The Rev. Jim Jones, the official story goes, tried to establish a
socialist  utopia  in  the  jungle   of  Guyana.   He  called  it
"Jonestown."   Supposedly,  the  multi-racial  members   of   the
Jonestown community all committed mass suicide.  But, writes John
Judge  in  his classic essay, "The Black Hole of Guyana," "...the
reality of Jonestown and  the  reasons  behind the bizarre events
remain a mystery."  Jonestown was actually a  slave  labor  camp,
and  the  inmates,  writes  Judge,  were  kept  "on a schedule of
physical and mental  exhaustion,  they  were  also forced to stay
awake at night and listen to lectures  by  Jones."   In  reality,
writes  highly-regarded  researcher John Judge, "Jonestown was an
experiment, part of a  30-year  program  called MK-ULTRA, the CIA
and military intelligence code name for mind control."

It's important to understand how covert power in America has used
mind-control, and especially mind-controlled  assassins,  for  at
least  the past 30 years.  Some good books to read for background
on this subject are:
1) *The Search For The  Manchurian Candidate* by John Marks.  New
York: Times Books, 1979.
2) *Journey Into Madness* by Gordon Thomas.   New  York:   Bantam
Books, 1989.
3)  *Operation  Mind Control* by Walter Bowart.  New York:  Dell,
4)  *Psychic  Dictatorship  In  The  USA*  by  Alex  Constantine.
Portland: Feral House, 1995.
5) *Trance  Formation  Of  America*  by  Cathy  O'Brien with Mark
Phillips. Las Vegas: Reality Marketing, 1995.
6) *Were We Controlled?* by  Lincoln  Lawrence.   Republished  as
*Mind Control, Oswald & JFK:  Were We Controlled?* by Kenn Thomas
& Lincoln Lawrence. Kempton: Adventures Unlimited, 1997.

Covert   mind   control  experiments/operations  are  not  a  new
technology.  The use of such techniques by, notably, the American
CIA, was briefly surfaced thanks  to  the efforts of former Idaho
Senator Frank Church, in the late 1970s.   There  can  be  little
doubt  that  major  improvements in the methodology have occurred
since the Church Committee hearings  of  the late 1970s.  So, for
example, it would be a simple thing for hidden power to implement
advancements in the technique to bring about  the  recent  school
massacre in JONESboro, Arkansas.

The  massacre  having occurred in JONESboro was meant as a signal
to  certain  persons:   "Back  off!"   Reportedly,  activist Dick
Gregory is drawing the same connection now between JONESboro  and
the Paula JONES case.

West  coast  researcher  Dave Emory has previously pointed to the
way in which various covert  power groups send "messages" to each
other.  In a radio  broadcast  ("The Assassinations of Dr. Martin
Luther King & Malcolm X," CN 1.93), Emory stated, in part:

  One thing I really noted, it got very little publicity, but
  [Jimmy Carter] said "We are going to have to go all the way
  back to the assassination of  President Kennedy to get this
  country right."  That was  an  extraordinary  thing  for  a
  seated  president to say.  No sooner was Jimmy Carter doing
  that than in May,  it  actually  began before the summer of
  1979, but on a trip to Los Angeles  there  was  an  aborted
  attempt  on  Jimmy Carter's life.  Two gunmen that had come
  up from Mexico, named Ray  Lee Harvey and Oswaldo Ortiz, in
  other words, Ray as in James Earl Ray and Lee Harvey as  in
  Lee  Harvey  Oswald  and  Oswaldo  Ortiz  were arrested for
  stalking Jimmy Carter with a rifle.  They just seem to have
  disappeared.  There was no  follow-up on the prosecution or
  anything like that.  I suspect that  a  message  was  being
  sent to Jimmy Carter...

It appears that Judge Susan Webber Wright got the "message"  sent
via  the  Jonesboro  massacre.  She has dismissed the Paula Jones
sexual harassment  case.   Otherwise  (she  may  have reasoned to
herself)  there  would  likely  be  more   terrorist   incidents,
implemented  by  the  "ends justifies the means" gang controlling
the White House.

Another angle on Judge Wright's dismissal of the Paula Jones case
is put forward by Sherman  H. Skolnick, a courageous investigator
and founder of the Citizens' Committee to Clean  Up  the  Courts.
In  "Clinton's  Dirty  Secret?", Mr. Skolnick writes, in part, as

  It appears beyond question  that  Bill Clinton is some kind
  of sexual predator.  Who  ever  mentions  how  this  sexual
  pirate  required  six or more black women to service him or
  were plundered  by  him?   The  monopoly  press avoids such
  stories, about Clinton  exploiting  black  women.   One  of
  these preyed-upon women has a teenage son who looks exactly
  like  his  father,  Bill  Clinton.   The  mother  and child
  apparently fled Arkansas to  reside  in Australia where the
  boy goes to a private school.

  And what do those in authority know about Clinton and Judge
  Wright?  Reportedly, starting about the time she was a  law
  student  with  Bill  as her professor, she was just another
  one of the  long  list  of  women plundered, exploited, and
  even raped -- like by some wild animal.

  But notice the  problem  faced  by  Paula  Jones'  lawyers.
  Imagine her attorneys going to Judge Wright, in chambers:

    "Judge,  there is another deposition we have to take,
    and when finished, it has  to be under seal, that is,

    And the judge responding, "Why is that?"

    And the lawyers sheepishly following up with, "Judge,
    we have to take =your= deposition."

    And  the  judge  hollering,  "I  shall  put  you   in
    contempt! What are you insinuating?"

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