By Ru Mills (pseudonym)

  "A man was arrested in a hotel lobby in Vienna as he  tried
  to sell documents to Mohamed Fayed  that  allegedly  proved
  that his  son  Dodi  and  Diana,  Princess  of  Wales, were
  murdered." (Electronic Telegraph, 4/30/98)

  "The  suspect,  a  67-year-old man whose name was withheld,
  had  been peddling documents which purported to be evidence
  of a supposed murder plot, by implication involving British
  and U.S. intelligence." (Reuters, 4/29/98)

On April 22, 1998,  67  year  old  George  Mearah was arrested in
Vienna, Austria by the FBI, the CIA  and  the  Austrian  Security
Police.   The  official  reason  for the arrest was the attempted
extortion of millions  of  dollars  from  the  father  of Dodi Al

A statement from Harrods (owned by  the  father  of  Dodi  Fayed)
said:   "The  case  follows  a  two week enquiry by Mr Macnamara,
Harrod's Director  of  Security,  in  Washington  and Vienna into
allegations that British Intelligence sought the help of the  CIA
in  a  plot  to  assassinate  Diana,  Princess  of Wales and Dodi

"Working with the full cooperation of law enforcement authorities
in  the  United  States  and  Austria,  Mr.  Macnamara  was  also
investigating  the  alleged  existence of documentary evidence of
such a plot."

"There  are  no  further  details  at  present  as  enquiries are
continuing  in  the  United  States  and  further   charges   are

A  quick reading of the short story, which was carried by AP, UPI
and AOL UK, seemed to point to a bumbling attempt by an Austrian,
living in the United  States,  to  extort  money from Mohammed Al
Fayed,  in  exchange  for   classified   intelligence   documents
purporting  to show a conspiracy between British Intelligence and
the CIA, to murder Princess Diana.

An interesting statement made  by  the Kurier newspaper in Vienna
said, "Mearah showed two documents at the  Vienna  meeting  which
had  appeared  genuine  and  proved  Mr.  Fayed's theory that the
Establishment  was  trying  to  block  Dodi  from  marrying Diana
because he would become the step-father of a future king."

A closer reading of the article raises many questions.  The first
being, if the documents are phony, then why are the FBI  and  the
CIA  involved?   If  extortion was taking place on Austrian soil,
committed by a Austrian,  who  was  targeting a European citizen,
why are the United States intelligence and investigative agencies
and bureaus involved?  Which, if any,  United  States  laws  were

Upon rereading the article  a  third  time, a veiled reference to
where the documents came from was discovered, i.e.,  from  inside
the  United  States  intelligence community.  Could the purported
extortionist have stolen these documents from one or the other of
the United States intelligence units?  And if he did, how could a
bumbling outsider have accomplished this feat?

If, indeed, the documents which Mr.  Mearah was trying to sell to
Mohammed Al Fayed were stolen from the United States intelligence
agencies and bureaus, then the reason for  the  U.S.  involvement
becomes  clear.   From second and third hand reports, coming from
unnamed sources in  French  Intelligence, the purloined documents
appear to have originated with British Intelligence, (MI-6).  The
document appears to be seeking the cooperation of the CIA in  the
"neutralization" of Princess Diana,

The story, as reported  by  the  wire  services,  left a lot out.
According to an unnamed French source, there is far more  to  the
story  than  is  being revealed.  The French source believes that
the whole operation is  an  attempt  to "surface" documents which
will expose the murder  plot  which  was  cooked  up  by  British

An   investigative   reporter,  living  in  Northern  California,
confirms  the  French  source  and  adds  additional information.
According  to   the   California   source,   units   from   Naval
Intelligence,  Faction  2,  appear to be involved.  (Faction 2 is
the nationalist, anti-New World  Order network within the various
intelligence  agencies.)   This  piece  of  information  confirms
reports we have received regarding involvement by  known  members
of  Faction  2,  such  as Gunther Russbacher, Oswald LeWinter and
others whose names cannot be  named,  but who have recently faded
back into the shadow world, as if they have been called  back  to
work, or as they say it in the game, "...gone operational."

Faction 2, as noted,  is  a  loosely  woven group of intelligence
operatives from many different countries who oppose a  New  World
Order  under  the  United  Nations and the international bankers.
Gunther Russbacher was the highest ranking intelligence operative
and member of Faction 2 to ever break his  cover  and  go  public
with the truth.  His book, "The Fed and the Well Fed," was one of
the first contemporary books to expose the connection between the
Federal Reserve Bank and the nonprofit corporations which control
the   think   thanks.   These  think  tanks,  such  as  the  Ford
Foundation, PBS, and Council on Foreign Relations, shape and mold
every aspect of human  life,  opinion  and  thought in the United
States.  Soon, if their plan for  Global  Government  is  put  in
play,   they   will  be  able  to  influence  the  entire  world.
Russbacher tried to warn  the  people  of the United States.  For
his attempt he was punished severely.

Russbacher was imprisoned for six years for trying to wake up the
American people.  He was  brutally  beaten  and tortured.  He was
subjected to unecessary open heart surgery, which  was  meant  to
kill him.  His attorney, Paul Wilcher, was murdered for trying to
expose the truth about Waco, the truth which he had received from
Gunther   Russbacher   and  Russbacher's  Faction  2  SEAL  team.
Russbacher's wife,  Rayelan  was  kidnaped,  drugged, hypnotized,
entrapped in a failed  FBI  sting  operation,  and  had  numerous
attempts to kill or harm her.

After  six  years  of standing by her man through thick and thin,
Gunther was  released  and  Rayelan  looked  forward  joyously to
rejoining him.  Within one day things had changed.  Gunther  went
from  loving  his  dearest  wife  with  all  his heart, to barely
knowing who she was.  Rayelan  states he was subjected to intense
mind control, or he was given a  chemical  such  as  scopolamine,
which  changes a person instantly.  According to Rayelan, Gunther
went crazy.  He was no longer  the  man she loved.  In truth, she
barely recognized  his  voice.   She  felt  he  could  have  been
replaced by a double.

Rayelan  later  found  out,  from  former  FBI  Director, William
Sessions, with whom Russbacher  had  worked on counter terrorism,
that her husband was traveling with Jane Ryder, a  respected  BBC
film   producer   who   was   partnered,  both  romantically  and
business-wise, with the  late,  great  documentary film producer,
Allan Frankovich.  Frankovich died suddenly, within weeks of  the
Russbacher-Ryder union.

According to Sources  within  British Intelligence, Russbacher is
running an international intelligence operation out  of  Bristol,
England.   (Gunther Russbacher denies this, and insists he is now
retired.)  Russbacher married  Jane  Ryder  in  December of 1997.
His divorce from Rayelan will not be final until August of 1998.

Russbacher was born in Austria, on July 1, of either 1939,  1942,
1944 or 1946.  His wife has seen all four birth certificates.  He
was  born  on  a red marble altar, in the crypt of a small church
outside of Salzburg, Austria.  The dome shaped crypt where he was
born  contains  the  bodies  of  all  the  Knights  Templar Grand
Masters.  Russbacher was born in some kind of templar ritual.  In
August of 1994, on his fifth wedding  ceremony,  Russbacher  took
his  wife, Rayelan, to this church and remarried her, kneeling at
the base of the 1000 year old altar, in a Templar ceremony.  When
the ceremony was over he said,  "I  did  this so that no man will
ever be able to separate us."

Shortly after  the  Death  of  Diana,  a  Spanish newspaper began
implicating Russbacher and the Bristol Intelligence unit  in  the
death  of  Diana.   Some  unusual  coincidences  were  shared  by
Russbacher  and  Diana.   Russbacher was born on July 1st.  Diana
was born on his birthday.  She died on August 31, his 8th wedding
anniversary to Rayelan.

When confronted with  the  possibility  of  her husband being the
murderer of Princess Diana, Rayelan replied, "It  is  technically
possible.   My  husband's  team  specialized in killing people in
unusual ways, like automobile accidents."  Rayelan further stated
that she did not know if  the  man  who was living in Bristol and
was married to Jane Ryder  was  the  same  one  that  she  was/is
married  to.  Rayelan knows for a fact that there are two Gunther
K. Russbachers who are approximately  the same age.  She believes
Jane could be married to  the  real  one,  whose  mind  has  been
altered  through drugs and hypnosis.  Or she has been taken in by
the phony one who is trying to tred on Gunther's reputation.

Rayelan says that it  is  possible British Intelligence kidnapped
Gunther Russbacher, did a  mind  drain  and  reinserted  all  the
information  into  the double.  She further stated that Gunther's
new father-in-law is an  MI-6  agent,  and  has  been for over 40
years, maybe longer.  With the electronic machines  developed  by
NSA, thought transference is not impossible.

When  Rayelan  was  in Salzburg at a secret Templar lodge used by
the  Hapsburgs  for  secret  meetings,  she  was  told  that  the
Hapsburgs have been cloning themselves  for over a hundred years.
Since Gunther Russbacher is one of the highest ranking Hapsburgs,
naturally he would have clones prepared for him.

A  few  days  ago,  an  investigator  from  the  Midwest   called
Russbacher  at  his Bristol number to inquire about the arrest in
Vienna of a  purported  member  of Russbacher's team.  Russbacher
screamed hysterically, "I can't talk to you people.   You're  all
terrorists."   He  slammed  down  the  phone.   When  Rayelan was
reached for a comment she  stated,  "The Gunther Russbacher I was
married to would never act like that.   He  was  the  essence  of
calm, cool and collected.  He was James Bond incarnate, even when
he was drunk."

Rodney  Stich,  the  author  of *Defrauding America*, added a new
twist to this strange puzzle when he said that Gunther Russbacher
had called him  in  a  panic.   Russbacher  stated that the other
Gunther Russbacher was trying to shake down Mohammed Al Fayed  so
they  had  to kill him.  It appeared, according to the Russbacher
who  was  still  alive,  that  the  dead  Russbacher  had somehow
stumbled into an operation which was being orchestrated by  Adnan
Khashoggi,  and  he  presented  himself  as the CIA/ONI operative
Gunther  Russbacher  for  the   purposes  of  authenticating  the
documents.  He was killed because someone discovered he  was  the
fake Russbacher.

Rayelan Russbacher filled in a little more of the puzzle when she
explained  that  her  husband Gunther and Adnan were old friends.
They were both arms dealers  during the early 80's, and according
to Khashoggi, Robert Walker, one of Russbacher's CIA aliases, was
responsible  for  Khashoggi's  enormous  wealth.   Rayelan   also
reminded  us  that Khashoggi was involved with Imelda Marcos in a
spectacular trial in NYC  involving gold and intrigue.  Khashoggi
stated that all he did was provide transportation for moving  the
gold.    Gerry  Spence,  the  famous  lawyer  for  Randy  Weaver,
represented Imelda Marcos and won the case.

Russbacher and his wife  were  also  involved in moving gold from
the Phillippines.  Russbacher told his wife that he was entrusted
with moving the Austrian Treasury from where it was hidden in the
Phillippines, back to Austria.  Rayelan was told  that  the  gold
was  the  gold  that Hitler had stolen from Austria in 1939.  She
said that while they  were  to  be  in Vienna completing the gold
deal, that Adnan had loaned them his apartment in Vienna.

Khashoggi's involvement in this  current  arrest  in  Vienna  for
purloined  classified  documents should be obvious.  According to
sources in French  Intelligence,  the  documents were stolen from
the FBI  shadow  unit  number  5.   This  is  the  FBI's  counter
terrorism  unit.   This  is the unit for which Gunther Russbacher
worked under  the  supervision  of  William  Sessions and Rudolph
Guiliani.  Khashoggi, a long time  CIA  asset,  worked  with  FBI
Section  5  providing  them information on groups to which he had
supplied weapons.  Through this association with the FBI, Section
5, Khashoggi made  many  friends.   Some  of these friends joined
with Khashoggi in his  current  operation  which  is  code  named
"Submarine".  (A source from Europe supplied the real name of the
operation.  It was named after a submarine that was known for its
difficulty  in surfacing.  I failed to write down the name of the
submarine, and so for purposes of this article, I have renamed it
"Operation Submarine.")

According  to  a  researcher  out  of  Chicago,  with  sources in
intelligence  throughout  Europe,  the  man,  George  Mearah,  is
actually Oswald Le Winter.  Le winter is  one  of  those  shadowy
covert  types who just happen to pop up in unexpected places with
unexpected information.  In  the  mid  eighties  he  was known as
Razin, the informant  who  fed  Barbara  Honneger  misinformation
regarding  October Surprise.  Russbacher was also associated with
the October Surprise, as was Adnan Khashoggi.

Le  Winter also was privy to the O.K.C. bombing.  One week before
the bombing, Le  Winter  told  a  NYC  columnist that a terrorist
attack was going to take place on April  19th.   On  April  17th,
1995,  Rayelan  Russbacher  received a call from her husband.  He
told her that all out war  had  broken out.  He advised her to be
very careful what she said in the next few days.  Both Russbacher
and Le Winter had inside  information,  probably  from  the  same

Le Winter  has  the  reputation  of  being  a  CIA disinformation
specialist.   He  would  be  the  perfect  operative  to  use  in
"Operations Submarine".  Just  as  submarines  have  to  surface,
"Operation  Submarine" is all about surfacing documents that were
buried so deep no one  ever  thought  they would see the light of

According to  the  article  about  the  extortion  of Mohammed Al
Fayed, the subject was arrested by the FBI and  Austrian  Police.
An  Austrian  newspaper  was  given copies of the documents.  The
documents purport  to  show  that  British  Intelligence tried to
enlist the CIA in the murder of Diana.  The CIA flatly denies any
involvement in her murder.  And Rayelan Russbacher believes their
denial.  The CIA is now in possession of  documents  which  state
that   British  Intelligence  had  been  ordered  by  someone  to
"neutralize" Diana.

If the United States intelligence units wanted  the  truth  about
the  murder  of  Diana  and  Dodi to finally be known, "Operation
Submarine",  orchestrated  by  Dodi  Fayed's  loving  Uncle Adnan
Khashoggi, would be the perfect vehicle.

Khashoggi, Le Winter  and  Russbacher  go  way  back.   The  only
question that remains is:  Which Gunther Russbacher is dead?  The
real  one,  or  the  double?  And if the real one has died, which
"wife"  will  inherit  his  billion  dollar  commission  from the
Austrian/Phillippines gold deal.  Maybe if Rayelan Russbacher  is
lucky,  Adnan  Khashoggi  will  let  her know if she is a wealthy
widow; or just another "old  wife"  who  was dumped for a younger

More  information  keeps breaking hourly.  When I receive more, I
will put out an update.

Commentary by Ru Mills
Editor, Rumor Mill News

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