.
His mother held a key post with the Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey.
Like  Chicago,  Hoboken  has  been  totally  corrupt.  Many years
later, at a key point in  Frank's career, his mother was a victim
of a sabotaged plane crash; she was snuffed-out.

The high-level, low-life crime  cartel  bought  Frank  the  right
clothes,  taught  him  how  to be nattily groomed, paid for voice
coaches, and early on,  hired  teen-age  girls  to shriek when he
sang.  Sinatra was a creature of the Carlo Gambino  crime  family
of  New York and the Sam Giancana crime family of Chicago.  Frank
became  the  darling   of   a   vast   criminal  octopus,  Warner
Communications, later called Time-Warner.

Frank Sinatra was part of the Las Vegas-based "Rat  Pack,"  which
included  the  Kennedy  family's  Peter  Lawford, an actor.  This
links Sinatra to the  Kennedys,  to  whom Mafia boss Sam Giancana
helped deliver the White House in 1960.  According to wire-tapper
Bernie Spindel, later murdered, Peter Lawford was involved in the
death of Marilyn Monroe -- she also murdered according to several
books. (e.g. *Double-Cross* by Sam and Chuck Giancana)

Sinatra knew how to protect his butt -- or  so  he  thought.   He
knew  a lot about the CIA/Mafia joint project to assassinate John
F. Kennedy.  This led "old blue  eyes" to have a falling out with
JFK.  But to be sure the actor/singer kept his  mouth  shut,  the
conspirators kidnapped his son, Frank Sinatra, Jr., after JFK had
his  brains blown out in Dallas.  So, Frank, Sr. got the message:
stay quiet, or else something will happen to your son.

Sinatra's bookkeepers, controlled  by  his  handlers,  led him to
believe he was only worth $200 million.  Was it really more  than
a  billion dollars?  The enormously wealthy Sinatra had big money
links  to  both  Chicago  and  to  the  criminal  combine.   When
Chicago's  old  West  Side  mob   moved  out  to  the  burgeoning
skyscraper suburb of Oak Brook, Sinatra became a  sizeable  owner
of Oak Brook Development Company.

Oak Brook, to those familiar with the Chicago area, is an unusual
town.   In  what  other  Chicago  suburb are there many buildings
towering 50 or  so  stories  tall?   All  the  biggies are in Oak
Brook,  including  the  offices  of  the   highly   corrupt   IRS
Intelligence  Division which operates very much like the "spooks"
in CIA.  In undisputed federal court records, I and my associates
showed that the IRS bosses in Chicago have been stealing millions
and millions of dollars  of  monies,  assets, and properties, not
for the public treasury but for their own personal benefit.  This
outrage happened, for example, to  Joseph  Andreuccetti,  a  west
suburban  caulking  contractor.   (The  undisputed confession and
admission by an IRS  official,  relevant  to  the series of cases
known as "The Andreuccetti Affair," can  be  found  in  the  U.S.
District   Court   record:    Sherman   H.  Skolnick  and  Joseph
Andreuccetti vs.  Hillary Rodham Clinton,  et al., case number 96
C 4373, in Chicago.)

Also headquartered in Oak Brook, with the aid  and  blessings  of
Sinatra  and  his  crew, is Pinnacle Banc Group.  Pinnacle is the
alter ego and successor  to  the  still-alive  Bank of Credit and
Commerce International: BCCI.

Also headquartered in Oak Brook,  the  newest  criminal  nucleus,
have  been  the  offices of lawyer Aldo Botti.  With an espionage
background, Botti  is  reportedly  the  actual  don  of the crime
cartel.  He vigorously denies the  title  reputed  to  him.   Yet
somehow  or  other, his role seems to overlap the doings of First
National Bank of  Cicero,  the  Vatican-linked CIA/Mafia criminal
combine: money laundry for illicit funds.

Oak Brook  is  likewise  the  operating  center  for  William  F.
Cellini,  owner  of  gambling  casinos in Illinois and elsewhere.
Some contend his  enterprises  serve  as  a  front for laundering
money, proceeds of "China White" high-purity heroin, now flooding
into the U.S.

Some consider another Oak Brook operation as at least strange, if
not sinister:  The Great Lakes Dredge & Dock  Company.   Starting
in  the  1970s,  Sinatra  became  a  sizeable  owner of the firm;
Sinatra being part of a  so-called  "investment group" made up of
characters like himself.  Great Lakes Dredge &  Dock  became  the
focal  point  of a strange incident in April, 1992, when it, with
apparent intent, caused the cave-in  of an old, almost forgotten,
narrow-gauge railroad tunnel under the Chicago River, leading  in
turn  to  flooding  of basements in most downtown buildings.  The
flooding hit, among others, the  Chicago Board of Trade building.
Was it just coincidence that the Chicago Board of Trade had  just
received  subpoenas from a Congressional Committee requiring them
to cough up records of hundreds of millions of dollars of soybean
and other commodity  trades?   The  Chicago  Board  of Trade said
their records had been "destroyed."

The press fakers  were  all  busy  praising  Frank  Sinatra,  and
leaving out his unsavoury connections.

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