[Editor's note:   I  received  the  following  from  a  reader of
Conspiracy  Nation;  it  gives  extra  background   on   supposed
"spontaneous" urban riots.]

Dear Sir,

I have been reading your articles for about a year and a half and
I  wish  to thank you for the work you are doing.  It takes a lot
of courage to do what you are doing, please take care.

The recent article [Secrets of the L.A. Riots] has raised certain
questions  in  my  mind.  First, have you seen the professionally
prepared documentary on  the  history  of  Watts?  I mention this
because there are references  in  there  to  a  long  history  of
government   programs   to  bring  down  any  black  power  base,
especially in bringing down  the  Panthers.   And, lo and behold,
there is  related  in  this  video  about  how  someone,  parties
unknown,  left  weapons  out for all in the Watts ghetto to take.
In the first L.A. riot  in  the  sixties  they were left in white
vans.  Just prior to the King riot they were left in boxcars  (!)
on  SP-owned sidings.  [1] The documentary has this charge (about
the boxcars of weapons) being  repeated by former U.N. Ambassador
Andrew Young.  This  would  seem  to  corroborate  what  you  are

Also,  I  have  been  told by a person whose name I can no longer
remember, and what with the only  person I know who could tell me
the name on the run from our friendly government, I can no longer
verify the following:  When the Waco siege  was  just  under  way
this  guy  got  into  the compound and interviewed several of the
Davidians (it may also be  that  he interviewed by phone, at this
point I'm not sure) and was told that one of the  Davidians  (the
Harvard-educated  Black  guy,  I  cannot  remember  his name) had
hacked into Pentagon and  L.A.P.D. computers.  The Pentagon files
revealed a list of weapons confiscated by  the  Israelis  in  the
Lebanon  incursion  (I'm not sure why they would have them except
that some of these weapons were  eventually put into the hands of
the contras, as was reported in the NY  Times  about  six  months
after  the Grenada invasion, where, I believe, these same weapons
were used to fill the  warehouses  for the photo-op session three
days later).  They were able to hack the LAPD records of  weapons
confiscated  from  crimes and came up with a number of matches to
the Pentagon records.  I can only  assume that, if this is indeed
true, that this would have been one of the reasons to so savagely
go after the Davidians.   Have  you  heard  any  thing  of  this?
Again, it lines up with the revelations in your article.

Finally,  I  have  talked  with  the  editor of a local left-wing
magazine who related  information  she  received  from a prisoner
formerly in Pelican Bay. Apparently the prisoner, with  not  much
else  to  do,  decided to do an FOIA request for any documents on
the Bloods or the Crips.  In the letter to this editor was a copy
of a document from the FBI on  an operation in the LA ghetto that
was given the acronym CRIPS, something like  "community  reources
in the private sector", that was to organize Black teenagers.  My
friend  has  been  sitting  on  this information for years and is
quite afraid of what may happen to anyone who would release this.
I can't say as I blame my  friend.   But this may be an avenue of
investigation you may want to pursue.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see where this all gets  to;  I
doubt  very far.  The people of this country are so asleep.  Keep
up the good work.

                           (Name withheld by request)

---------------------------<< Notes >>---------------------------
[1] In the 1960s, CIA ran a domestic operation called  "Operation
CHAOS,"  which  partly involved the placement of covert operators
into groups  expressing  dissent  with  U.S. government policies.
Some of these covert operators were federally  funded,  with  the
money "filtered through Chicago Mayor Richard Daley's antipoverty
organization,  and that the members included individuals from one
of Chicago's most feared street gangs -- the Blackstone Rangers."
(Source:   *Orders  To  Kill*   by   William  F.  Pepper.   ISBN:

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